That's How The Shore Goes - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie getting arrested and the rest of the roommates go home. They call the Police Department and they will arrain him in the morning at 6:30am. Sammi “Sweetheart” is upset because she has to sleep by herself. Ronnie bails himself out. At 8:53am, the phone rings and all the roommates are asleep. Sammi gets out of bed and picks up the phone. It is Ronnie and he needs her to come pick him up. She arrives at the jail and Ronnie gets in. He tells that he never wants to be in that situation again and it was horrible. They get home and Mike goes up and feels awkward. Ronnie tells that he is fine and that the guy deserved to be punched. He goes upstairs and sleeps with Sammi. She tells that she doesn’t want him to do that to her again.

It is the last weekend there and Mike tells that he has a couple girls that he can call, but when he does, no one answers. Mike leaves a message to one girl and he asks if she can bring out 2 of her friends. They decide that Pauley, Mike and Vinny are going out together and hit up the places. Nicole “Snooki” wants to ask Keith the cowboy out for a date and her and Jenni “Jwoww” talk about what she should say. She calls and leaves a message. Later at the T-Shirt shop, Jenni sees “Juice-Heads” and is really attracted to them. She goes home and wakes up Snooki and tells that there are “Juice-Heads” meaning a hot, Italian, tan guy that loves working out. However, when they get to the beach, there are none to be found.

They hit the beach and Mike automatically gets a girl that looks like a teenager. Nicole goes back to the house and calls Keith. He picks up and is shocked that Nicole is asking him out and basically tells that he is not interested in her. She goes out on the boardwalk and sees some guys upstairs and then starts to dance on the boardwalk. Other people join in and start dancing. She looks up and sees her ex-boyfriend, Justin. He asks how she is and she is upset that he doesn’t want anything to do with her. She goes back home and cries. Meanwhile, Mike, Vinny and Pauley go to “Captain Hooks” and plays games. They talk about how the summer has been crazy and they won’t take it back. Ronnie and Sammi spend their last night with each other and have dinner out of Seaside.

The boys get home and Mike finds Nicole on the balcony crying. He tells that if a guy doesn’t like her, then she needs to just forget about it. She goes inside and the guys tell her to forget about it. They make her happier and she tells that she doesn’t want to leave everyone and tells that they all love each other. Vinny gets Mike bike by putting a T-Shirt on a bulldog saying “The Situation’s #1 Girl”. Mike enters and sees it. He laughs it off and tells that nothing bothers him and Vinny tells that is his payback for the stink bomb. Nicole wants to go to the hot tub and the rest don’t want to. Mike joins her in and they get flirty and Nicole is ready to hook up with Mike. However, before anything serious can happen, Mike leaves because he thinks of Nicole as a sister. Later that night, Mike makes dinner and everyone pitches in. They reflect on the whole time together and Mike tells that they should get a Jersey house for next summer and they are all in.

The roommates pack up their things and Mike tells that he had a wild time and tells that he was the one that ran the house. He leaves and gives hugs and kisses. Ronnie leaves and he tells that all the strangers became his friends and gives a long kiss goodbye to Sammi. They show a clip show of Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship on the Jersey Shore. Sammi leaves with him. Jenni leaves and tells that she is really glad she did it. Pauley leaves and he tells that he had girls everywhere and it was a summer of his life. Vinny leaves and he tells that he did something that a 21 year old doesn’t normally do. Nicole leaves and tells that she grew a little bit and has a lot of best memories and she tells that she made the house. They flashback to her being a crazy girl at the beginning and she tells that she is part of the family. She did it on her own. Thus they end the Jersey Shore.