Reunion - Recap

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The scene opens with Julissa Bermudez hosting the “Jersey Shore Reunion” and the entire cast of “Jersey Shore” is there tonight. Jenni “Jwoww”, Vinny, Ronnie, Sammi “Sweetheart”, Pauley D., Mike “The Situation”, Nicole “Snooki” and Angelina have all shown up and are ready to be asked questions. She asks what they miss about the show and Mike tells that he misses the partying and Nicole tells that they need the tanning. Julissa tells that people are telling that they are making a stereotype for Italians and Pauley D. tells that he is just himself and can only speak for himself.

First up on the hot seat is Mike. He tells that he self-appointed himself as the man of the house. Ronnie tells he didn’t get that memo. Mike and Ronnie tease a little bit. Jenni tells that Ronnie was more down to earth and Vinny tells that Mike was the woman of the house because he cooked and cleaned. She talks about the hookups that he had on the Jersey Shore and the girl count is 33. She asks if it is quality or quantity. Mike tells that you can’t control what happens. He tells that he will never go “hungry”. The ideal woman for him is the face, a good body, giving personality, and cook.

Pauley D. is next in the hot seat and Julissa and they look back at his time. She tells that he didn’t get too much action and he tells that he only goes for cute girls. Julissa reminds him that he hooked up with Jenni and he tells that she is hot and that is why. He tells that there could be something later. He tells that he took a grenade for Mike and that he would be doing the same for him too.

Jenni talks with Julissa and they look back on her time on the “Jersey Shore”. She tells that she never hooked up with Pauley and that her definition of cheating is making out and she tells that she never did that, even though everyone knows that she did. Sammi tells that she used to not like to do anything like that and then tells that she had a boyfriend. Julissa asks the other cast members if Tommy paid for Jenni with love or credit card and they all agree that it was with his credit card. Julissa her and her boyfriend are still together.

Vinny is next to be focused on and they take a look at his time on the show. Julissa asks if he is really a momma’s boy and he admits that he is. He tells that he had a fun time on the show and that he tells that he lives with his mom and she is cool with him bringing girls home. He just needs to find a wife that will act like his mom. Vinny tells that he still talks to Melissa, Mike’s sister and that he is having fun.

Julissa talks to Angelina and she is but a few minutes with showing her time and talking about how she hooked up with Mike. Ronnie and Sammi are in the hotseat and they look at the never before seen footage. Sammi seems really uneasy about the “footage” and walks away. In the woman’s bathroom, she tells that she was really embarrassed. After a break, she comes back and tells that she is good. They watch the clip and it is Sammi and Mike talking about the fact that she flirted with the cop. Ronnie is upset with Sammi and tells that he cuts girls like barbers cut hair. They fight and Sammi tells that they are done.

Nicole talks to Julissa and they look at the her time on the season and she tells that she has had a lot of names and loved her time on the show. She tells that she misses the Shore house and tells that the guy who punched her apologized to a magazine but not to her personally. They finish off the show and take a look at their dance moves and they talk about the Fist Pump and everything and they tell that they had a fun time at “Jersey Shore” and that is all for the reunion show.