Goin' South - Recap

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The scene opens with the reminiscing of season one in Seaside Heights. Now they are going to Miami! It is winter time in Jersey and so they have to go to Miami. Pauley D. gets on the road and is going to pick up Mike “The Situation”. Nicole “Snooki” has a boyfriend named Emilio and she tells that if something happens in Miami, then she is not going to stop it. She is using spray on tan because of Obama putting a tax on tanning booths and tells that he did it because of them. Pauley D. picks up Mike “The Situation” and they head down the road. Nicole picks up Jenni “Jwoww” and they go to Miami. Sammi “Sweetheart” is newly single and in a bar with her friends. She tells that it is going to be awkward with Ronnie there. Meanwhile at the Bronx, Ronnie is there and his friends are drilling it in his head that he doesn’t want to fall in love again. Vinny says goodbye to his family and he heads down the road.

All the roommates are on the road and Mike and Pauley want to get to Miami first and meanwhile, Nicole and Jenni have the same plan. However, there is a twist this season. Angelina is welcomed back to the cast again and she gets her Brazilian wax and heads to the airport. Mike and Pauley go to South Carolina and buy fireworks, but when they go to a corn field, they get stuck. Pauley calls AAA to get them out of the mud and while waiting, they let off the fireworks. Meanwhile, Nicole and Jenni stop in a bar in Savannah, Georgia and it is empty. They decide to just get some food and they try so fried pickles. Nicole is in love. A man comes over and they get him to Fist Pump for them. Nicole thinks he is crazy. Ronnie and Sammi leave for Miami and Angelina catches her plane.

Mike and Pauley arrive first to the apartment and they pick their beds. Angelina walks in and Pauley and Mike freak out. She asks if they can bunk with Pauley and Mike and they agree reluctantly. This time Angelina has luggage and she tells that if she hooks up with one of the guys then it happens. Sammi walks in and Angelina makes her presence known. Angelina asks if they are cool and Sammi doesn’t know because she heard that Angelina heard things. Sammi picks her room. Vinny walks in and they greet him. Vinny doesn’t like Angelina. Ronnie walks in and Sammi is nervous because she still loves Ronnie, but he has other plans. He greets Sammi with a hug and walks off. They talk and she starts in already. Nicole and Jenni finally arrive at the house and walk in and see Angelina there too. Jenni tells that she just wants to be roommates and the three other girls walk off and they seclude themselves in the room. They start talk about Angelina and how she talked crap about them. Mike tells Angelina that she needs to handle things.

The boys break in the hot tub and the shelf collapse and Ronnie’s juice spilled all over the clothes. They throw them in the sink and Nicole tells that she feels like pilgrim washing clothes in a sink. Angelina passes and Sammi tells that she can’t go out there with Ronnie. Angelina jumps in the tub and Angelina is sitting next to Ronnie and Sammi is upset that Angelina is sitting next to Ronnie. The boys and girls get ready to go out to the club. Pauley calls up for the taxi cabs and they go out to party. Sammi is moppy with the fact that she misses Ronnie and Angelina starts stuff and Jenni gets in her face. Angelina is trying to go on and the cab is loud. Meanwhile, the boy’s cab is quiet. Sammi has had enough and leaves the cab. At the club, there is a lot of tension and Angelina tells that she is too classy for any of the girls. Ronnie and Sammi have anger issues and they argue at the club. In the cab, Ronnie and Sammi argue and calls Sammi the “C” word. He leaves and Vinny goes to party more.

In the club, Ronnie lets loose and starts to release all his deamons with every girl he sees no matter what they look like. Angelina tells that she has crap on Ronnie and tells that if she was close with Sammi, she would tell her, but she doesn’t care. Sammi asks what she did wrong and Nicole tells that Ron still cares for Sammi. However, at the club, he doesn’t show that he cares about Sammi because he is at the club dancing with everyone he sees. Sammi is going to bed and is sad about the fight that she had with Ronnie. Jenni and Nicole talk about the fact that Ronnie is probably having sex with a girl and Nicole tells Jenni not to tell Sammi. Things are not starting good already in Miami.