The Hangover - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie, Vinny, Mike “The Situation”, Pauley D. and Angelina and Ronnie tells that he is going to go sleep in Sammi’s bed. The other boys are thinking that Ronnie is crazy. The next morning and he doesn’t know how he got into the night before and he tells that he doesn’t remember anything. Pauley tells him what he did and talks to his friend and tells him what Ronnie did. Sammi “Sweetheart” wakes up and Ronnie is embarrassed. He walks around as nothing happened. They talk about how Ronnie called Sammi the “C” word. He tells that he is sorry and tells that is how their relationship is. In the kitchen, Mike, Vinny and Pauley are talking about the night and Sammi is trying to find out if Ronnie did anything. The boys keep their loyalties and tell Sammi that nothing happened no matter how hard she tries.

The roommates, minus Angelina, go out and Ronnie tells that he is going to tell Sammi that he danced with girls and that is it. If Angelina tries to say that he kissed girls, then he will deny it. Meanwhile the girls go to a sexy coustume shop and pick out some cute outfits. Nicole “Snooki” picks out Sparkly sunglasses and Jenni “Jwoww” picks out a clubbing outfit. At the house, Mike is preparing for a feast of chicken and potatoes and tells everyone to watch out for the chicken on the top shelf. Nicole comes home and the chicken falls on the floor. Vinny helps pick it up really quickly, but the chicken is ruined. Vinny goes out and tells Mike and he tells that it happens. Sammi walks over to call someone and sees that Ronnie has his ex-girlfriend’s number in his phone book. He asks why she went through his phone book and they break off again. In the kitchen, Vinny asks if the chicken is still good and the rest of the roommates say that it is not. Meanwhile, Ronnie confides in Jenni and tells that he kissed girls and that he was going to tell that he was dancing with girls to Sammi, but not now after going through his book.

Mike orders dinner and every roommate passes by the bathroom and sees Jenni’s naked body through the foggy glass. Meanwhile, the phone has been ringing non-stop and Angelina has been on the phone the entire time. Jenni tells that Angelina was talking about how Tommy is not good enough for her and she made fun of Nicole’s boyfriend. Nicole goes outside to where Angelina is and asks why she talked crap about her boyfriend and she denies it. Sammi joins the converstation and the boys are enjoying every moment. Jenni comes out and tells that she was running her mouth. Jenni tells that if Angelina stays then she is going to be beaten up. Ronnie asks if the boys want pretzels to enjoy the show and Mike tells that he knows first hand what Jenni can swing. One of Angelina’s friends calls and Nicole picks it up and tells that Angelina died. He calls back and Angelina picks up. The guy on the other end asks how Angelina died and Angelina tells that she is not dead.

Jenni sits down and tells that Ronnie told her that he hooked up with girls at the club and Mike wants to tell her about the fact that Ronnie came home and told them that he is going to sleep with Sammi too, but Vinny tells him not to. The next day Sammi apologizes to Ronnie and he tells that he did call his ex-girlfriend and she told him to give Sammi a chance. He tells that he loves her so much. Ronnie and Sammi talk and they tell that they will make it work. The roommates go to work at the Gelato shop and the boss thinks that Pauley’s hair is going to fall into the ice cream. They are excited to get to work tomorrow. Later, Ronnie goes and gets a tattoo with Sammi there and she stays for 4 hours and comforts him. That sealed it with him and Sammi and they are back in love. The boys and Angelina go to Susi Planet and they tell that Angelina is screwed and that everyone is attacking.

Later that evening, the roommates get ready to go out and at the club, Ronnie and Sammi are there and a girl goes up to Angelina and starts dancing with her and Pauley is interested. She gets really drunk. A girl is kissing Pauley and Angelina tells that the girl that he was hooking up with is engadged and he tells that he is not looking to get married, just to hook up. Angelina starts to do what she does best and tries to block their game. The boys leave the club. They get home and Mike and Pauley are hungry. Angelina comes in and she is crying. She tells that Pauley is being retarded and she is still drunk. Mike tells her to get to bed and Angelina slaps Pauley. Mike tells that he is going to bed and Pauley leaves outside. While outside, Pauley tells her to get away and tells that she has no friends now.