Creepin - Recap

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The scene opens with Angelina smacking Pauley D. and Jenni “Jwoww” wakes up and asks if there is a problem and Pauley tells that Angelina needs to get out of the house. She tells that she didn’t smack him. Mike “The Situation” and Pauley are shocked. Jenni tells that Angelina is lucky that she is drunk because Jenni is ready to kick her butt. They leave her outside and go to bed. Jenni, Ronnie and Vinny start work at the Gelato shop and they have a uniform. Jenni doesn’t like it. Vinny takes to it really quickly and has the owner call him by his Italian name. Back at the house, Angelina wakes up and doesn’t know what happened and Mike tells that she slapped Pauley three times. Angelina goes to apologize and Pauley tells that he accepts her apology, but they are no longer friends. She starts to cry and Pauley leaves.

Vinny and Ronnie go to the hood of Miami and get their hair cut and they get a real haircut without any regrets. At the house, Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” are still together and kissing and they want to go out. Mike feels bad for Angelina and asks if she is alright and she tells that doesn’t feel good. He goes outside and tells the other roommates that they need to only judge Angelina on what she does now and they agree. Mike walks back in to Angelina’s room and tells that they are all going out and asks if she wants to go with. She agrees. All the stops are pulled out and Nicole “Snooki” has the “poof” and is looking hot. At the club, Nicole sees Angelina by herself and tells that if she was to just confess that she was talking crap, then they would be cool with her. She admits it and tells that she won’t talk crap about them anymore. Jenni hears this too and agrees that they will be nice. Everything is going good until Ronnie tells Sammi to go home for being mellow. After she leaves, Ronnie starts dancing with a bunch of girls and Nicole sees it. She approaches him and he pushes her. Mike, Pauley and Vinny escort him home and tell that he shouldn’t be pushing Nicole.

They get home and Ronnie is drunk and falling all over the floor. He climbs into bed with Sammi as if nothing happened. Nicole calls Emilio late at night and Vinny is sleeping on the bean bag chair. She laughs and knocks over the desk holding the stuff. They get to bed and Vinny asks if Nicole wants to sleep in his bed and she asks if he wants to have sex and he agrees. The next day, everyone wakes up and Vinny wakes up with Snooki in his bed and finds his clothes everywhere. He walks out and Emilio calls and asks where Nicole is and he tells that she is sleeping. Sammi and Ronnie are sleeping and Jenni tells that she is tired of the whole relationship issues. They talk and tell that Sammi is very stupid to allow that. Later, Mike, Ronnie and Sammi go to work and Ronnie calls Sammi his girlfriend. They walk back and Pauley, Vinny and Mike are planning to have a night with just them three and have fun. However, Angelina doesn’t want to go to the pool hall with the girls and tells that she is going to go with them. They don’t want her to go and tell it is guys only. While Angelina is distracted, they ditch her.

At the club, there are grenades everywhere and this doesn’t stop the alcohol to get to Mike and Pauley and they bring home three of them. In the hot tub, the girls are getting a little frisky and suddenly they find bra padding in the hot tub and start to play with it. After that, the girls go home and the boys are disgusted. The next day, Mike and Nicole are at the Gelato shop and she is too short to work. The owner gives her a stool and starts to teach her what she is supposed to do over and over again. They are slow so Mike tells that he will stand outside without his shirt and get the people in. However, this proves unsuccessful and they don’t get any more visitors. Nicole goes outside and sits on the dog statue outside and finally their shift ends.

Back at the house, the boys are thinking of going out and the girls are thinking to go out to eat and Sammi and Ronnie are in bed. She tells that she is going to stay in bed and Ronnie tells that he will be going out with the guys. She tells him if he wants to go, then he can, but she is going to be in bed. He leaves to the club and Sammi is sad because she is afraid that he is going to hook up with girls while there. At Klutch, Ronnie is dancing with a bunch of girls and meanwhile, Jenni and Nicole are fighting at the fact that should they or shouldn’t they tell Sammi of Ronnie’s behavior. She doesn’t know and tells that they have a hard decision to make.