Breaking Up - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike “The Situation” tells Ronnie that he is I.F.F., meaning that he is going to get in trouble for his cheating on Sammi. He tells that it is alright.
Meanwhile, Jenni “Jwoww” and Nicole “Snooki” are at the restaurant thinking to whether tell Sammi or not about Ronnie’s cheating. Nicole gets home and wants to call Emilio. She does but he is at a noisy place and tells that there are half naked girls everywhere and to leave him alone. She goes in Sammi’s room. Sammi “Sweetheart” is shocked and tells that it is alright. She gets up out of bed and asks them if they know of anything. Both Jenni and Nicole are speechless and they hold their tongue. Meanwhile at the club, Ronnie asks for a girl’s number and Angelina tells that it is not her place to snitch on Ronnie.

Nicole and Jenni talk about the fact that whether or not they should tell her. Sammi comes out and tells that she is done with Ronnie for the fact that it is 4 am and they aren’t back yet. Nicole gets a call from Emilio and he tells that he had sex with a girl. Nicole tells that they are over with and slams down the phone. He calls again and Jenni tells that if he calls again, they are going to call the cops and she will kick his butt. Nicole is happy that Jenni did that. They get angry and smash a couple dishes. It is morning time when Mike, Vinny, Pauley and Ronnie go home and there is a mess everywhere. Ronnie thinks that it is Sammi who was upset and they find out that Nicole broke up with Emilio. Sammi walks into Ronnie’s room and asks if he hooked up. He tells that she gave him permission and she yells at him.

The girls go out to sushi and they eat and Sammi asks what Ronnie was doing and Angelina backpedals and tells that nothing happened rather than spilling. Mike is cooking the Sunday dinner and Mike drops the sauce and they are going to have to use the Marinade. They enjoy their meal together and Angelina lets it slip that Ronnie was dancing with a blonde girl. The girls get dressed all sexy and play a bowl of questions. The game goes awkward when the question of biggest cheater comes up. The boys tell Ronnie needs to enjoy himself but needs to watch out and tells that he needs to give up the cookie and move on from Sammi. However, Ronnie asks Sammi to go to bed with him. Sammi is confused and agrees. The guys go GTL (gym, tan and laundry) and the girls go to the diner. They talk about the fact that everyone knows about Ronnie’s infidelity and they agree that they need to air it out and type an anonymous letter. Angelina thinks that Sammi will know and just not care.

At the house, they get ready to party and Ronnie is on Sammi’s case already. They go to the club and Ronnie and Sammi are fighting again. He tells that Sammi started the fight and he tells that it is not working because of her. Sammi tells that she wants to go outside and tells that she doesn’t want to go on with this. They leave the club to move on the next and leave Ron. He gets upset. Sammi cares about Ronnie and Jenni tells that she needs to make a choice. They see him get in a cab and Sammi tries to talk but he leaves. They go inside the club and moments later Ronnie comes in and he is really drunk. He tells that he hates her so much because he loves her. He insults her all night. She tells him that he is going to take care of him. He takes him home and puts him in bed. Nicole tells that she doesn’t have any words for her and tells that she can’t be in the middle of her and Ronnie anymore. Ronnie is so drunk that he falls on the floor.

The next morning, Ronnie sobers up and pukes in the bathroom and he doesn’t remember the night before. He lays on Sammi and they tell that they are always breaking up and getting back together. She tells that she is happier with Ronnie then without him. Vinny and Pauley work the Gelato shop and they get girls numbers all day. Nicole and Jenni go to the Cybr Café and write the letter telling all about Ronnie and his little “secret”. Meanwhile, Sammi meets with Angelina and tells that she and Ronnie are back together, but she needs to tell if he is dishonest with her. She tells that she doesn’t know anything and hints that she does. Sammi is confused but ignores it. Later at the house, Sammi and Angelina get back and she asks Vinny where Ronnie went. He tells that he doesn’t know. Jenni and Nicole tell Angelina that they typed up the letter and that they need to give it to her somehow now. They have a hard decision to make again.