The Letter - Recap

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The scene opens with Angelina and Nicole telling that they made the letter and they tell that they are doing good by her. Angelina says that she doesn’t want to get involved. Jenni “Jwoww” and Nicole “Snooki” go to a club and dance with two gay guys. Meanwhile, Mike “The Situation” and Pauley D. hook up with girls. Jenni and Nicole get home and Nicole calls Emilio. She tells that she danced with gay guys and he tells that he is going to dance with lesbians. He is not liking their relationship and Nicole breaks it off with Emilio. However, it is clear to Nicole that she is not happy breaking up with Emilio. Mike, Pauley and Vinny exit the club and they are bringing back 2 girls from the club.

They get home and they are interrupted by 2 other girls that Mike told to come over from before. They have a “Situation” on their hands. Mike tells that he is going with the one girl that came and go and get rid of the grenade that came with the girl that he is attracted to. His plan works and he, Pauley, and Vinny get “busy” that night. The next morning, the roommates say goodbye to their dates. In the kitchen, Mike tells that he is going to cook a good meal and tells that Angelina needs to do the dishes while he goes out and gets the supplies for later. Ronnie tells that he is going with them and kisses Sammi “Sweetheart” goodbye. Nicole goes up to Angelina and tells that she needs to clean up and she blows her off. Mike gets home and sees that Angelina is on the phone and the dishes are not done. He tells that she is out of dinner tonight. She yells at him for yelling at her and she tells that she helps out all the time. Jenni and Nicole go out and Nicole breaks down about dumping Emilio.

Later, everyone is cooking dinner and Angelina is sitting on the couch not doing anything. Mike goes up to Angelina and apologizes. He tells that he didn’t mean that she is out and can’t have any dinner. She accepts his apology and they eat a delicious meal. At the dinner table, Nicole tells that she is now single and they all congratulate her from breaking up with Emilio. After dinner, everyone is chipping in to clean up including Angelina. Nicole tells that the girls are going to cook dinner next time and that they boys are going to be able to clean. Later, Nicole burns pictures of Emilio and the roommates join in the ceremony. Afterward, Jenni and Nicole talk about planting the letter. In their room, Jenni puts the note in Sammi’s drawer and get out of the room.

Nicole wakes up Mike and tells that they need to get to work and Jenni and Nicole are happy to be going to work. On the way there, Mike tells that he is asking for a raise for the amount of work that he does. Jenni tells that he doesn’t do any work. Meanwhile at the house, Sammi finds the note and asks Vinny and Pauley what is the note and if they wrote it. They have no clue and lie and say that Ronnie didn’t do any of it. At the Gelato shop, Nicole and Jenni are talking about whether or not Sammi found the note. Meanwhile at the house, Vinny tells Ronnie that Sammi found a note and it tells of Ronnie’s cheating. He goes up to her and she hands him the note. He is furious and tells that he did get a girl’s number and tries to deny that he didn’t hold any girl’s hand. He is upset and he tries to talk about it, but Sammy doesn’t believe him. She gets up after he tries to tell her that he loves her. Angelina tells that she doesn’t know anything about the letter. At the Gelato shop, Jenni and Nicole are scared to go home.

Sammi talks to Ronnie and he is trying to save his butt and she asks if he made out with anyone and he tells that he did not, but they show a clip of him kissing two girls at the same time. They continue to fight and she tells that they are done. Ronnie, Vinny, Pauley and Angelina go out to cool off. Jenni calls and Sammi picks up. She asks if they left her a note and she tells that she found a note of all the stuff that Ronnie did on it. Jenni goes outside and talks that she doesn’t know of Ronnie. She tells that she is bugging out and doesn’t know. They get home and Mike makes a joke and laughs about it. Mike tells that it is the truth if it is on paper. Jenni tells that if she goes back to Ronnie, then she is an idiot. Ronnie gets back and thinks that Jenni and Nicole wrote the letter and isolates himself from them.

Later, Sammi tells Ronnie to never talk to her again. He goes up to her and asks if she doesn’t want him to say so. She tells that she doesn’t want him at all. To get back at her, Ronnie calls a girl and asks when they are going to go out. Sammi goes up to him and asks who he is talking to. She continues to talk to him and tells that she should have ended the relationship a long time ago and he tells that she was stringing him along and won’t fess up to the fact that he cheated on her to begin with.