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Not So Shore - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicole and Angelina and Jenni outside partying and Nicole goes into Vinny’s bed and sleeps with him. The next day Nicole tells Sammi that she had sex with Vinny and tells that she had fun. The girls go out to the beach and Jenni tells if Angelina tells anyone, she is going to have a lot of problems. Jenni tells that Sammi is stupid for staying around so much. Sammi wakes up and she is unsure to what she should believe. She goes outside and Mike “The Situation” is there. He tells that she doesn’t see that Ronnie is 100% wrong and the fact that he messed up and is making her look like an idiot. She says that she is done with it. The girls get back from the beach.

Nicole wants to tell Sammi and asks Angelina to tell Sammi to come outside. Angelina tries to get her to come out and she refuses. Jenni is insulted by this and tells Nicole to do it and she tells that she doesn’t want to deal with it and walks inside. She tells that Sammi is an idiot for not going to talk to her friend and Sammi gets in her face about the fact that Jenni wanted her to go outside and talk. She tells that Sammi is too stupid to see that Ronnie is hooking up with girls and then going in Sammi’s bed afterward. She spills that all the roommates knew about the issue. However, she doesn’t fess up to writing the note. Ronnie goes up to Sammi at the bathroom and asks if she is alright. She tells that she will be alright. Sammi goes in to talk with Jenni and Nicole and tells them that she is not herself and doesn’t know what to do. Sammi goes outside and Ronnie tries to talk to her, but she tells that she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

The next day, Vinny’s eye is hurting and he needs to go see the optometrist. Pauley takes him and she tells that it is only itchy, watery eyes. They go to the club and Mike picks up a girl and Angelina picks up a guy named Jose. Mike takes the girl home and takes her to the guest bedroom. He tells the other roommates that he is not ready and eats something, smokes a cigarette and then goes in to “get busy”. Afterward, he tells the girl that he has a cab waiting for her and that he will walk her out. The next morning, the girls wake up because today is the day where the girls are cooking dinner. Nicole calls up her ex-boyfriend up because he is a chef and asks how to make something. He tells her a list of ingredients and how to make it. They go shopping and get everything. Nicole misplaces the list of ingredients for the night’s dinner. Meanwhile, Vinny, Pauley and Mike are at a restaurant preparing themselves for the girl’s dinner thinking that it is going to be gross.

They get home and ask Sammi and Angelina to unpack the groceries and Sammi ignores her. They start to cook dinner and Sammi makes her salad. Jenni asks her to pick up some Vodka and Sammi refuses. Dinner gets done eventually and they sit down to eat. The boys are impressed with the dinner and tell them that they can cook every day. Sammi doesn’t eat Jenni’s cooking on purpose. The boys get the dishes done quickly and Jenni calls Tommy up and tells that Sammi and her are not friends anymore. The next day at work, Angelina spills that Jenni and Nicole wrote the letter. Mike’s sister, Melissa, comes over and Vinny bought some “bling” and Melissa sees it and walks out. The roommates go to Tantra and Mike hooks up with a tranny by accident. Sammi and Ronnie are together and Jenni tells that she is a walking time bomb. In the car, Pauley is really drunk and Angelina is trying to hook up with him.

They get home and Ronnie puts Pauley in bed and Jenni tells Tommy that she is home safe and that Pauley is throwing up. Angelina decides to tell Sammi and Ronnie that Jenni is talking crap about Paulie. Vinny walks in and corrects Angelina and she keeps going on. Vinny tells Jenni and she comes out and gets in Sammi’s face and they push each other and the episode ends.