Sleeping with the Enemy - Recap

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The scene opens with Vinny complaining about how Angelina is talking crap about everyone. Jenni “JWoww” and Sammi argue and They start fighting. The other roommates try to break up the fight. Then Ronnie and Vinny start fighting a little bit too. Nicole “Snooki” tells that Angelina started the crap and Nicole tells that Jenni and her wrote the letter. She tries to show her ground but she and Jenni go outside to cool off. They go outside and Nicole is pissed. Melissa, Mike’s sister, tries to show condolences by offering support. Jenni walks in and tries to throw a plate at Ronnie for running his mouth. Later in bed, Jenni and Nicole talk about how they feel bad about writing the note and that Sammi was trying to be a good friend to Angelina but they are still mad at both of them. Ronnie and Vinny talk about their little fight and Vinny tells that he didn’t mean to push him and they make up. Angelina is pissed that the girls are blaming her and that everyone needs to get along.

In the morning, the aftermath of the fight is apparent and Pauly D does not want to clean up. Jenni and Sammi get up and Jenni calls into work because she needs to get her nails done. Sammi calls her lazy to Ronnie and they go into work. Vinny and Pauly decide to go to the beach and try to pick up girls but they are turned off when two girls come up and one of them has herpes on her lip. Sammi and Ronnie get back from work and tell that Jenni did not get to work because of her nails. Meanwhile Angelina and Mike “The Situation” talk about the girls not liking her and Jose, a guy Angelina has been seeing, comes in and gives Angelina a watch. Back at the house, Ronnie and Sammi go out to dinner and Sammi asks if he is sick of her and he says that he in not. Ronnie says that the letter brought them together and he is glad it happened. Back at the house, Jenni and Nicole want to have a fun time at the club. Vinny tells Sammi that he wants to talk to her and says that Angelina is the one that told Nicole and Jenni to write the letter and what to put in it too.

Inside, Angelina tells that she is going to see Jose and Pauly tells that she should have sex with him because he bought her the watch. Ronnie comes in and Pauly asks if Angelina should give it up. He tells that Jose is being played because he got her a watch after only 3 days of seeing Angelina. Sammi and the rest of the house decide to go to the Pool Hall and play some pool. They are having a fun time until Nicole and Jenni enter. Tension rises but they separate themselves from everyone. Nicole goes up to Mike and says hello. To top it off, Angelina comes in with Jose. But the “guidettes” and quidos are respectable and don’t fight in the Pool Hall. Back at the house, Angelina and Sammi talk and Sammi tells that she knows that Angelina helped write the note. Sammi tells that she will be friends with Angelina for now.

Nicole and Jenni go to the beach and Nicole tells that she wants to go to a Nude beach. Jenni tells that she would not go and Nicole tells that she wants to go bungee jumping. Jenni says that Nicole has white person syndrome because only crazy white people go bungee jumping. Nicole tells that she isn’t white, she’s tan.

Mike and Pauley say that there is drama in the house as always. Vinny tells that Angelina is a backstabber and that she is cheating on Jose. Angelina starts calling Vinny bad names and tells that she hates Vinny. They argue and Vinny finally says that he has had enough of her. In the Jacuzzi, Vinny and Mike talk about how Ronnie is playing Sammi and the roommates decide to all go out to a club. They all dance and have fun and Vinny picks up a girl at the club and Angelina keeps telling him that she is a “Grenade” and tells that any girl that wants him is gross. He doesn’t care and takes her back to the house. Nicole has a good time too and brings home a man she meets named Dennis. Vinny and his girl get busy in the bedroom and Nicole snuggles and moans while Jenni is in the room. The next morning Jenni and Sammi go to work and Sammi is not happy that Jenni is there and she tells that it is the wost day of her life.

Meanwhile at the house, Angelina is on the phone with Jose and he asks what she is doing tonight. She tells that she is going out and he tells her to behave. She tells him to hold on and she is laughing at the fact that Jose has known her 3 days and he is already trying to control her. She tells that he doesn’t have to worry and hangs up the phone. She tells that she is going to do the opposite of being “good” and they decide to go to the club again. Nicole and Jenni stay home and Nicole calls up Dennis and tells that she and Sammi are staying in and for him to bring over a friend for Jenni. He tells that he will try. Nicole and Jenni disinfect the “Smoosh” room and Nicole gets ready for Dennis to come over and they have fun throwing condoms and underwear at each other while they are dressed in plastic bags. Dennis comes over and his friend is a “Male Grenade”. Right away Jenni doesn’t like him and he leaves really quickly. Meanwhile, Nicole and Dennis “Smoosh”. Pauly and Mike get everyone back in the car to go home and Vinny and Angelina, the two fighting through the whole episode, are making out with each other. They get back home and Vinny and Angelina go into a room and start making out and eventually “Smoosh”.