All in the Family - Recap

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The scene opens with everyone getting up and Paula, Vinny’s mom calls she asks how he is doing and he tells that he is fine. Meanwhile in the living room, Mike “The Situation” and Pauley are asking Angelina if her and Vinny “smushed”. She doesn’t say anything and they take it as she and he did. Mike is telling the rest of the household and Snooki calls Angelia a whore for sleeping with someone when she is dating Jose. It is Jose’s birthday coming up and Mike tells that Angelina needs to tell him. She tells that she is single so she is going to do what she wants, but the rest of the house tell her that it is not right. Pauley and Vinny go to work at the ice-cream shop and Vinny’s mom comes into the shop with his Uncle Nino. He is surprised and happy that he is there.

Snooki and JWoww sit down and tell how Angelina is a “loosey goosey” and that Snooki is not jealous that Angelina hooked up with him because she is just getting her sloppy seconds. JWoww tells that she wishes that she could be the one to tell Jose the truth about Angelina. Back at the house, Vinny’s mother comes in and unpacks her bags. She has everything for Vinny from shirts to sausages and shows that she spoils him. Uncle Nino comes in and everyone in the house is happy that he is there too. They tell that Uncle Nino is an OG (Original Guido). He can’t be understood until the last two words and they are having a fun time. Dinner time comes around and they show what a real Italian meal is: First, the pasta, second the meats, and finally, the desert. Everyone is full and later that evening, Uncle Nino is in the hot tub and JWoww comes out in her bikini. Uncle Nino is excited and they are joined up with Snooki, Pauley, Mike and Angelina. Snooki tells that Angelina hit the volleyball in her face and tells that she is not going to start a fight in front of the family, but the insults fly and water and things are thrown. They remain their attitudes and Angelina goes inside. Vinny says goodbye to his family and Angelina calls Jose and tells that she can’t go out with him tonight.

The entire household goes to the club and Angelina starts dancing with some random guy while Mike and Pauley are lining up the girls they want to take home. Vinny starts to dance with Mike’s girl and Mike steals her back. They take their girls home and Angelina takes the guy she met home too. JWoww calls her boyfriend Tom and tells him that everyone brought home people but not her and tells him that she is going to make some meatballs and go to bed. Pauley and Mike bring their girls in the room and start to play around. One of the girls says that she doesn’t feel right because she has a boyfriend. Mike is shut down and Pauley’s girl leaves with her friend. The next morning, Mike wants to still be with a girl and tells that they need to call numbers that they got. Mike goes first and he gets nothing but voicemails. Pauley tries and first girl tells that she can come over. He asks if she can bring over a friend for Mike and Mike grabs the phone and tells that he doesn’t want any grenades.

Pauley’s girl comes over and she is alone. She tells that all her friends are grenades and she is sorry. Mike tells that he was looking forward to smushing, but instead he is to have to smush himself. The Guidos go to the beach the next day and Mike and Angelina are in the bedroom. She tells that Mike can’t say anything to Jose tonight. He tells her that she needs to tell Jose the truth. At the club, the Guidos and the Guidettes are having a fun time and Mike asks Angelina if she has told Jose yet. She tells that she has not and Mike tells that he is going to tell him. He walks up to Jose and tells that Angelina has something to tell him. Jose is intrigued and Angelina comes clean with that she “hooked up” with Vinny. She tells that people think that “hooked up” means that they kissed while others think that means that they had sex. She allows Jose to think that she just kissed Vinny.

They move onto Tantra, a dance club, and Vinny tells that he met the love of his life. He tells that he is not going to just get a one night stand with the girl but that she is the type that he could take to meet his family. He gets her number. Meanwhile, Pauley finds the same type of girl that he could show off to his family. The next day, Vinny calls up Ramona and asks if she wants to double date with his friend to a nice restaurant. She tells that she will. Vinny is excited and tells Pauley to call up his date. He does and she tells that it would be nice. Vinny and Pauley go out to get ready for their date and get their hair cut and get new clothes. They even go to a florist and gets flowers for their dates. But, later that day, Ramona calls up and tells that she doesn’t want to come tonight. Ronnie goes up to talk and tells that he doesn’t have to worry about Ramona. Vinny is crushed and Angelina tells Jose that she feels bad for him.

Vinny calls Ramona back and is pretty pathetic begging her to go out with him. She reluctantly agrees. He tells Pauley that their double date is still on. However, when the night comes, Vinny’s date is not there and Pauley’s date is waiting outside. Pauley goes on his date and Vinny is left home. The others are going out and they ask if Vinny wants to come along, but Vinny want to be alone with his thoughts and spend the night alone.