Dirty Pad - Recap

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The scene opens with Vinny waiting for his date and tries to call her. She is not answering. The other roommates try to get Vinny to go with them, but he refuses. Angelina, Jose, Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” goe out and the girls go “powder their noses”. Jose tells that he thought that he was together with Angelina and tells that Angelina told him to mess with other girls. He tells that he doesn’t know what is going on. Afterward, Sammi and Ronnie talk about the fact that Angelina is playing Jose and that she is trashy. Sammi tells that she doesn’t trust Angelina at all. Pauley and Rocio and Sammi and Ronnie get home and Vinny is on the couch. Ronnie buys the flowers from Vinny and gives them to Sammi, but she tells that it is a last minute gesture. Jose is looking for some loving and Angelina is on her period, so nothing happens.

The next day, Angelina says goodbye to Jose and tells that she is not in love with him, but likes him. To escape being hassled by the guys, Angelina lies and tells that she “smushed” with Jose. Except this doesn’t let up the teasing, it makes it worse and Jenni “Jwoww” and Nicole “Snooki” laugh about it and tell that Angelina is giving the guys something to tease her about. Pauley and Jenni go to work and Rocio comes in and Pauley tells that he really likes Rocio and tells that he is going to be taking it slow this time. Jenni calls up the house to wake Nicole up and Angelina picks up. She asks her to get Nicole up for a nail appointment. Angelina tells that she will. However, when they get home, Angelina is on the phone and Nicole is still asleep. Pauley goes inside Nicole’s room and carries her out. The two girls get their nails done for the arrival of Jenni’s boyfriend, Tommy. Afterward, Nicole climbs back into bed.

Tommy arrives and unpacks his bag. He finds Jenni’s telephone book and finds a friend’s number that Tommy told her not to write in. He tries to leave but she tells that she will not let him leave. They play around trying to pick each other’s noses and they make up. Angelina’s friend Gina comes over and brings presents from Angelina’s mother and some other things. Her mom calls and she thanks her for the dresses. Angelina cries because she misses her mom and everyone she knows. It is T-Shirt time and the boys do a sing-song to “It’s T-Shirt Time”. They get to the club and start dancing. Angelina is dancing with a guy that Nicole hooked up with before and Nicole doesn’t care that Angelina is getting her sloppy seconds. At the club, Nicole keeps getting hit on by “male grenades” and Mike “The Situation” hooks up with a girl named Samantha and tries to go to the bathroom to “get busy”, but is stopped by security. He wants to take her home and on the way out, he loses her. When they get home, Pauley talks about the fact that Angelina is trashy for hooking with Nicole’s hook up. In the middle of the night, Jenni and Tommy “get busy” and a drunk Nicole grabs her feet and then leaves to snuggle Vinny.

Then next day, everyone is waking up and Angelina is on the phone telling that she needs to clean up. Meanwhile, Mike and Pauley are at the gym and then tan and then at the laundry matt, Mike forgets that he picked it up yesterday. They get home and find a note attached to the front. It says “Samantha met you at the club her is my number”. Mike tells that is the girl he was kissing last night, but it looked like a note for Sammi at first. To start trouble, Pauley D. puts the letter on Ronnie’s bed and then shows Sammi the note. She is relieved it is not for her. Vinny and Pauley go to the beach and have fun spending time together. While, Angelina and her friend Gina go to the beach. She sees them, but ignores them. At the house, Mike gets inside and calls up the girl to invite her out. She agrees. Mike cleans up and when he goes to the bathroom, he finds a used period pad on the floor. He finds that it is Angelina’s and puts it in her bed and then leaves the dishes for her to do.

At the beach, Angelina and Gina bring back a guy and Jenni, Tommy, Pauley and Mike go to a café to eat and calm down after finding the pad. Angelina finds the pad underneath her pillow as Mike planted it and is grossed out. Her guy that came back with her is a little disgusted too. Mike gets back and is civil with Angelina and her guests. However, when the topic of cleaning comes up, Angelina takes the defensive and says that she has been cleaning all day. Mike laughs at her and tells that she didn’t do anything and then calls her a dirty little hamster. Angelina lunges at Mike and the episode ends.