Gone, Baby, Gone - Recap

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The scene opens with Angelina and Mike “The Situation” fighting and she slaps him in the face. Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” walk in and Mike tells that Angelina hit him in the face. Pauley D. tells the guy that came home with Gina and Angelina to get home and to let them deal with this. He leaves his number. Angelina walks outside and starts crying. Mike feels a little bad and Pauley and Vinny tell him not to worry about her and to not apologize to her. Mike walks into Jenni “Jwoww” and tells that he and Angelina got into a fight and she hit him. She has Angelina meet her outside and she tells that she understands where Angelina is going through and Jenni tells her that she hit Mike in the face too. She tells her to stick it out and not quit.

Samantha, Mike’s date, comes over and the roommates decide to go out to the club. Mike grabs some pajamas for Samantha and says that she is going to stay the night after the club. At the club, Angelina bumps into Jose and talks to him about the fight with Mike. Meanwhile, Mike gets attention from another girl and Samantha tells that is her man and pushes the girl away. Mike tells the other roommates and they laugh about it. Mike, Samantha and the rest of the roommates go home and Mike gets ready to “smush” with his girl. The roommates hear Samantha moaning and enjoying her time. The next morning they make breakfast and Mike finds that Angelina is sleeping in his bed with Jose. She tells him not to hate. Mike says goodbye to Samantha. He walks back inside and Jose thanks Mike for letting him sleep in his bed. He tells Angelina that she is welcome because she never said thank you. Gina goes home and leaves Angelina alone by herself.

Mike continues to tell the other roommates that Angelina slept in his bed and she starts yelling at Mike again and instead of saying sorry. She tells that she is not going to be nice to anyone who wants to go at her. She tells that she deserves to be in the house and will fight anyone. The next morning, Pauley wakes up everyone to get going for some GTL session (gym, tan, laundry) and in the Escalade, there is a smell of vomit. Ronnie almost pukes and Pauley finds a cheese sandwich. Meanwhile at the house, Angelina doesn’t know if she is going to stay in Miami or go home. Later at work, Nicole “Snooki” writes her “Ideal Guiddo” list and Anso, the manager at the Gelato shop tells her to get some work done. Back at the house, Jenni says goodbye to Tommy and kisses him goodbye. Nicole gets home and shows the list to Jenni. She tells that they have to find a guy for Nicole. The news of Angelina probably leaving gets everyone pumped up and they are excited that she might be leaving.

Angelina walks up to them and they tell that they are going out and ask what she is going to do. She hints around that she is leaving but doesn’t come out and say it. Mike doesn’t play games and tells her that if she wants to leave, then she needs to just leave the family. She tells that all the roommates are fake and that she doesn’t need to put up with anything anymore. Later that evening, they go to the club without Angelina and have a better time than usual. Nicole is looking for her “Ideal Guiddo” and settles with a guy that Angelina hooked up with a little bit ago, Alex. Meanwhile at the house, Angelina packs her bags and waits for the roommates to get home so she can tell them why she is leaving. The roommates get home and Angelina sees that Alex is with Nicole and asks why he is. She tells that they are fake and that Alex shouldn’t be with Nicole. He listens to Angelina and Nicole tells him to stay over by Angelina. She gets into her face and they start fighting. Angelina leaves and asks for some sympathy from Ronnie and Sammi, but they don’t want anything to do with her. Thus, Angelina leaves Jersey Shore once again.