Girls Like That - Recap

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The scene opens with everyone asleep. As they wake up they have the bad aura is gone and Mike and Pauley get Angelina’s old bed out of the room and they break the bed to get it out and they clear space. Mike brings in Lobsters as a celebration dinner for Angelina leaving and Nicole “Snooki” and Jenni “Jwoww” want to save it. They grab a bowl and put it inside upside down. Pauley and Vinny walk in and tell that Lobsters have to be in salt water. They enjoy the meal of Lobster and champagne. They tell that they are thankful that they are all together and are thankful to have Angelina out of the house as well.

After the dinner, Nicole wants to clear the air with Sammi “Sweetheart” and sits down with her and Jenni. Nicole tells that they wrote the note to show that they cared about her. However, Sammi is not looking at Jenni and all girls are quiet for a long time while the boys are in the hot tub having a fun time. Sammi tells that she will not be a friend to Jenni because she took so long to tell her about the news and that she is not to be trusted. The next day, Vinny calls Romona again and she tells that she is sorry and she is going to go to be there by the beach later. Vinny waits around for a bit and no Romona. Vinny gets a call from two cute girls that he met before and tells that he will meet them. Seconds later, Romona calls and tells that she is trying to find him. Vinny makes the choice to call the other girls and tell that he can’t make it out and meets Romona outside. They go out to the beach with her and her dog and they have a lot of fun. Vinny kisses her goodnight.

Later at the house, Nicole gets a call from Ryder, her friend, who is going to fly out to Miami. However, Jenni tries to help Nicole decipher the drunk talk that Ryder is talking. Nicole is afraid that she is going to miss her flight. The next day, Ryder shows up and Nicole is happy. She asks what she wants to do first and they go out and get drinks and go to a bar. They come back and the rest of the roommates want to go out. They go out and they are all having a fun time. However, Mike “The Situation” is having a problem getting the girls interested in him. He gets bored and wants to leave. He tells Nicole that they are leaving and she tells him that she doesn’t want to leave. Mike picks her up and she demands to be put down. He tells that she needs to leave or stay. She tells that she is going to stay. When Nicole gets back, Mike is ignoring her and not apologizing for his actions.

The next morning, Mike is still not apologizing and Sammi is on the phone. Nicole goes up to her and tells that the girls are going out for some drinks and Sammi tells that she will stay and wait for Ronnie. A little while later, Ronnie gets back and Sammi asks if she should have gone with Nicole and Ryder and just ignored Jennie. Ronnie tells that she needs to make her own decisions. The girls get back and Nicole and Ryder make up a drink of their own making. However, it doesn’t taste good at all. They go out to buy rum and they meet up with Mike. He tells that he is sorry that he acted the way he did and tells that he won’t do it again. However, Nicole doesn’t want that type of an apology. They get back to the house and mix together their blend of alcoholic beverages and have a good drink. They have fun and Ryder and Nicole draw the roommates on the board giving Ronnie massive muscles and Jenni massive breasts. They have a fun time. The roommates get home and Jenni, Nicole and Ryder are feeling each other’s breasts for fun too.

The roommates go out clubbing again and this time, Vinny is with Romona. Mike sees that he leaves her by herself for a moment and attempts to steal her away from Vinny. It doesn’t work and he gets the rejection from Romona. When Vinny comes back, he laughs it off, but Mike watches them the entire night. He gets bored because he is not getting any action and tells everyone that they have to leave. Nicole tells that she is not and he slaps her in the face lightly. She freaks out and yells at him. She and Jenni stay and Mike realizes that he is not the man of the house like he wants.