Deja Vu All Over Again - Recap

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The scene opens with everyone at the club and Mike “The Situation” walks up to Nicole “Snooki” and tells that they need to go. She is upset, but they all get into the cab. Nicole and her friend Ryder are in the cab and Nicole tells that the night is ruined. Ryder tries to tell that it is not and they go back to the house. Vinny has Ramona there and they go to his room and “smush”. The next morning, Nicole is still upset with Mike from last night and Mike wants to apologize. She forgives him and they get ready for Ryder to leave. Nicole is sad and doesn’t want her to go. They only have one week left and then she will be back home. Ryder goes home and Jenni “Jwoww” doesn’t like to see Nicole cry and tries to comfort her. Nicole is thinking of just going home, but Jenni convinces her to stay. Vinny walks up and offers to console her as well. Nicole tells that he is like her big brother and then remembers that they had sex with each other and rethinks the comment.

Mike and Pauley D. go to the barbershop and Mike parks where he wants and ignores the tow away zones. They show a sign that tells that it is for Federal employees only and Mike tells that it is for “The Situation” only. Back at the house later, Jenni tells Nicole that they are going to “Space” a club that is also in New York and full of “Juiceheads”. Nicole forgets her sad mood and Pauley D. orders the taxi. He is polite and tells the dispatcher that he loves her too. It is T-Shirt Time and the guys get excited of it. Jenni decides that hardly wearing any clothes is good for her epic clubbing. At “Space”, they are dancing and having a good time until Nicole gets into an argument with a girl that is a “wannabe guido”. Mike gets involved and they are kicked out of “Space”. However, on the way out, Pauley D. grabs two girls. The go back to the house with Pauley and Mike and they are trying to get them to bed. However, one of the girls is not interested in “hooking up” with Mike and he tells the girl to wait out in the living room. She calls Mike and “old man” and her friend tells that she has to get out too and Mike fails at being Pauley’s wing man and Pauley is very upset about it.

The next day Vinny and Pauley are in the kitchen and he tells Vinny that Mike was rejected and is playing it off as that the girl was a grenade when she was actually not. Mike talks to Jenni and tells that he was not a good wingman for Pauley. Vinny and Pauley have a double date with Rosio and Ramona. After being on the beach for a while, Rosio finally shows up telling that she was looking for him. Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie show up and Sammi likes to hang out with other “couples”. They return home and Mike is preparing dinner. However, in the process, the smoke alarms go off and firemen come in. Jenni and Nicole are hot and bothered and mentally live out their fantasies. They sit down and eat and Pauley tells that it is funny how they know each other and they feel like a family. After dinner Vinny tells that Pauley and him like their ladies because they are “exotic”. Sammi tells that she is “exotic” and Ronnie tells that she looks Asian, which he tells that he likes. Sammi storms out the room because Ronnie’s ex-girlfriend was Asian. Nicole goes outside and wants to tell her to suck it up, but Ronnie comes out and tells that he didn’t mean it like that. She asks why he is with her and Ronnie tells that Sammi is the one that makes the fights. Inside Jenni makes a hook-up board and it turns out that because everyone has hooked up with everyone in the house, they have all swapped spit.

The next day, Vinny and Mike go for some gym, tan and laundry and after tanning, their car gets towed. Mike calls the tow company and he asks if there is a discount to which they tell that there is not. They walk over there after getting lost and having to ask for direction and Mike pays the $175 to get the Escalade out. Later at the club, and Pauley picks up two Canadians who want to party. Right away they go home and Mike and Pauley push to get the girls to bed or naked in the hot tub. However, Mike’s girl has a boyfriend and she tells that she is leaving in 5 minutes. Instead of entertaining for the 5 minutes, Mike screws Pauley’s chances and fails to be the wingman again. She calls Mike a douchebag while walking out. He is upset with Mike and tells that he needs to talk about the fact that Mike is a horrible wingman and that it is time to talk to him about it.