Back Into the Fold - Recap

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The scene opens with the roommates going on a trip to the Everglades and they approach an Alligator. The alligator investigates the boat and they are all impressed. After the airboat tour, they go to a café and they eat some weird food and Mike “The Situation” eats frog’s legs. Afterwards, Mike pukes. At the house, Vinny and Pauley D. want to go on a date with their ladies Rosio and Ramona. Later that evening, Vinny has reservations for 8’o’clock and Ramona is late. She calls and she is only 45 minutes late. They go out and have a nice dinner and meanwhile, Pauley goes on his date with Rosio. They get back from their dates and kiss their girls goodbye and promise to call and get to know each other.

At the same time, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie and Sammi starts drama with them and they fight again. They end their night early and get back at the house. They sit outside and argue again and Ronnie wants her to say that she is sorry while inside, the rest of the roommates want to leave. They go out to the club and of course, Sammi and Ronnie make up. At the club, two girls go up to Vinny and tell that they want to have sex and Vinny tells that he has a girl. However, Mike has no problem having sex with them in the bathroom. The next day, Jenni “Jwoww” cleans out the fridge and she is not happy to be cleaning it out. Later, Nicole “Snooki” is going to cook dinner and asks Sammi for help and she refused to help. Nicole storms back in and starts telling that Sammi refuses to help. Mike goes outside and tells that Nicole is talking crap. Sammi goes inside and is rude and tells that she will help. Nicole can’t take it and walks out. She talks to Jenni and tells that Sammi is ungrateful and Jenni tells her not to let Sammi get to her.

They enjoy a nice dinner of Tacos and Pauley D. tells that they are nice and they have had some interesting times. Mike tells that he wants to give a trophy to the person who did the least. Immediately Sammi gets offended. Mike tells that it is all in good fun. After dinner, they play the “Most Likely” game and they start an argument when Jenni tells that Mike is fake after Mike tells that Vinny is fake and a follower. Sammi, Ronnie, Pauley and Vinny get in the hot tub and Nicole tells Jenni to not to trust anyone in the house and that Mike told that Jenni was the fakest in the house and tells that Vinny and Pauley agreed. Jenni goes up to Mike and tells that Pauley called Mike fake and they get into a big argument and Nicole realizes that she is in trouble. They argue and Nicole admits that she said something. Pauley tells that Jenni is not going to break up a friendship between Mike and him. Nicole is upset with Jenni because she aired out the argument and Nicole cries.

They are packing up and Vinny comes in and tells that he never called Jenni fake and tries to clear it up and Nicole is wrong that she can’t trust anyone. Nicole continues to yell at Jenni and the rest of the roommates hear it. Nicole walks outside and Mike walks outside and tells that everyone loves her and they all make up. They go to sleep and Vinny snuggles with Nicole. Breakfast time and they enjoy their last meal together and pack up to leave. Pauley reveals all the numbers he got in Miami. Sammi and Ronnie leave together and are happy. Vinny leaves and gives hugs and kisses. Mike and Pauley and Nicole and Jenni leave and they are all going to miss Miami.