Reunion Special - Recap

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Julissa Bermudez hosts the Jersey Shore Reunion Special and she kicks things off and invites Sammi “Sweetheart”, Mike “The Situation”, Jenni “Jwoww”, Nicole “Snooki”, Vinny, Ronnie and Pauley D. into the studio. Angelina chose not to be there. She asks who has hotter women, Miami and Jersey Shore. They tell that there are pretty women in Jersey Shore. Pauley D. tells that grenades are everywhere and you have to watch out. They take a look back with the guys at Miami including the Tranny in the club. Mike tells that he was having a good time and he couldn’t really tell.

She asks Pauley how the annoying wake-up call and the T-Shirt time song. They show a clip of him chanting his famous things and Julissa asks how important T-Shirt time is for the guys. They tell that you have to have a fresh shirt on when you go out to make sure that you are fresh with no wrinkles.

Ronnie and Sammi are the first to be grilled and Julissa asks the status of their relationship and they show a clip of Ronnie’s interpretation of being in a relationship including the clips of the fact he was playing her. Ronnie tells that they had hard times in Miami and are working through things. Julissa asks if they fight a lot and all the roommates tell that they do. They tell them that they made the letter and Julissa tells that is what you are supposed to do. They show a clip of Sammi fighting Jenni over the letter and how they got into a fight over it. Jenni goes up to join Ronnie and Sammi and tells that the letter was a way of telling Sammi what was going on and Mike tells that it doesn’t matter because she still is with Ronnie and hates her girls that tried to protect her.

Julissa talks to Vinny and Pauley and talks about their girls Rosio and Ramona. They show the clip of Vinny getting excited over Ramona and Pauley meeting up with Rosio. Vinny tells that Ramona and him don’t talk and Pauley tells that he and Rosio’s relationship faded away and Julissa shows the clip of Vinny and Pauley’s “bromance”. Mike joins them on the couch and they talk about “MVP” and the fact that Mike realizes that there were they brought home “grenades”. They talk about the DTF meaning and then talk about the fact the meaning of “wingman”. Mike tells that he is a horrible wingman. Vinny gets a little mad when he sees the clip of Mike trying to steal Ramona.

Next is Nicole to get grilled and she tells that she has a crush on Vinny. They show a clip of her and Vinny and their relationship and both Vinny and Nicole tell that they are down for snuggling. They then show a clip of Nicole and Angelina and the fact that everyone hated her in Jersey and Miami.They end the show by showing some deleted scenes of the roommates getting their mirror time and they all show their vices and that they are normal people with issues like everyone else. Next season, they are going back to Seaside Heights and going for another time on the “Jersey Shore”