Back to the Shore - Recap

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The scene opens with a little recap of the past two seasons of Jersey Shore. The show opens in Pouchkeepsie, New York where Nicole “Snooki” is getting ready to go to Jersey Shore again and is still doing the spray tan. She gets packed and is sporting hooker boots. She drives and tells that she has invited one of her girlfriends, Deena, to go to the Jersey Shore without the other roommates knowing about it. She pulls up to New Egypt, New Jersey at Deena’s house. Deena comes out and they hug. She says goodbye to her family and they head over to Seaside Heights. Meanwhile in Long Island, New York, Jenni “Jwoww” gets ready to go and she says that she and Tom need a break from each other and she is excited about returning to the Jersey Shore.

Nicole talks about how Pauly D. is hot and that Deena is probably going to sleep with him. In
Providence, New York, Pauly D. gets ready to leave for the Jersey Shore and in Manalapan, New Jersey, Mike “The Situation” is ready to go back as well. Vinny gets packed up in Staten Island, New York and this year he has a shower caddy so that no one will take his shampoo. Nicole talks on how Sammi and Ronnie are a bunch of idiots and in the Bronx, New York Ronnie drives to pick up Sammi “Sweetheart” in Hazlet, New Jersey. They take off together. Nicole and Deena drive and Deena tells that she likes guys with Mohawks and Nicole laughs and says that Ronnie has one. Vinny tells that he missed the Jersey Shore and Pauly D. tells that he is excited.

Everyone arrives into Seaside Heights. Ronnie and Sammi arrive first at the house and they get the upstairs bedroom where there are 3 beds. Ronnie sees that Jenni is coming up and Sammi says that she is a whorebag. Jenni gets in next and is disgusted to see Sammi. Vinny arrives next and Jenni welcomes him with a hug. Pauly D. comes in next and Vinny is happy to see that he is there. Deena and Nicole arrive and everyone gives hugs and welcomes Deena, the new roommate. However, Sammi is not that welcoming and everyone sees it. Jenni, Nicole and Deena get a room together and talk about how Sammi is being rude. In the bedroom, Sammi tells that it is three against one and that she is outnumbered. Ronnie tells her not to worry about it. The other three girls talk about how they are going to get lucky while in Jersey Shore and Nicole shows that she has her vibrator with her.

Mike arrives and is he is stuck with the only bed left in the house, Ronnie and Sammi’s room. He is not too thrilled of the room situation and tells that they are going to have a “situation”. The roommates break open the grill and Deena tries to get to know Sammi by asking her where she is from. Sammi is rude to her and the other roommates enjoy the awkward moment. Sammi leaves. Inside, everyone gathers around the table and Deena tells that she is a Blast in a Glass and is a holiday. Sammi doesn’t like her and Vinny tells that she needs to treat people nice and Deena tells that if people are mean to her, she will let them know. Sammie gets up to leave again. The roommates, minus Ronnie and Sammi, are playing Flip the cup and they are having a fun time. Sammi wants to know what she is going to do because the girls are against her. Ronnie tells that he is there for her and that is all that matters.

In the hot tub, Nicole, Deena and Vinny are having fun talking and Nicole brings up that Vinny slept with her friend Ryder and Vinny admits that he did, but didn’t know the entire feelings that Nicole had for him. He tries to apologize and a very drunk Deena gets out of the hot tub. Nicole tells Jenni to rescue her and she tells Vinny that it is not going to happen. Deena asks Mike to go with her to find her “Cowboy hat” and Pauly tells that it is probably code for her “kooka”. They get to her room and Deena tells that her hat looks better with her bikini only. She closes her eyes and accidently gets naked in front of Mike. He is tells that he is going to have to pass for day one. Deena is a little embarrassed. Mike goes upstairs and tells the story.

The roommates hide away in their room and Mike tells Ronnie and Sammi and Ronnie tells that Deena is stupid. Deena goes upstairs and tells Mike to come downstairs. Sammi laughs and Deena gets upset. She goes downstairs and tells Nicole that Sammi is laughing at her and calls her the “C” word. Mike tells she is putting her up for Rookie of the Year for that. Ronnie hears his name and runs downstairs and starts to yell at Deena telling that she is in his house, even though it is not. Sammi and Nicole get into the argument and Nicole tells that Ronnie’s mother calls her and tells that she doesn’t know why he is with Sammi. Jenni gets in Sammi’s face and they get into a fight and Jenni hits her in the face. The episode ends.