Where's the Beach? - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” talking to each other. She tells that she owes Nicole “Snooki” an apology. Ronnie tells Sammi that she can be friends with whomever she wants to be friends with. Inside, Nicole is drunk as usual and this time she eats a raw potato and tells that it is good. Vinny comes up to her and tells that she needs to stop what she is doing and she is just interested in having sex with Vinny. However, Vinny is not going to take advantage of Nicole when she is drunk and rejects her. On the deck, Deena is trying to get with Mike “The Situation” and Nicole volunteers a threesome to get Denna and Mike together. Mike likes this and Mike and Deena climb into bed together and Nicole leaves and snuggles with Vinny. Realizing the change, Mike is not too happy about it and in Vinny’s bed; Nicole is trying to have sex with Vinny. But, when Vinny smells the alcohol, he rejects her again. In the guest room, Mike is not allowing Deena to get sex from him either and he sneaks off to his room.

The next day, Nicole and Pauley D. go to GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) and when they get back, Nicole tells that her butt is itchy. This is because she put lotion on it to get a deeper tan. She sits in the refrigerator and feels a lot better. Ronnie goes in to see how Sammi is and they get into a blow up again and they argue. The entire household can hear them fighting about the same stuff and Mike tells the roommates that it is all Sammi’s fault that she is doing this. Ronnie comes in and tells that it is the same argument, just another day. Mike and Ronnie go to the gym and Nicole, Sammi and Pauley D. go to work. In the break room, Sammi apologizes to Nicole and tells that she never wanted to hurt her. Nicole accepts her apology and as they walk home, Pauley is happy that they are friends again. At the house, Jenni is on the phone with Tom and he is not friendly at all. She takes this as her chance to have fun. When they get home, Sammi doesn’t stop with just apologizing with Nicole, she apologizes to Deena as well. In the bedroom, Nicole tells Jenni that Sammi apologized and Jenni tells that if they want to be friends with Sammi, she doesn’t have a problem with it at all.

Everyone gets ready to go to Karma and have a fun time and Vinny calls the cab. They get to the club and Jenni runs into her ex-boyfriend, Roger, there. He and she hit it off again right away. On stage, Deena is drunk and falls off the stage. The bouncers escort her out and she goes home after only being in the club for 6 minutes. Mike sees a familiar face. Paula from the last time they were at Seaside is there. He tells that she is going home with him and she agrees. Nicole is drunk and Vinny tries to curtail her. Jenni is having fun hanging out with Roger when her friend comes up and tells that Roger has a girlfriend. Jenni feels betrayed and Roger tells that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but Jenni doesn’t believe him. She and Nicole decide to got to the top of the club and make their own party. Downstairs, Pauley and Vinny have girls and upstairs, Jenni goes to the pee in the bar and not a toilet. She hoses it down. They see downstairs and see Ronnie and Sammi making up. Ronnie tells that their relationship is going to make it through.

Pauley sees Danielle in the bar and she tosses a drink in Pauley’s face. She walks out and pushes the camera out of her face. The roommates go home and Pauley and Vinny have girls. Mike comes in with Paula and he knows that he is going to have sex. They heat up the grill and Ronnie tries to get the turkey burgers unthawed. Upstairs, Vinny is getting busy and Pauley is asleep because his girl doesn’t want to have sex. Downstairs, they heat up the burgers and Vinny gets done with his “business” and comes down for some burgers. Mike and Paula go upstairs and get busy. Vinny and Ronnie laugh and they show the variations of his laugh. The next morning, Vinny tries to get Nicole up and she doesn’t want to go. She comes out in a blanket and slippers. They head to work and Danny is disgusted with Nicole’s blanket. Ronnie and Vinny sell stuff and Nicole is trying to get drunk at work. Danny tells her to get a coffee.

Nicole runs off and goes to a bar and orders shots. She then runs to the pickle restaurant and orders deep fried pickles and beer. Danny comes up and tells that she needs to get back to work. After work, she goes strait to the bar and gives older people sex advice. Jenni and Deena find her and Nicole is already smashed. They try to control her and Nicole runs off to the beach. Jenni and Deena try to stop her with everything she is doing and they try to get her off the beach before she gets into trouble. She runs off and falls in the sand and starts rolling around. They have the police help and Nicole gets arrested for being drunk and disorderly. They put Nicole in the police car and Jenni and Deena go back to the house. They get back inside and Jenni calls Nicole’s dad and tells that Nicole got arrested and the roommates get inside and Jenni and Deena tell that she got arrested for Drunk and indecency.