Free Snooki - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicole “Snooki” getting arrested and Jenni “Jwoww” calls Nicole’s dad. Jenni calls Tom and he cusses at her for not calling last night. She is upset and tells that he should have never called him. The guys get home and Deena tells that Nicole got arrested. Jenni answers the call waiting and it is the police station. They tell that they can pick up Nicole now. They pick her up and she tells that she is alright. Jenni has a t-shirt that says “Free Snooki” on it. Nicole tells that she feels good because of the roommates.

At the house, Nicole asks why she got arrested and Jenni tells that she was being a nuiseance and they recap what she did. She calls her dad and he tells that she needs to never do that again or he will go down to the Jersey Shore and take her out. She tells that she loves him and hangs up. The roommates want to go out and Nicole and Jenni stay back and Jenni shows that Nicole has sand in her cleavage. Later, Nicole and Jenni talk and Nicole blames Emilio for her angry drunkenness. Jenni tells that Nicole needs to find love. Nicole tells that they should have therapy session with Jenni. The cabs are there and it is MVP time and Deena goes with them. They go to Bamboo and Deena gets into it and the guys add her to MVP and turn it into MVPD. In the club, Deena kisses girls and they have a fun time. She finds a guy that looks identical to Ronnie. The guys tease him and his name is Dean. They call him Ronnie.

They go back to the house and they take “fake Ronnie” into Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie’s bedroom. They tell that it is Ronnie’s stunt double and Ronnie and Dean know each other. Ronnie tells that Dean has a girlfriend named Sam too. Deena and Dean go in the hot tub and start kissing. She asks if Dean has a girlfriend and he tells that he is single. Vinny and Pauley talk and tells that Ronnie is going to be with Sam the next day and tell that they need to write a letter and joke. Deena and Dean go upstairs and snuggle. Deena doesn’t have sex with him, but gave him a peep show.

The next morning, everyone gets up and Sammi is getting ready. Deena kisses Dean goodbye and Sammi tells that he has a girlfriend. She tells that men are pigs. Later that night, the roommates all go out to Karma and enjoy their fist pumping friends. Jenni sees Roger there and they talk. Jenni tells that she doesn’t know what is going on with Tom and her, but she is going to have a good time and see what happens with Roger. They get back to the house and everyone is having a fun time. Tom calls and Jenni doesn’t tell him anything about Roger. Ronnie is a little upset that Jenni is messing around on Tom and he tells that he should write up a letter stating who Jenni was out with at Karma. Jenni gets off the phone with Tom and tells the phone that she is leaving Tom after he hangs up.

Jenni calls Roger and she tells that she is going to the Boardwalk and Roger is going to go with them. Tom calls again and asks what is going on. Jenni doesn’t want to tell Tom about Roger until something happens. They get to the Boardwalk and have a lot of fun. She is fed up with Tom. Jenni and Deena get home and Nicole tells that she is not going to drink again. She tells that everything that happened, she wants to quit. Vinny pulls out the camera and videotapes Nicole. Vinny videotapes Nicole’s “poof” and Jenni’s boobs with Pauley D. commentating the voices. Jenni smothers Vinny. Nicole’s friend Ryder calls up and tells that she wants to come down there. She is happy.

Pauley, Jenni and Nicole go to work and Nicole is feeling down in the dumps. Jenni calls Roger up to have him bring a friend with him. Roger and his friend Nick comes up and they take off to a restaurant together. Danny catches them and tells them to get back to work. Nicole tells that Nick way “yum” and he laughs. They come home and tell Deena that they are going out with Roger and Nick. Nicole is excited. Roger and Nick arrive and Deena is jealous, but she is happy for her. They have fun and take their dates back to the house. Nicole and Nick get “busy” and Jenni and Roger didn’t have sex, but she is infatuated with him. She doesn’t miss Tom. The phone rings and the entire household want to hear the conversation when they hear it is Tom. Jenni talks to him and Tom tells that it is the last conversation he is going to have with her and Jenni tells that she has not had a good time with Tom lately. She yells at him and hangs up the phone.

Jenni calls her dad and asks about the dogs. Jenni tells that she has to go to her house and check on her dogs and personal belongings. Nicole tells that she is going with her. Jenni and Nicole get to the house and the dogs are inside, safe. They get inside and Nicole yells for Jenni. Her bed has been taken among other things that were not Tom’s. They get to the bedroom and the computer is on the PayPal site. Jenni breaks down and Nicole hugs her. Jenni tells that her home is not the same and she tells that she wants to go back to the Jersey Shore.