It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer - Recap

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The scene opens with the fight happening from the end of the last episode Sammi “Sweetheart” tells Nicole “Snooki” that she is not a friend. Nicole tells Sammi that she told her when Ronnie was cheating and she brushed her off. The argument continues until Sammi goes upstairs and goes out on the balcony. Ronnie talks to her and asks if she is hurt. Ronnie tells that he is happy that Sammi sticks up for herself and Jenni “Jwoww”, Nicole and Deena talk and tell that they are going to make some drink. Nicole and Deena have fun and entertain themselves. They go out in the cot together and flip it over.

The next day, Mike “The Situation” wakes up everyone and tells Ronnie and Sammi to not have more drama. He tries to tell that they are a family and Ronnie tells him to forget the family thing. The guys are waiting for Ronnie to go to the gym and tanning. Jenni, Nicole and Deena go out together and Sammi went with the guys. In the car, the girls are telling that Sammi is a follower of Ronnie and Deena calls her a female backpack. Later, Vinny asks Pauly D. if Deena’s boobs are real or fake. Nicole gives Vinny a dirty look. Deena comes in and Vinny asks what goes in a real boob and she tells that it is fat. Later that night, everyone gets ready to go out for the first time and Ronnie and Sammi decide to stay inside. The cabs get there and Vinny puts a new spin of T-shirt time with a rap. Mike comes downstairs and checks himself out and everyone is laughing.

They get to the Karma Club and they get their dance on and have a lot of fun. Vinny sees that he has a follower that won’t stop tailing Vinny. The girl tells that she is not following her and eventually, he ditches her. Nicole goes and hides in a bush and she doesn’t know why she is doing it. Jenni and Nicole get home and Jenni calls Tom. She tells that she lost her favorite gold bracelet and Tom is not responsive. Nicole tells that she wants to get off the phone to call her dad. Tom tells her Happy Anniversary and she feels bad. Jenni forgot her anniversary. Meanwhile at Karma, Vinny finds a girl and takes her home. Mike puts himself in with him and thinks that he is going to get with the girl too. Vinny locks the door and Mike is not happy that Vinny and him are not sharing the girl. Mike tells that he is stuck with a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Deena offers that he could be stuck with her, but he passes.

The next day, Sammi and Ronnie go to church while the rest are sleeping. They all get out of bed and Nicole tells that she is still tired. Nicole tells that Deena is an energizer bunny. Mike comes out and tells that Sammi and Ronnie took the other car and the roommates all go out tanning together. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Sammi go to church and then walk on the boardwalk. It starts raining and the roommates get back to the house to cook Sunday Dinner. Mike wants to have a family dinner. Denna gets in right away and helps out in the kitchen. Mike is happy that the newbie is helping out. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Sammi are at a restaurant to dinner. Back at the house, the roommates are upset that they are missing out on Sunday Dinner. The roommates cook while Ronnie and Sammi are at a restaurant eating. The roommates wanted to squash the differences and tell that Ronnie and Sammi don’t want to squash it.

Sammi and Ronnie get back and the roommates let their opinion fly and tell that they missed Sunday Dinner. Sammi tells that she doesn’t care and Deena tells that Sammi is just a piece of furniture. Later, the roommates all head over to the T-shirt shop to work at Danny’s shop. They all write their own schedules and Nicole makes fun of the fact that Sammi is being stupid. Nicole tries to tell that they care of Sammi and Jenni tells that she doesn’t care. They are upstairs having fun while Ronnie and Sammi are in the bedroom. Ronnie is getting tired of Sammi being pouty and is frustrated. They next day Mike, Vinny and Deena are at work and Vinny and Deena jump right into it. Mike stops by and grabs some breakfast and tells that he has to feed the machine. They finish up work and Denna goes upstairs on the loft and plays kick ball with Nicole. The ball goes on the roof of another house and they try to use the pool skimmer. But the pool is too short. Vinny comes up and plays MacGyver. They make the pool and Vinny gets the ball back. Later, the roommates want to go out and Mike tells that they want Ronnie and Sammi to go. Ronnie tells that he wants to hang out with them.

They get to the boardwalk and Sammi is not going on any rides and won’t hang out with anyone. They have fun and try to get Vinny on a roller coaster. Sammi tells that she feels lost again and feels like an outcast. Sammi tells that she can’t talk to Ronnie and he tells that he is pushing him away. He tells her to get over it. The roommates go home and Sammi and Ronnie start to argue again and he tells her to stop behaving like she is the only one hurt in the relationship. Sammi goes to bed and tells Ronnie tells that she doesn’t deserve to be talked to like what Ronnie is doing. Sammi tells that she is sick and doesn’t think that she could be in love with Ronnie anymore. However, it is clear that in the past, that is not going to happen.