Drunk Punch Love - Recap

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The scene opens in Long Island, New York and Jenni “Jwoww” is crying and tells that it is the worst break-up ever. She tells that she doesn’t care about the house anymore. Back in Seaside Heights, Ryder gets there and Vinny welcomes her. Vinny has a little bit of a past with Ryder and Nicole is not around. Vinny has strict instructions from Nicole not to have sex with Ryder. Back in Long Island, Jenni and Nicole “Snooki are changing the locks and they lock themselves in. Ryder and Deena decide to bar crawl without Nicole and Jenni and they have fun on the boardwalk and get tipsy. They get back to the house and continue to drink. Jenni and Nicole get the lock on the door and she gets the dogs in the car and they leave the house.

Jenni and Nicole pull up to the house in Seaside Heights and have the dogs with them. Nicole says that she is sorry about being late. They tell that they are going out to Karma. The roommates get ready and head over to the club. At the club, Ronnie is dancing with a girl and Sammi “Sweetheart” sees it. Ronnie tells that it is his friend’s girlfriend. She tells that she doesn’t care. Vinny meets a girl who has a protective uncle and brother. He asks her to go to house with him and she agrees. They get to the house and have pizza for everyone. Upstairs, Sammi and Ronnie are arguing again because Sammi tells Ronnie to stop touching other girls. She tells that Ronnie will always hate her. Ronnie tells that he doesn’t care and if Sammi wants to alienate him too, then she can just leave. She walks out of the room and goes for pizza. Vinny asks where Ronnie is and she tells that she doesn’t care. She goes upstairs and finds that her things are thrown to one side of the room. Ronnie tells that she can leave.

Downstairs, Mike asks his girl if she wants something comfortable to wear and she tells that she does. Her friend, “the grenade”, follows behind wanting to get some comfortable close too. Vinny tells Pauley that he is going to get the blow horn to alert Seaside that they have a grenade at the Jersey Shore. Mike hears it and calls for Pauley D. to take care of his girl. Pauley attempts to leave when a man comes up. It is the uncle of the girl Vinny brought back. She gets her things and tells Vinny to call her, but of course, Vinny doesn’t like that fact and won’t call her back. Pauley’s date is left alone so she leaves. Jenni goes up to a crying Ronnie on the couch and tells that he is only with Sammi out of guilt. She tells that Sammi is tearing him up. Sammi is in bed and the rest of the roommates are downstairs planning to have a cake for Ryder for her birthday. Mike goes upstairs and asks if Sammi has any condoms. She asks what Ronnie is doing and Mike tells that he is talking to Jenni. Sammi gets out of bed and starts yelling at Ronnie from the balcony asking if he is friends with Jenni. She walks back inside and goes downstairs. He tells that he is friends with Jenni and she punches him in the face. She goes inside and calls her mom and tells that she wants to go home.

The roommates sing happy birthday to Ryder and Mike tells that they need to have a family meeting because Sammi just hit Ronnie in the face. The roommates go upstairs to Sammi and try to convince her to stay and tell her that they care about her. Sammi wants nothing to do with it. In the kitchen, the roommates are talking about the incident and Jenni comes out for the other dog and tells that she is going to have sex with Roger and needs the dogs to be quiet. Early next morning, Sammi comes out and apologizes to Ronnie and he gets up and walks away without another word. Upstairs, he asks Mike what he should do and he tells that he needs to do what he feels is right. Sammi talks with Ronnie again and tells that she is really sorry about the punch in the face. They snuggle and in the afternoon, Sammi tells that she loves Ronnie and asks for another chance. Ronnie says yes. Sammi calls her mom back and tells that she is going to stay in Seaside and work things out with Ronnie. She tells that she needs to work it day by day. Nicole says goodbye to Ryder and walks her out the door and says her goodbyes.
Later that evening, all the roommates gather for dinner and Sammi tells that she is greatful to have friends like she has. Ronnie tells that Sammi is finally maturing. Deena and Dean, the Ronnie look-a-like, and Roger and Jenni go out on a double-date and have a fun time. Nicole is alone with Vinny at the house and Vinny takes her to a sex shop where she buys a Dancer Pole for the house. They get it back and install it and have fun. Ronnie comes down and sees it and he tells that when he first saw the house, he said that it needed a stripper pole. The next day at the barber, the barber tells that Dean came over and tells that Deena likes to lick men’s butts. They go to the gym and Mike tells that he heard that she likes to lick butts. She tells that she is going to kill Dean for saying something like that. She tells that it isn’t true.

Later that night at Karma, Deena sees Dean and tells that she doesn’t want to talk to him. He tells that is fine and walks away. Jenni sees Ronnie and Sammi sitting around and she goes over and asks if Sammi and Ronnie want a drink. She breaks the ice with Sammi and she tells that she is going to start treating people nice and leave all the drama of the past in the past and not to bring it up. She goes up to the bar with Jenni and they hug it out. The episode ends with Sammi being nice to Jenni and they celebrate to the end of drama in the house.