Should We Just Break Up? - Recap

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The scene opens at Karma and Jenni “Jwoww” and Sammi “Sweetheart” make up and are friends now. Ronnie is drinking a lot and Sammi is worried that he is going to over drink again like he did in Miami. The roommates go home and Ronnie falls on the bean bag chair. Sammi cooks something for him and he goes upstairs. Sammi tries to give it to him after it is done and he doesn’t want it. They snuggle and then Ronnie starts to puke and Sammi runs out of the room after helping him a little bit. The next day, Jenni finds that Nicole “Snooki” slept in the dog area and she picks her up and puts her into her own bed. Ronnie comes out and tells that he doesn’t feel good and that he is bleeding from his butt. He asks if Sammi can come with him and she agrees.

Ronnie meets with the doctor as Sammi waits. They get to the “root” of the problem and give Ronnie some cream and the doctor tells him to lay off the alcohol for a bit. He goes out to meet Sammi and tells that he had to get probed. She starts laughing and they have a good time with it. Meanwhile at the house, Nicole, Deena and Jenni go to the pharmacy and in the car, they talk about masturbating. They get to the pharmacy and Nicole plays with the toys. She gets on a tricycle. She rounds a corner and falls and breaks the tricycle. They wedge the handlebars on and walk away. Later that night, Pauley tells that Nicole and Deena need to get ready. They tell that they want to have sex with Pauley and he is game for it, but it is clear it is sarchastic. The roommates get ready to go to the club.

They arrive at the club and Dario and Petey, Ronnie’s friends, are there too. Deena takes a liking to Dario. Nicole meets a man named Jeff and he is the typical guy that she likes. She is going to take him home with her tonight. The others get their “groove” on and Deena asks if they can go home now. They get home and Nicole gets the “smoosh” room and they get ready to do it when she finds out that she is on her period. Downstairs, Deena is snuggling with Dario and she tells that he is not going to get the “golden ticket”, but she gives it up anyways. The roommates get up and Jenni and Sammi get to work, leaving Mike in bed. Jeff sees the pole and Nicole gives him $1 to dance on the poll and he tells that it is going to break. He gets on it and it falls off. He tells that he knew it was going to happen and Nicole is on the floor laughing. She asks if he wants to go to the boardwalk.

They get to the rides and they see old people and ask them to kiss, but they don’t. Nicole sees that Jeff has a tongue ring. At a café, Jeff tells Nicole that he was in Iraq and that he promised a girl that he would marry her and gave her a promise ring, but he tells that he broke it off. Nicole is turned off because she is not going to settle down with anyone right now and Jeff is. She tells that he needs to go and never call again. However, he calls and Nicole tells that he messed up and it is not going to happen. He keeps calling and next Pauley D. answers the phone in a message type of voice and tells him to leave a message. Jeff does and then hangs up. He calls again. This time Pauley is pretending to be a pizza parlor. Jeff asks what he can do for Nicole to say that he is sorry. Pauley tells him to get roses and fried pickles.

Later on, Ronnie tells Sammi that the girls and her need to clean up the kitchen and clean out the refrigerator. As they go do GTL, the girls plan to go to the sex shop and Sammi tells that she will go too. They get there and start to try on different outfits. Nicole tells Jenni that she is cute and they get their things and leave. The guys get back and Ronnie is upset that they had to clean up the kitchen, get the food, and cook the food. The girls get in and Ronnie starts in on Sammi for not doing what he asks. At dinner, everyone compliments the dinner that Ronnie made, but the tension is tight between Ronnie and Sammi. Later, Sammi gets ready for work and ask what she did. They get into work and they are 2 hour late. Nicole hates working. Jenni tells that she is happy to be single and Roger is a good time. They get home and they are going to go out. Sammi and Ronnie are fighting again and the roommates asks if Sammi is going. She tells that she isn’t.

Mike,Vinny, Pauley and Deena get to the club and Pauley sees Danielle the “Stalker”. They make amends and he invites her back to the house. Sammi talks to Nicole at the house and tells that she didn’t do anything. She tells that she isn’t going to deal with it. They get back to the house, and Pauley pulls out the “I love Jewish Girls” shirt. She laughs and she is embarrassed. Vinny comes in and tells that she is a stalker. He asks what she is doing there. Pauley tells that they made peace. They give her a hard time and They say goodnight to her and they get to bed.

In Ronnie and Sammi’s room, Sammi tells that she wants Ronnie to come to bed with her and tells that she doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. Ronnie tells that he is tired about it and is tired of the breaking up, making up cycle. Sammi demands that he look at her and tell that they are broken up. Sammi continues and tells that she needs closure and that she wants it to be clear. They continue on the balcony and Ronnie tells that he is tired of her stuff and that she is a waste of time. Sammi tells that she has been through enough and tells that it is the breaking point of their relationship and she is fine with it. Sammi is going to move her bed and stuff out of the room. Ronnie tells that Sammi is going to have a bad time not being with him.