Cabs Are Here! - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie, Sammi “Sweetheart”, and Mike “The Situation” getting up and Mike asks if Ronnie and she are alright. She tells that she doesn’t know anymore. Mike tells that Ronnie did a lot of things that make it hard to come back to and Ronnie hears this. He asks if bringing up Ronnie upset her and Sammi tells Mike that it is fine. Ronnie doesn’t like the fact that Mike is on Sammi’s side on it. He goes outside and tells Pauley D. what Mike is doing and Pauley tells that he and Mike are going to the boarwalk. Denna tells that she will take Sammi out.

Pauley and Ronnie go on the roller coasters and have a lot of fun. Pauley tries to get Ronnie’s mind off Mike and Sammi and tells that it is alright. Meanwhile, Sammi and Deena go to a bar to blow off some steam and Ronnie sees Sammi at the bar and ignores her. Sammi tells Deena that Ronnie was with a girl and decides to have a little fun and gets a guy’s number. When they get home, Ronnie asks about Mike and whether or not he is home. Mike walks through the door and asks if they want to go get some food. Ronnie tells him to ask his friend Sammi. Mike tells that they are all friends. Ronnie is upset and tells that Mike did not follow guy code and jumped on Sammi’s side and followed girl code. To avoid a fight, Mike apologizes to shut up Ronnie. Later, Roger comes over and Jenni “Jwoww” and he go out to a Mexican restaurant. However, because Roger is a local, everyone wants to talk to him. Jenni is getting tired of it because she wanted the night with him only.

Sammi and Ronnie talk again and they argue about Miami and the things that Ronnie put Sammi through and vice versa. He puts down his drink and tells that he is done talking to her and has been trying to talk to Sammi for six months. Deena and Nicole “Snooki” talk to Sammi and they tell that she needs to go out and have a fun time. She agrees that she needs to get out tonight. Ronnie tells that he is going out tonight as well. Upstairs, Sammi is in front of the closet mirror and Ronnie comes in. Immediately, they start arguing again and this time, it gets heated to the point where Ronnie starts to throw Sammi’s things out onto the balcony. Mike tries to stop them from arguing and calls for Vinny and Pauley’s help. Ron tries to get her bed out of the room and Sammi sits on it. They argue and Ronnie tells that he is going to bring girls home with him. They break it up and the guys get out of there.

Sammi tells Nicole and Deena the news and Nicole tells that they are going to do the same to him then. Sammi tells that she is going to very “easy” tonight to make Ronnie jealous. She goes upstairs to find that her bed is separated from the mattress. It is out on the balcony too. Nicole and Deena start to try and get Sammi’s bed out of the bedroom and they have issues getting it through the door. Finally they decide to just bring the mattress. They slide with it down the stairs. They go out to Aztec and have a fun time. Ronnie sees Sammi dancing with guys and he tells that it only has been 45 minutes and she is doing that in front of his face. He leaves the club and is fuming with anger. He goes into what is left of his and Sammi’s room and starts to destroy Sammi’s things. Sammi gets home and sees that her things are broken including her glasses. She goes upstairs and tells that he is a jerk and that he should have never done that. He tells that Sammi had no respect for him to dance with guys. He goes in the bathroom and starts crying.

Jenni gets back to the house with Roger and as a present to him before he leaves for a few weeks, she dresses up in her sex shop outfit. He likes it and they go upstairs. Nicole asks if she can watch. The next morning, Mike and Pauley talk and Pauley tells that Ronnie was crying all night long. Pauley tells that they owe them an apology for that. Nicole and Deena go out and a guy in really tight shorts comes up and offers them shots. They take them and tell the guy that his shorts are tight. He walks away after they keep telling that his wiener is showing. Sammi is at home when they get back and she tells that she is going to go home and figure herself out. She calls a taxi to pick her up and take her home. Vinny gets told first and then Pauley. Downstairs, Vinny tells Ronnie that Sammi is leaving and Ronnie goes upstairs and asks to talk to Sammi as a friend.

They go out on the balcony and he asks her to sit down. She tells that she won’t and he tells that he doesn’t want to argue with her and sees that Sammi is broken. He tells that he is going to let her go and tells that they both embarrassed themselves last night. She tells that she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. He walks up to her and hugs her. He cries on her shoulder. The cab arrives and Pauley wants to know if he should send it away. Sammi leaves and Ronnie tells that he hates to see her go and that he loves her.