The Great Depression - Recap

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The scene opens up with Sammi “Sweetheart” telling Ronnie that she needs to go home and leaving. Ronnie tells that he doesn’t know how to pick himself up and has screwed himself over. Mike “The Situation” comes up and tells that Ronnie will be all right and tells him to do something. Mike tells that he is a deep dude and consoles Ronnie. However, Ronnie doesn’t think that Mike’s advice is good because he doesn’t know what he is talking about. They hug it out and he goes to bed. Meanwhile, Sammi gets home and her mom welcomes her home. She tells what happened with her and Ronnie and her mom tells that if there is no happiness, then it is not meant to be. They hug it out and Sammi is sad.

Back at Seaside, Ronnie asks what Sammi said to them and the girls tell him that he messed up and that it was his fault. Nicole “Snooki” gives Ronnie dirty looks and tells that she is not on his side of this. Ronnie goes to Vinny and Pauley and Ronnie tells that he needs to give it time. Deena and Nicole distract Vinny and Nicole rubs cake in his face. The prank war has begun and they get a bag and fill it with poop and other garbage and put it under Nicole’s pillow, but Nicole and Deena are hiding under the bed and see Vinny put it there. Deena moves it to Vinny’s pillow. Later, Vinny finds it and decides to take Nicole’s favorite stuffed crocodile “Crockadillie” and hang it over the balcony. She frantically searches and Mike feels bad and tells her where it is. Nicole asked who hung “Crockadillie” over the side of the balcony and Vinny confesses. He asks who told her where to find it and she tells that Mike did. Jenni “Jwoww” thinks that is messed up and Vinny tells that Mike is no longer “The Situation”, but is now “The Snitchuation”.

The next day, Deena wakes up Ronnie for work and he tells that he feels weird not waking up with Sammi. They go to work and Ronnie is a wreak. Meanwhile, the toilets are clogged and Vinny attempts to unclog them with no success. At work, Ronnie cries in the bathroom and Nicole needs to use the bathroom. Ronnie tells that he is a mess. At the house, Pauley D., Mike, and Jenni think of a plan to get Ronnie back to normal. Jenni suggests that they move Sammi’s things out of Ronnie’s bedroom. Pauley and Mike agree that they are going to take Ronnie to get his hair cut and that is when Jenni and Deena are going to do it. Ronnie gets home and orders 2 dozen roses: One for Sammi and one for her sister Nikki, because it is her birthday. Mike and the rest of the guys go out to get their haircut and Deena and Jenni start to move Sammi’s things. At the barber shop, Mike and the rest of the guys take an extra long time to keep Ronnie out of the house.

Ronnie and the rest of the guys get home and the girls are sitting around. Ronnie goes upstairs and finds that Sammi’s things are gone and he thinks that she came and got the rest of her things. He sees that there is a bag that she forgot. Jenni and Deena deny knowing anything about it and Jenni tells that they forgot a bag. Jenni tries to call Sammi and Ronnie walks by. Jenni tells that she has to go to work. Ronnie is out on the patio and he knows that they must have moved Sammi’s things. While Vinny and Jenni are at work, the rest of the roommates hit up the Boardwalk and have a blast. Deena gets back to the house and is feeling constipated and feels crappy. She tells that she doesn’t know if she is going out tonight. Ronnie gets a call from Nikki and she tells Ronnie thank you for the flowers. Sammi comes on the phone and Ronnie freezes. He tells that he is glad that she liked the flowers and hangs up the phone. He goes to his room and lies down and tells that it is good that Sammi is home because now they can see what type of people they are now.

Pauley finds underwear that is dirty in the bathroom and puts them on the bean bag chair. None of the girls claim them and tell that it is probably one of the girls the guys bring home. They throw them away. The roommates get ready for some fun at Karma and Deena is still constipated. She tells that she will still go and have fun. They go out and Pauley meets up with an ex-girlfriend of his. Mike immediately steals her away and starts to dance with her. He tries to take some liberties and asks her to go home with him, but she tells him no. She immediately tells Pauley that Mike tried to take her home. Ronnie and Nicole talk at the bar and she tells that Sammi deserves to be away from Ronnie. However, Ronnie tells that he will get her back. Nicole tries to talk to him, but tells that he is like talking to a brick wall.

It is getting late and Vinny takes a girl home with her and Nicole finds a guy named Juliani and takes him home. On the way back home, Deena is extremely drunk and she slips. She starts to cry and tells that no one likes her and she wants to go home. They get back to the house and Ronnie consoles Deena and tells that she doesn’t want to go home. She finds comfort in his words and she calms down. Vinny realizes that Nicole’s guy is the same guy that took away his girl he was with when he came to the house with his uncle. Ronnie and Vinny go in and tell that they have to take their girl. Nicole tells them to get out because she is going to “smoosh”. Mike tries to interrupt Vinny by offering him food and he tells that he doesn’t want any. He leaves and Vinny thinks that Mike was trying to get on with his girl. Ronnie and Deena talk and Ronnie tells that he doesn’t know if he is going to stay or leave the Jersey Shore and the episode ends with him crawling into bed.