Kissing Cousins - Recap

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The scene opens with Juliani leaving the house and Nicole “Snookie” tells Jenni “Jwoww” that she had sex. She tells that she is moving on to the next and calls Nick, a guy that she really likes. Pauley D., Mike “The Situation” and Deena get to work. Deena is hung over and she doesn’t want to work. Mike and Pauley tell Deena that they are going to take a break and Deena tells that she wants to take longer than a half an hour for lunch and tell them to blame them. At the house, Ronnie calls his dad up and tells that he needs some advice. His dad tells that he can come down there and Ronnie agrees. Pauley and Mike try to play a few games while on break and after spending $100, they just buy the mini motorcycle from the guy. Mike tells that it is a Birthday present for Pauley. They get back to work and Danny is upset. Pauley tells that they will work the extra hour they took off.

Ronnie’s dad comes down and they talk about the fact that Ronnie thinks that he is going to have to go home too to figure himself out. His dad tells that the problem is going to be in Seaside just as much as it would back home and tells that Ronnie needs to toughen it out. Ronnie says goodbye to his dad and Mike, Pauley and Deena get back from work. They show that they have the motorcycle and all the guys get a turn on the mini bike. Nicole tries to call Nick again and he is not answering. Jenni calls Roger to ask what is going on. Roger tells that Juliani is the cousin of Jeff and Jeff is Nick’s friend. Ronnie laughs that Nicole “kept it in the family”. Vinny tries to unclog the toilet with a plunger but has no luck at all. Nicole is not happy that Nick isn’t wanting to go out with her because of the hook up with Juliani the other night.

Vinny calls for a cab so that they can go out and teases Nicole for sleeping with Juliani on the first night. Vinny apologizes to Nicole and tells that he is sorry about teasing her about Juliani. He tells that she can hook up with anyone besides Juliani. They go to the club and they all have a good time. Jenni is approached by a friend of Roger’s and kind of flirts with her. She takes Deena and they head home. The other roommates follow right after. Nicole climbs into Vinny’s bed and he tells that he isn’t going to have sex with her because he respects her more than that. Vinny goes downstairs and tells Pauley that he is not going to have sex with Nicole right after she had sex with Juliani. Ronnie calls Sammi “Sweetheart” and she tells that she would only be a friend to Ronnie and that is it. He tells that he might have to leave if Sammi was going to return to the house because he can’t be in the same house and not be with her.

Deena and Nicole feel like sticking marshmallows everywhere. Mike comes downstairs and uses the phone to call his sister. Deena and Nicole decide that they want to go out and Mike tells that he will call the Taxi for them. He tells that company that they want them to drive the girls to Times Square. Mike tells Pauley about the prank and he thinks that it is going to be funny. Pauley has to take Vinny to the side and tell him what is going on. He likes it. The girls get in the cab and are oblivious to what is going on. At the house, Ronnie, Pauley and Vinny are waiting for Mike to get ready so that they can go out and get some food. He tells that he will be out in 5 minutes, but this is not true. Ronnie tells that they are out of there and the guys get out of there, leaving Mike behind. In the car, the guys tell that this will teach Mike to be ready on time. Meanwhile in the cab, the girls realize that it is taking a lot longer than usual and think that Mike told the cab driver to send the girls home. Deena tells that the driver could turn around. At the house, Mike feels bad that the guys left him and Jenni and him go get some food and bring it back.

Mike and Jenni get back to the house and Mike lays out his dinner on the table and starts to eat and has an imaginary conversation with everyone. Meanwhile, at Rozzuli’s, the guys enjoy a feast of food and enjoy every last bite. Jenni sees that Mike is talking to himself and feels bad and hugs Mike. Over at Sammi’s house, she gets ready to go back to the Jersey Shore and her sister tells that she is to not get back with Ronnie and she tells that she will be alright. Back in the cab, Nicole tells that they are not going to Jenks tonight and that she can’t believe that Mike did this. Nicole tells that she is never going to talk to Mike again. They stop by a store and get some alcohol and tell the driver to turn around. Vinny, Pauley and Ronnie get back and they are extremely full. They all lie down and rest off their food comas.

Nicole and Deena get back from their “road trip” and tell Mike that they had fun, but he is a jerk for tricking them. Vinny and Pauley come in and Vinny tells Nicole not to be mad at him and Pauley plays it off and tells that he is mad at them for being mad at him. Vinny offers some of his food and he tells that it is all good. Later they want to all go out and they call the cabs to come get them. The episode ends with Sammi walking through the front door and a look of shock on Ronnie’s face.