A Cheesy Situation - Recap

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The scene opens with Sammi “Sweetheart” walking into the house of the Jersey Shore. Ronnie is shocked that Sammi is there. Vinny asks if this is a dream or not. Sammi goes into the girl’s room and Deena and Nicole “Snooki” greet her with open arms and are happy that she is there. On the patio, Ronnie talks to Pauley D. and tells him that he is shocked that she is there. Mike “The Situation” says that the fighting is going to be over with and Ronnie says that he is not going to fight with Sammi. They go back inside and Sammi asks why Ronnie looks pale and Ronnie tells her that it was like seeing a ghost. They talk amongst themselves and the guys laugh about how Sammi was always asking what Ronnie was doing at clubs and other places while the girls tell Sammi that she is to not hook up with Ronnie. She tells them that she is going to make him suffer as she has suffered.

They get ready to go out to Karma and Sammi pulls out a new dress. Nicole tells Vinny that she wants to cuddle tonight after the club. He says that he will snuggle with her tonight. They take shots and then go out to the club. While at the club, Ronnie is following Sammi around the club and bugging her. She tells him to go and have fun by himself and Ronnie winds up just going back to the house. Inside the club, Nicole says that she has feelings for Vinny and she hopes that he doesn’t take back a girl tonight. However, Vinny finds a Dominican girl and a girl for Pauley. They realize that they are good for “business” and they take them back to house. Nicole says that she wants to be with Vinny tonight and Sammi takes her home.

They get into the house and Nicole and Sammi see that Vinny is with a girl in the bed and Ronnie pulls them out and tells Nicole to leave Vinny alone. He reminds Nicole that she had Juliani in the bed with her a few days ago and now she doesn’t want Vinny to get “busy”. But, Nicole is too drunk to care and tells that she has to use the bathroom. Ronnie says that she can use the bathroom upstairs. Sammi says that Nicole doesn’t need guys because they will just tell one thing and do another. She says that Ronnie has done the same thing. Sammi calls Ronnie drunk and that he needs to just back off from them. Ronnie pauses and then ignores it. He says that she is treating him bad, but Sammi doesn’t care because he needs to feel the hurt like she did. She walks off. Meanwhile, Jenni “Jwoww” and Deena walk home and Jenni stops to pee in the alley. They get home and see Vinny with the girls.

In the bedroom, Sammi tries to comfort Nicole and she says that men are pigs, just like Ron. Vinny is in the kitchen and says that Nicole hooked up a couple of days ago and he is the bad guy for hooking up with someone. He goes in the room and says that he doesn’t like to see Nicole cry and Vinny tells Nicole that they are going to talk about it tomorrow when she is sober. Nicole cries throughout the night. The next day, everyone decides to go bowling and Nicole stays back. Deena says that she will drive and she is a horrible driver. She spills things all over the car and in the Bowling Alley, Pauley tells her that she is not driving back. They have fun and Sammi asks what Vinny thinks about Nicole and he says that she was with Juliani and he never got upset about it, but when he brings a girl home, she has to cry about it. He says that it doesn’t make sense.

They get back to the house and Jenni tells Nicole that she acted crazy and Nicole feels embarrassed. She goes back to her bed feeling ashamed that she acted the way she did. The girls say that Nicole is just trying to find a boyfriend and is not willing to just “hook-up”. The toilet is clogged again and no one is admitting to it. Ronnie tries to go in there to unclog it, but it is too much. Jenni calls Danny and he says that he can get someone over there tomorrow. The next day, the plumbers come over and Nicole checks them out as they unclog the toilet and find a man’s undershirt inside. Jenni gets in and says that they found a man’s undershirt. It is small so they think it belonged to Vinny. When they question him, he denies it. Nicole decides to help out and clean up the bathroom for them because she has not helped out around the house as much as everyone else has.

Later that night whole everyone goes out to the club, Ronnie, Sammi and Nicole decide not to go out drinking and to have fun at the Beach Bar. Meanwhile at the club, Jenni meets Roger there and they hug. Mike gets a girl and she is down for some “business” and asks to go home with him. Pauley gets a girl as well and they head back to the house. Back at the house, Nicole and Sammi decide to get Mike back for every prank that he did. They put all types of cheeses in his bed under his sheets. They get back to the house and Mike takes his girl back upstairs.

The next day, Mike tells Jenni and Deena that his girl that he brought back smelled like cheese and he had to have her go. Nicole tells Sammi what Mike said and they laugh. Mike says that she gave him oral sex and Jenni says that he can get an STD from that and Mike says that you can’t get an STD from that. Jenni tells him that he can and calls a doctor and confirms that he could catch herpes and if a girl smells like cheese, she could have a yeast infection. Vinny talks to Nicole about the other night and he says that he doesn’t want Nicole to cry like she did ever again and she says that he is good to do what he wants to with woman and they become friends again.