GTF - Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting - Recap

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The scene opens with Vinny and Pauley D. going to Staten Island to visit Vinny’s family. Ronnie is bored and says that he needs to get out of the house and goes with the girls, leaving Mike “The Situation” by himself. Mike decides to get the dogs out and gives them peanut butter and fluff. Vinny and Pauley arrive at his family’s home and they are welcomed with open arms. Meanwhile, the dogs are peeing and pooping everywhere and Mike doesn’t care because he thinks that it is funny. At Vinny’s, they feast and Vinny’s family teases Pauley about his hair. The dogs keep pooping everywhere at the house in Seaside and Mike is going to pretend that he was sleeping the entire time and stands watch until they get home. The girls and Ronnie get home and they see the poop and pee everywhere. Deena smells Mike’s collogue on one of the dogs and Sammi “Sweetheart” calls him out about it. He denies it, but the girls have evidence that he let the dogs out.

Vinny and Pauley get back and they have left over food from Vinny’s and the roommates all get ready for the club. At the club, Nicole “Snooki” finds a guy that she likes and says that he has to have a vowel at the end of his last name and has to be Italian. Sammi and Ronnie flirt and Ronnie kisses Sammi. They walk back together and Sammi tells Ronnie that she let her guard down and Ronnie says that she feels better for it, but she doesn’t want Ronnie to get with her. Nick, Nicole’s guy she picked up, patches up Nicole’s leg after a fall and she says that she is going to have sex with him. The next day, Vinny decides to go tanning with Jenni “Jwoww” and Sammi. He gets in and they spray him down. Jenni says that Vinny looks like he fits in now. Jenni sees Roger’s car and tries to pull up next to him and he takes off. Ronnie and Vinny tell that Roger did “the dip” on her and that he probably has a girl in the car. Jenni laughs it off, but it is clear that she is really upset about it.

They get home and Jenni calls Roger and it goes strait to voicemail. She leaves a message and tells him that she is done with him for now until he explains himself. Ronnie and the rest of the roommates can’t believe Jenni did that and that he is probably going to call back with a good excuse. They all get ready for dinner and Jenni says that he had a meeting at 6’o’clock and they realize that he was going to get a haircut. Jenni realizes that she made a mistake. Sammi, Deena and Nicole pull out the water balloons. They start to throw them at Vinny, Pauley and Ronnie and they take it as war. They start throwing water balloons at the girls and the boys win the fight by putting the girls in the Jacuzzi. Roger calls Jenni and asks what the message way for. Jenni apologizes and says that she is sorry for accusing him of having a girl and Roger says that she needs to chill out a little bit. Later, Ronnie talks to Sammi and says that they should get back together and that they can fix their relationship and both don’t want to lose each other. However, Sammi is scared and Ronnie says that he is going to prove that he is a better person. Sammi talks to Nicole and Jenni and says that Ronnie and her can work on it. Nicole tells Sammi that she has to be “fun Sammi”. Jenni says that it is going to be the same.

The roommates decide to go to Jenkinson’s and Sammi meets her friend Drea there. Nicole loves the “gorillas” there and realizes that they picked up ugly guys. Ronnie, Drea and Sammi meet a penguin. When asks what kind of animal a penguin is, both Ronnie and Sammie say that it is a mammal, but of course, it is a bird. They get back after a day of fun and Nicole shows that she broke out. Mike offers his facial cleansers and helps out Nicole and gives her a mask to help exfoiliate her skin. Nicole comes out and looks like a mime. Vinny and Pauley tease her and tell her to pull an imaginary rope. Later that night, the roommates go to Karma and they all have a fun time. Mike’s friend Arvin comes and says that Sammi has been texting him to meet her in Seaside. He shows the texts that she has given her. Mike tells Jenni and she asks to see them too. Jenni tells Nicole and Mike tells Pauley and Vinny. They all say that they have to tell Ronnie. Nicole tells Sammi and she says that Arvin is a friend and that is all. Ronnie asks what is going on and they confront Arvin about it. Ronnie is upset at Sammi because while Sammi was gone, he was crying and feeling bad. She tries to defend herself by telling that Arvin is “just a friend”, but he knows. Sammi gets upset with Mike and tells him that he is a crap starter.

The guys go home and they talk about how Sammi got catch red handed for being shaddy and that she is not going to get herself out of this one. The guys say that Mike is trying to look out for Ronnie. Pauley says that he is getting some popcorn and watching the fight. The girls get back and Pauley calls Sammi shaddy. Sammi says that Mike is shaddy trying to hide the fact that she lied. Ronnie takes Mike’s side and calls Sammi shaddy. He says that she still hit him up. She says that he is her friend and Ronnie says that Arvin is not in her phone book and cannot claim him. Mike tells that Sammi got caught. Sammi walks away and Ronnie follows her and keeps going at her with claims that she is not going to walk away. Sammi tells him to back up and he tells that he is not going to. Pauley says that he will kill himself if they get back together. The episode ends with Ronnie tells Sammi to go back home.