A House Divided - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” arguing with one another and Ronnie tells her to explain herself. Ronnie is not buying that Sammi and Arvin are “just friends”. Sammi says that she is sorry that she hit Arvin up. In the living room, Deena is playing with a box and gets stuck inside of it. Mike “The Situation” says that Deena is stupid. Ronnie asks why Sammi talked to Arvin. Ronnie doesn’t know whether or not she loves Sammi anymore. Sammi asks him to go to bed with her, but he doesn’t want to. The next day, Deena, Nicole “Snooki” and Sammi get into work and it is Deena’s last day. They get to work and Deena is not working at all. Danny keeps telling her to get to work.

Later at the house, Vinny takes Nicole out for burgers and they have a connection, but don’t act on it. Nicole has feelings for Vinny and Vinny says that they see the girls every day and that it is weird. Vinny says that there could be something with Nicole are good. They get back to the house, and Vinny asks about his ears getting pierced and they get to work and Danny pierces his ears. Pauley D. says that he got his ears pierced when he was a kid and it is about time that Vinny got his ears pierced. Vinny gets them pierced and Pauley says that Vinny is a new man. They get back to the house and they are getting ready to go out. Ronnie asks if Sammi wants to stay home with some wine and talk. She agrees. Vinny and Pauley give Deena a hard time for the fact that she is wearing Denim to the club.

At the club, there are a lot of “grenades” and Aztec is not doing good for the roommates. They have a good time anyways until Pauley sees that Danielle “the stalker” is there. She tries to tell Pauley to take her home, but Pauley is not interested. She threatens that she is going to punch him and he says that she needs to do what she feels that she needs to do. She doesn’t punch him. Meanwhile at the house, Ronnie hears Sammi apologize repeatedly and he doesn’t say anything. The night goes on and Sammi and him start to flirt a little and they make up by Ronnie and Sammie getting “busy”. Sammi says that she doesn’t care what the other roommates are going to say about this. Back at the club, an “Atomic Bomb” comes by and she is ugly and in the mood to dance. Pauley is scared and pretends to run away. The guys get fed up with the girls at Aztec and take back two girls that are decent.

They get to the house and try to get the girls “comfortable”, but one of the girl’s brother comes over. Pauley sees this as his chance to get rid of the “grenade” and says that he can take the grenade. The girl is insulted, but doesn’t say anything. Vinny is tired of the whole “family” thing and kicks both girls out of the house. Vinny grabs Nicole and drags her to the room in front of the others. She is upset and says that she is not dealing with that. Vinny tries to apologize to Nicole and tries to act like nothing happened and tries to take her up to his room. Nicole says that Vinny is drunk and that he always tries to hook up with her when he is drunk and never sober. However, Vinny says that Nicole does that. They make up and become friends again. Pauley blames Vinny’s new attitude on the earrings. Vinny continues acting immature and says that Sammi is shaddy and she doesn’t fight back. The roommates call it a night and Sammi and Ronnie go to the bed together.

The next day, Mike, Pauley and Jenni “Jwoww” get to work and Mike is slacking because it is his last day working in the t-shirt store. Danny finds him sleeping in the back and tells that he can go home early because he is fired. At the house, Sammi wakes up and realizes that she slept with her contacts in and now she can hardly open her eyes. Ronnie takes her to the doctor’s office. While they are at the doctor’s office, Connie, Ronnie’s Mom, calls and is drunk. Deena talks to her a bit and then gives the phone to Jenni. She talks to Connie a bit and then gives the phone to Mike. He talks to Connie and tells her all about the fact that Ronnie and Sammi are back together and that Sammi is a shaddy person. Mike hangs up the phone and tells the other guys what happened and how he told Ronnie’s mom everything that has been going on with Ronnie and Sammi. Later, Ronnie and Sammi gets home and Jenni tells that Mike talked to Ronnie’s mom. Connie calls again and Jenni tells Sammi that Mike told Connie everything that has been going on. Sammi is upset and says that she is going to punch Mike in the face.

Ronnie goes outside after hanging up on his mom and Mike tells that he told Connie the truth because Arvin is not just a “friend” to Sammi because he looked shocked to see that Sammi was with Ronnie. Jenni tries to say that Ronnie hooked up with a girl in Miami and Pauley says that was cleared up and Sammi has still yet to clear up the Arvin situation. Jenni goes inside and tells Sammi that the guys are talking about Arvin. Sammi goes outside and Mike agrees to call Arvin to straiten the entire thing up. He calls him and Arvin says that they made-out a couple of times and the episode ends with Ronnie telling Sammi that she is a liar.