At The End Of The Day - Recap

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The scene opens with Ronnie clarifying that Sammi “Sweetheart” hooked up with Arvin and then goes outside to confront her. She tells that he is lying and pushes past Ronnie to get the phone from Mike. He tries to stop her, but she grabs the phone and tells that she never made out with him. Mike “The Situation” tells Ronnie that Sammi is caught and now she is denying the entire thing. Sammi asks why Mike is trying to destroy Ronnie and her relationship. Mike tells her that he is trying to watch out for his boy. Ronnie and Mike go outside to cool off and relax.

Meanwhile inside, the rest of the roommates get dinner ready and everyone pitches in. They toast to a wonderful summer and Pauley D. says that they are allowed to bring 3 friends to the barbecue that Danny is hosting and he says that it is going to be a good time. Ronnie and Sammi talk outside and Ronnie says that she betrayed him. Sammi finally tells that Arvin and her hooked up, but that was years ago. Ronnie asks why she couldn’t say that before and she tells that she doesn’t know. He tells her that she could either fix the problem or leave and break up the relationship. Ronnie, Vinny and Nicole “Snookie” go to work and it is their last day at work and Ronnie has a “Rush T-Shirt Store” shirt on and Danny rips it because they are his competition. Ronnie lays down in the Shore Store and goes to sleep. Danny wakes him up by pouring water on his face. They say goodbye to the Shore Store.

Pauley D. gets to the party at Danny’s and all their friends show up including Lisa, Deena’s friend. Jenni “Jwoww” introduces Roger to her dad. Later at the party, everyone is having a fun time and Nicole dances with Pauley’s friend Jerry. Deena starts dancing with Vinny’s Uncle Nino. They have fun hitting a piñata and Jenni is the one who knocks it down. Vinny goes up to Lisa, Deena’s friend. However, Deena tells that she cannot go with him because Nicole talks to him. Vinny doesn’t want to deal with Deena because she is blocking his chances to get “busy” with her friend. They talk to Nicole and she tells that Vinny is not her boyfriend and that it is alright. Vinny seeks off with Lisa and Deena finds them and tells him that he is not going to sleep with her friend. Vinny is upset and says that if Deena isn’t having a fun time, then no one is. Sammi talks to Ronnie and says that she doesn’t like Mike and if he is still friends with him, then she can’t be friends with him. Ronnie tells that she can no be friends with him then.

The roommates get home and Pauley tells Deena that Vinny is mad at her and Deena doesn’t know. Vinny tells that she blocked him from having sex with her friend. He says that he didn’t know that she was Angelina. Deena takes the offense and says that she is not. She takes Lisa in her room and Lisa tells that Deena was blocking him. She goes back to Vinny and says that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to her friend. The next day, Mike apologizes to Sammi and says that he was only looking out for Ronnie and Sammi tells that she was a little immature about it. Deena says hello to Vinny and Jenni is shocked that she is talking to him. She tells that she upset that she got upset at Vinny. They say goodbye to Lisa and go out to dinner. While at dinner, they are quiet and Vinny tells that he didn’t do anything and Denna tells that she wants to thanks everyone for being nice to her coming in and says that it was a great summer and they toast.

They get home and Nicole does a cartwheel and says that tonight is the night to party and do everything they can. They get ready and the cabs are here for the last time of the summer. They get to the club and Jenni sees Roger. He asks if she wants to be his girlfriend and she says yes. She tells Nicole and Nicole is happy for her. Early in the night, Deena get plastered and falls over. Nicole sees Nick, the guy who put a band-aid on her knee before and Nicole is ready to go. She takes Nick home and makes him a grilled cheese sandwhich. She has sex with him. Back at the club, Sammi meets up with some guy friends and Ronnie is getting jealous because he and Sammi are still trying to repair things. He leaves the club and so do the other roommates. Sammi is drunk and she wants to know why Ronnie is leaving her at the club. Ronnie walks faster back to the house.

Ronnie gets home and Roger calls into work for the next morning and Jenni tells that it is because he just asked her to be his girlfriend. Sammi asks if Ronnie is going to bed alone and he tells that he is. However, Sammi goes upstairs and they have another fight. Vinny is lying on the couch laughing and Mike says that he is kicking off his shoes for this. Ronnie and Sammi tells each other that they don’t want to see each other anymore and everything and the entire household and their guests hear the fight. Ronnie gets upset and Mike takes him outside to cool off. Deena tries to make up to Vinny by making him a grilled cheese sandwich.

The next day everyone wants to try to enjoy their last day in Seaside and Sammi and Ronnie talk and Ronnie tells that he needs to be alone and she tells that she loves him. They gather around the dinner table and talk about their time and how it was a lot of fun. They all pack and leave the Jersey Shore. One by one they leave the Shore hoping that they will be back for another time at the Jersey Shore.