Reunion Special - Recap

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Reunion Time! The show starts off with hostess Julissa Bermudez coming out and welcomes Vinny, Jenni "JWoww", Mike "The Situation", Sammi "Sweetheart", Deena, Ronnie, Nicole "Snooki" and Pauley D. She asks Mike if it was the best summer and he says that they were comfortable. Denna says that she regrets dropping her drawers in front of her. They take a look at some deleted scene and show Jenni's peeing behind bars and Vinny asking if their "bromance" is forever and afterward Jenni says that sometimes you have to squat.

Nicole comes down to the couch and Julissa talks about her quest for love. Nicole says that Vinny gives her mixed signals and Vinny had girls over all the time. Julissa asks if there is going to be something with her and Vinny and Nicole tells that Vinny changed and it wasn't good. She tells that she will always love him as a friend, but Vinny says that it is more like lust with him and Nicole.

Jenni goes to the couch and Julissa asks about Tom and she tells that was a big mess and should have never happened in the first place. They show a clip of Jenni meeting up with Roger and the breakup of Tom. She says that she is happy with Roger and Nicole agrees with her on it because Jenni is actually happy with Roger. Julissa asks if Roger was the better choice for a boyfriend and Jenni says that she has morals and that why she waited to hook up with him until she was officially broken up with Tom.

Mike comes down to the couch and Julissa asks about his connection with animals. They show a clip when Mike was watching Jenni's dogs and how he feeds them anything they want. Sammi asks why Mike would do that and Mike says that he would have never done something on purpose and that he is not like that. Sammi and the rest differ from what Mike says and he tries to defend himself.

Pauley and Vinny join Mike on the couch. Vinny tells that Mike's new nick-name was "The Snitch-uation" and Ronnie calls him the "Instigation". They show when Mike started stuff and how he sat back and watched it unravel. Julissa asks why he has to be like that and Mike says that it is everyone's job. Sammi says that he goes out of his way. Mike tells that Sammi that she is sneaky and that it's clear. Julissa asks what is on Pauley's mind and says that he has a lot of patience. He tells that he wishes he had some popcorn.

After a break, Julissa invites Deena to the couch and she asks how it was and she tells that she loves everyone. She says that it was the best summer. They show a clip of Deena's problem with gravity. Julissa asks if she really has no shame and Mike says that he hasn't seen anyone fall as much as she. She airs out that she doesn't block anyone from getting sex and she doesn't lick butts.

She has Sammi come down and she asks if Sammi trusted Ronnie and she says that she didn't. Sammi says that she stayed with Ronnie because she loved him. They show a clip of the drama of the relationship of Ronnie and Sammi. Ronnie comes up and Julissa asks if he was devastated and he says that he was. They tell that they should not be together because their relationship is toxic. They argue about their breakup and Julissa asks the other roommates how they felt about the breakup. They all say that they were happy when they finally did break up and both Ronnie and Sammi tell Julissa that you never know what the future holds.

The show closes with after a break they take a look at how all the roommates spray tan and when Vinny gets tanned. They show when Nicole sat in the fridge and how things went down in the Jersey Shore with the cast. They say goodbye to the cast for another season and the season ends.