Going To Italia - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicole “Snooki” getting her picture taken for her passport so that she can go to Italy. In Johnston, Rhode Island, Pauley D. gets pumped for the trip to Italy and has his friends over for one last party. In New Egypt, New Jersey, Deena is getting ready and packed. She says that she is going to have a blast in Italy. In Staten Island, New York, Vinny practices his Italian to make sure that he knows it. In Marlboro, New York, Nicole “Snooki” packs up for her trip. Jionni, Nicole’s new boyfriend, is helping her. Nicole and Jionni have been dating for six months. In Manalapan, New Jersey, Mike “The Situation” gets ready and says that he would hook up with Nicole if she wants. In Long Island, New York, Jenni “Jwoww” gets ready and says goodbye to Roger, her boyfriend. In Bronx, New York, Ronnie says that he is single Ronnie and his friends tell that they will kick him if he hooks up with Sammie again. In Hazlet, New Jersey Sammie “Sweetheart” practices Italian and says that she is going to stay away from Ronnie.

The guys get to Vinnie’s place for an authentic Italian meal and have fun talking with Vinnie’s family. Meanwhile, the girls go to Deena’s for dinner and so that they all can fly out to Italy together. At Vinnie’s, the guys tell that they want to get to Italy first so that they can get the good rooms. Vinnie tells that they are definitely going to get there before the girls. The next morning, the roommates get ready to go and drive to the airport. The guys arrive in Madrid, Spain. They have a layover and wonder if the girls are going to get to the apartment first. Meanwhile, the girls fly into Dusseldorf, Germany and try to realize where they have to go. All the roommates manage to find their connecting flights and fly toward Italy. The girls arrive in Milan, Italy and now have to get their luggage off the plane and take a bus to Florence. Jenni’s spray tan spray explodes in her luggage and she isn’t happy about it. The girls run toward the buses to go to Florence and Deena trips and falls on her face. They get to their bus and trek onward. The guys, on the other hand, fly right into Florence, Italy. They get to the airport and get their luggage packed up in taxi cabs.

The guys arrive in the main part of Florence and arrive at their place first. Pauley is shocked on how narrow the streets are in Florence. They go inside their apartment and are happy to see that it is huge. They look around for the best rooms and get situated. The girls arrive at the apartment and the guys meet them. The reunite and hug and tell each other that they are glad to see one another. Ronnie and Sammi exchange an uncomfortable hug. The guys help the girls with their luggage and get everything inside their new place. Deena takes the room with Pauley and Vinny and Jenni, Sammi and Nicole take the other room that is available. The roommates toast to their start in Florence, Italy with Lemon Chello, traditional drink in Italy. They take it in and realize that it is a warm alcoholic drink. The roommates take out their blow dryers and curling irons and put them in their converters to see if they work. After killing a couple transformers, they find the right outlets that are going to work for them all. After getting settled, the roommates go out for a walk on the town to see what Florence is like. They find a carousel and ride it.

They get back to the apartment and start to talk to one another about their time away from one another. Deena tells that everyone is single besides Nicole and Jenni. Mike says that he thought that Nicole was single. Sammi goes up to Nicole and tells her that Mike said that he thought that Nicole was single. She tells her to watch out for Mike and that he is going to try something. She tells that it is not going to happen. Ronnie walks around without his shirt and goes in where Sammi and Deena are talking. He thinks that they are talking about him and says that he will go. Confused, the girls keep talking. Nicole tells Sammi that Ronnie is going to try to “smush” with Sammi. However, Sammi is confident that it is not going to happen. The next morning, Pauley walks around with the “grenade horn” and wakes everyone up to start the day in Florence. They get up and all go out to the living room and look at the map. They are confused with it. Pauley says that the cars are manual and not automatic. Only Pauley and Nicole know how to drive manual.

They pile in the car and Jenni is nervous having to ride with Nicole. The guys pile in one car and the girls pile into the other. They start driving and the guys lose Nicole and the rest of the girls in the traffic of Florence. A police officer pulls to the side of Pauley and tells him that he ran a red light. He apologizes and keeps driving. Nicole is lost and the girls go back to the apartment without trying to find the guys. At the apartment, the girls meet on the patio and talk about what they are going to do next. Suddenly the pigeons land where they are and make noise. The girls get scared of pigeons and run back inside. Meanwhile, the guys get to the gym and meet with Luigi, an employee there. He shows them how to use the equipment and they put in a decent workout. When they get back to the apartment, Nicole says that she is going to start her work out and starts to run up and down the stairs and do sit-ups. The guys are impressed with Nicole’s routine and tease her a bit.

Later, the girls get ready to go out and realize that they can only use their straightener in the kitchen. After Sammi uses it, Deena realizes that it is hot and still uses it. This causes it to singe her hair. Mike talks to Ronnie on the patio and tells that he hooked up with Nicole while she was with Jionni. He says that he might have a thing for her. Ronnie tells that he doesn’t want Mike to ruin it for Nicole and says that he needs to leave it alone. The roommates get ready to go out to the Discoteca in Florence and Vinnie is asked to call the cabs. He gets on the phone and shows that he can speak Italian and communicates that they want the cabs. They all get ready and Denna comes out with her boobs perky. Pauley says that he likes the new look. The roommates arrive at the Otel Variete Club and start dancing. Mike wants to talk to girls there and has Vinnie come over and translate for him. Jenni sees this and tells that with Vinnie talking for them, they are not going to get a girl.

The night progresses and everyone is having a fun time dancing and having a good time. Mike goes up to Nicole and tells her to give him a hug. She does and then Mike starts to try to kiss her. The other roommates laugh it off and tell Mike to lay off Nicole and have a good time. Nicole tells that is enough and kindly tells him that it is not going to happen. The episode ends with the roommates dancing and Deena goes up to Pauley and tells him to kiss her. He French kisses her and she tells that she loves Italy and is happy that Pauley made-out with her. The episode ends.