Like More Than A Friend - Recap

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The scene opens with Deena and Pauley kissing. She asks if he wants to do anything else with her later and he plays it off like he didn’t hear her. Nicole “Snooki” tells that Mike “The Situation” keeps touching her and she thinks it is gross. Nicole walks over to Pauley and tells him that Deena really wants to “smoosh” with him. He tells that he doesn’t want any feelings from her and that is exactly what is going to happen. Nicole goes to Jenni “Jwoww” and she says that she doesn’t want her to have sex with him and then have feeling for him. Jenni takes Deena to the side and Deena says that she just wants to hook up and that is it. The roommates get home and Deena falls on the floor. Ronnie calls up his friend Hannah, a girl who has helped him through the drama with Sammi “Sweetheart”. Ronnie asks if she is going to visit him. Deena goes down the stairs and falls again. Later that night, Deena tries to get with Pauley, but he acts like he is asleep.

The next day, Pauley wakes everyone up with “Grenade Horn”. The guys get up and Deena too. Vinny, Mike, Pauley and Deena get to the grocery store to find that everything is in a different language and they have a hard time getting the right stuff. They manage and get home with their stuff. Sammi asks if she and Deena cook. The guys agree. They run the dishwasher and put in what they feel s soap. They decide that they are going to go out for a bit and then when they get back, they will cook. They leave and the dishwasher starts to overflow with soap. Later, the guys ask each other where the girls are at and Ronnie sees the soap coming from the dishwasher and cleans it up. Meanwhile, the girls are eating lunch at a bistro and not even thinking about dinner. The guys back at the apartment are getting hungry and start to cook the dinner themselves. The girls get back and are upset that they are cooking. The entire time, Sammi finds that Nicole has been sleeping the entire day. Deena pitches in to help cook and they get it prepared. They keep “Sunday Dinner” alive and Pauley says that it is a good Sunday Dinner.

Nicole calls Jionni and he tells that she didn’t call him for an entire day and she apologizes. Mike snuggles up with her and tells that she doesn’t need to be treated like that. Later, Marco from the Pizzeria that the roommates are going to be working at this summer calls and says that they have orientation at 3pm. He hangs up and Ronnie says that they need to get going then. The roommates gather on the block and try to find the place. After getting lost a bit, they find the place. Marco takes them around back and teaches them how to make a pizza. He picks Nicole and teaches her to make a Margarita pizza. She manages to do it. Jenni says that she will be able to tell where she learned to make pizza. They get home and Jenni attempts to make coffee and she uses a garlic press to smash coffee beans. She makes the coffee in a glass and sips it. Realizing that it is too hot, she says that she isn’t going to make another cup of coffee. The roommates get ready to go out to the clubs and get their clothes in order.

They arrive at the club and Mike has a girl named Brittany come up to him and they hit it off. Nicole tells him that she is ugly and Mike says that he was thinking that she was cute. Ronnie gets drunk and Jenni tells Ronnie that Sammi is alright when he tries to go after her. He says that he isn’t worried about it and says that he is going to have a special guest. Jenni finds out that Hanna, Ronnie’s friend, is coming to Italy. Jenni goes up to Pauley and asks if they should tell Sammi about it. The roommates are having fun and Ronnie is getting drunk even more. He goes up to Vinny and says that he had sex with four girls before they left. Sammi overhears it and tells Ronnie that is messed up. The roommates separate them and tell them that they don’t want any fighting. Meanwhile, Mike and Brittany are hitting it off and he asks her to come back with him and she agrees. Ronnie walks back with Jenni and falls over. Deena walks with Sammi and Deena asks really drunk. Sammi tells her to stop as they pass by the police. Sammi and Deena get home and Deena falls again. Nicole tells that Brittany is ugly and Vinny asks if she likes Mike and she says that she doesn’t and says that she is just saying that she is ugly.

Mike “finishes” and the girls say goodbye rudely and Nicole gets into where Mike is and she tells that she was just saying that Brittany was ugly and that it wasn’t to make fun of him. Mike says that he would have gone home with her. She plays it off and she says that they are just friends. The next day, the roommates get up and go out to the café and leave Ronnie and Nicole to sleep. They tell that they don’t want to deal with Sammi and Ronnie drunk. Sammi says that she is trying the best she can to make it work. Later, Vinnie asks Ronnie if he wants to go into the Jacuzzi and he agrees. They realize that the Jacuzzi is pushing them together rather then keep them separated. They laugh and say that it is good to have a girl in there. Mike goes into Deena’s and asks if she will scoot over. Deena says that she needs a cigarette and tells the other roommates that Mike tried to snuggle with her. They all laugh and later, the roommates decide to go out.

They arrive at a café that over looks Florence. Pauley puts Deena out there and tells her to tell Mike what she told them about how he was trying to snuggle. Deena tries to back up out of it and Mike tells that he doesn’t want to snuggle with Deena. After that, Deena is upset with Pauley. They get back and Pauley says that he got Deena a bracelet and says that he is sorry. They hug and make up. Later at the club, the roommates have a good time until Sammi gets drunk and tells Ronnie that she doesn’t want to wait anymore and says that she wants to be with him. Deena tries to break them apart, but Sammi isn’t listening and Ronnie walks away. Sammi says that she misses him. The guys laugh and make jokes about the young girls at the club. They continue the jokes when they get home and Mike calls up Brittany as a “back-up” plan. He asks her to sleep over and she agrees. Deena sits down on Pauley and Ronnie says that Deena is his girl and Pauley says that he has to get up. Sammi talks to Ronnie and tells him that she misses him and says that she loves him. He doesn’t say anything and the episode ends with Ronnie going to bed by himself and Sammi by herself too.