Twinning - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike “The Situation” getting up in the morning and saying goodbye to Britney. Ronnie and Nicole “Snooki” wake up to get something to eat. They get lost a little bit in the city and find a café. Nicole has a glass of wine. Nicole says asks him about Sammie and she tells that he and Sammie “Sweetheart” need to just get it over and have sex. Meanwhile, Sammi and Deena go out and Deena meets Elis, an Italian man and gets his phone number. At the gym, Nicole and Ronnie start working out and Nicole laughs as she starts the workout she wants and laughs that the trainer is getting a little “close” with her. They get back to the apartment later and Deena asks Pauley D. and Vinny if they are walking to the club tonight. They tell her that they are not the leaders of the house. The roommates start to get ready to go out tonight and the guys joke that they can play Foosball for 2 hours and they still won’t be ready to go. In the cab, Mike tells that Britney is going to bring her twin sister to join in the “festivities”.

They arrive at the club and Nicole says that she is committed to her boyfriend and that she is a changed person with the way she parties. Ronnie and Sam run into each other and she tries to talk to him and Ronnie says that he will talk to her tomorrow afternoon about it. Elis comes to the club and Deena is happy. She gets down to “business” and starts to making out with Elis. Britney and her sister, Erica, come over to the club and Mike tells that they are coming home with him. The roommates finish at the club and get ready to go home. Mike finds that Britney and Erica ditched him and he goes home alone. They get in the apartment and Mike asks Nicole if he can use the phone. She agrees and Mike kisses her and tells that he would be with her if she didn’t have a boyfriend. Nicole laughs it off. Meanwhile, Deena is kissing Elis when Pauley and Vinny tease her and tell that they are going to “smoosh”. Deena gets upset and tells that she doesn’t say anything when the guys have girls over and says that she was just going to cuddle with Elis. They all get to sleep and Elis sneaks out in the middle of the night.

The next day, Ronnie gets up and answers the phone. It is Britney and she asks for Mike. He hangs up and she calls again. After Pauley and Ronnie keep hanging up on her, Ronnie pretends to be Mike and tells them to come over. Pauley and Ronnie leave to get some food and don’t tell Mike. Britney and Erica come over and Nicole is confused. They go into Mike’s room and he is confused too, but goes with the flow. He says that he is alright with it. Ronnie and Vinny get in and Jenni “Jwoww” asks what they’re doing there. Ronnie laughs and tells that it is funny that the girls are there. Mike takes them out to breakfast. Erica says that she is a virgin and Mike thinks that is still hot. Later, Ronnie and Sammi go out to lunch to talk. She tells that she is not that girl from Jersey and Ronnie tells that if there is no more drama then it could work. Ronnie says that he loves her and they agree to start over. They hug and kiss. They get back to the apartment and Ronnie says that they are going to move forward. Nicole asks if Ronnie and Sammi talked and he says that they are back together. Ronnie comes out in a black and Vinny and Pauley realize that they are back together.

The roommates get to the club and they are having an amazing time. Suddenly Britney and Erica come in and Mike doesn’t matter the stalkers. Nicole tries to set up a threesome for Mike and the girls are ready to go back with Mike when Deena comes up and takes Erica and starts to make-out with her. Mike is shocked and offended that Deena took his chance to get with both girls tonight. They continue in the cab and Mike tells Britney that she is with him tonight. They get in the apartment and Deena and Erica go off to do their thing and Mike tells Britney to wait in his room. In the kitchen, Ronnie spills to Jenni and Sammi that Mike told him that he and Nicole had sex while she was dating Jionni. Jenni thinks that is messed up and that she is going to tell Nicole right now about it before it gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Mike and Nicole sit and talk and Mike tells that Deena is being selfish and that she disrespected him. Meanwhile, Erica jumps from Deena’s bed to Vinny’s and starts to kiss him. Deena walks in and tells that it is not going to happen and pulls a double robbery on Vinny when he was going to get it in with Erica. Now pant-less, Erica crawls back into bed with Deena.

Jenni tells that she needs to talk to Nicole and she tells her that Mike told everyone in the apartment that he slept with Nicole while she was with Jionni. She is upset and goes after Mike. Nicole yells at Mike about what he did and he tries to deny it. Nicole tells that Mike is a liar and that they are done as friends. He tells that it is true and that he is not a liar. Deena finally sobers up a little and realizes that she doesn’t want to do to Erica what Erica wants her to do and tells her to sleep with Vinny. Erica crawls back into Vinny’s bed. Ronnie and Jenni go up to Nicole and Ronnie says that she needs to talk to Jionni and tell him the truth about the situation and that he has a right to know what is going on. Mike looks at Ronnie and says that he can’t believe that he told everyone what he told him in confidence. However, Ronnie says that it was going to come out eventually. Britney comes out and asks Mike what is going on. Mike takes Britney to his room and closes the door. The episode ends with Jenni telling Nicole that Jionni is not going to leave her over this mess and that she needs to tell him. She says that if he did, then she is better without him. The roommates go to their beds and Mike sleeps with Britney despite all the drama. The episode ends.