Crime and Punishment - Recap

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The scene opens with the roommates waking up and Britney tells Erica that she is going home. Mike “The Situation” tries to tell Erica that her sister is gone, but she tells that she is an individual. Vinny and Erica wake up and Vinny calls a taxi for her and Ronnie comes up and asks what Deena did last night. He tells that he was in the middle of getting “busy” with Erica when Deena grabs her and takes her in her bed. Ronnie tells Sammie “Sweetheart” and Nicole “Snooki” about how Deena stole Vinny’s girl. The guys go to eat and they are still talking about Deena’s recent behavior. They ask Mike about him and Nicole and he tells the guys that Nicole and him hooked up when her friend Ryder and his friend were hooking up. Meanwhile, The girls talk about Mike and Nicole’s situation. She tells that it is nothing and they tell her that she needs to tell Jionni. She agrees.

The girls go shopping and Jenni “Jwoww” gets into Italian fashion and gets a huge hat. They get home and the guys tease Deena for her lesbian experience and she tells them not to tease because they don’t know what happened. Vinny says that it is going to be the best Sunday dinner of his life. Nicole calls Jionni and tells that Mike has been telling people that he and her had sex. Jionni asks if it is true and she says that it isn’t. She asks him to tell her that he loves her and he does. He says that he is going to be there in three weeks. That night, the girls decide to dress up like Italian women and they sit down for Sunday dinner. It is very awkward and weird. Mike jokes that Erica called and he wasn’t sure who she wanted to talk to Vinny or Deena. She takes the defensive and tells that she didn’t go down anywhere and Deena says that she was just curious. Mike says that she did a robbery and she tells that Mike doesn’t have the right to do that.

Later, Deena takes the teasing hard and Nicole and Jenni tell that they are going to be the way they are and Deena says that she is losing herself. Pauley and Vinny talk about how Deena disrespected Vinny and they decide to pull a prank and put her mattress in the living room. Deena and Nicole come out in the living room and see the bed. She goes into another room and breaks down. She tells that she is having an anxiety attack. Jenni goes into Vinny and Pauley’s room and tells them that they need to tell her that it was just a joke. Jenni calls a meeting with Pauley, Vinny and Deena. They sit down and Pauley tells that Deena changed because she was a team player in the house. She tells that isn’t her and she says that has her own issues and Pauley says that they are over it and tell that they need to get back to where they were before and Deena agrees that she needs to control herself.

The next day, the Pauley, Deena and Nicole get ready for work and Deena tries to find the pizza place. They get in and they put on their uniforms. Pauley is sent outside to pass out fliers and talk to girls while Deena and Nicole are put to work doing dishes. At the house, Ronnie is talking on the phone with Hanna and tells that it would be good if she was there. Jenni talks to Ronnie and says that she wants to make sure that everything is good and that him and Sammi are good. At the restaurant, Nicole and Deena joke around and get in a bag together, but Marco doesn’t think it is funny. Nicole tells that they need wine to get a buzz. They have a customer buy wine for them and take it back in the bathroom. They start chugging the bottles of wine. Marco looks for them and they lie and say that they were not doing anything. However, Marco finds the wine and questions them. They lie again and Marco pours out the wine. Jenni and Ronnie are walking around and Ronnie is buying stuff for Sammi. They get back to the house and Jenni says that she doesn’t care what Ronnie does, just as she is not blindsided.

Jenni and Nicole go out to dinner and Jenni asks if she brought a list for Jionni and she tells that she just want to have sex. Jenni says that she is going to make a mold of Roger’s privates. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Sammi go out to dinner and they are back in the first stage of their relationship. Back at the restaurant, Jenni asks what they need to do about Ronnie and Hanna. Nicole tells that they will ignore it. Later that night, the roommates go out to the Club and it is Hip-Hop night. The guys get a lot of girls to talk to them. Vinny has a girl tell that she doesn’t want to screw him. Ronnie starts to have a fun time and Sammi sees a girl dancing next to him. She gets upset and starts to ask what he is doing. Ronnie tells that he doesn’t want to deal with that drama and says that if she is not going to trust him, then they don’t need to be together. She tries to apologize, but Ronnie sees that it is the old Sammi returning and he is not interested in that at all. He decides to go strait home and not deal with that. Pauley and Mike take girls home and Deena tries to tell Sammi that it is nothing and that they are going to get back with each other.

They get home to find Ronnie talking to his friend TJ and he tells him that it is not worth it and that he can do better. Vinny tries to tease Ronnie and he says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Sammi goes into Ronnie’s room and tells that she is sorry, but Ronnie isn’t interested in it. Pauley’s date tries to get Pauley to go out of the bed, but he wants to get “busy”. She decides to leave and get her friend. Mike is left out and the girls go home. He calls Britney and she tells that she will come over. Mike comes in and tells Ronnie that they are going to get back together and that he needs to relax. Sammi tells that Ronnie doesn’t need her and that Mike told them that he has 5 girls coming over anyways. Ronnie takes offense and calls Mike out to get up and fight him. He pushes Sammi to tell Mike what she said that he said. She tells that he told them that Ronnie had 5 girls coming to the house. He denies it and says that it not true. However, the fight escalates and Mike urges Ronnie on to fight him. The episode ends with Ronnie and Mike fighting.