And The Wall Won - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike “The Situation” getting amped up to fight. He bashes his own head against the wall. Jenni “Jwoww” goes up to him and asks if he is alright and comments that he doesn’t look good. However, Mike gets up and advances toward Ronnie. They start to fight despite the cries from Sammi “Sweetheart”. The crew pulls Ronnie and Mike apart and Mike goes off to lie down with some ice on his head. Deena and Nicole “Snooki” try to tell Sammi to back away and Jenni tells her to walk away from Ronnie. She finally gets the picture and leaves. Pauley D. goes up to Vinny and tells that he is sick of dealing with the drama. Nicole goes up to Mike and tells that he should go to the hospital from suffering a concussion. The ambulance comes and takes Mike away on a stretcher and all the girls are in tears that it came to that. Sammi comes back in and tries to talk to Ronnie and Jenni tells her to go away and leave him alone. Ronnie feels bad that it is his fault that Mike is in the hospital and Ronnie cries.

At the hospital, Pauley is there for Mike. At the house, Ronnie goes up to everyone and starts to say that he is sorry. He goes up to Sammi first and she tells that she will talk to him. He goes out into the living room and talks to Vinny and hugs him. Vinny tells that when Ronnie is drunk, he is a hothead and that it needs to stop. Sammie and Ronnie talk about what happened and Sammi asks if what Mike was saying was true. Ronnie confesses that he has been talking to a girl from Long Island and Sammi tells that she is done with Ronnie and walks away. Ronnie tries to explain himself, but Sammi doesn’t want anything to do with it. Ronnie packs up his things to go home and Vinny comes in and tells Ronnie to sleep it off. Ronnie tells that he doesn’t have to worry about the drama and says that he needs to leave. However, he sits down after talking to Vinny and says that he isn’t going to give up and is going to stick around.

The next day, a florist calls and says that Jenni and Nicole have flowers. Vinny isn’t awake enough to deal with it and tells her to call later. Ronnie decides to straiten up the room and fix Mike’s bed that he threw around the room. Pauley comes back from the hospital and tells that Mike is alright and that they are going to keep him until the afternoon for observation. Later that afternoon, Mike comes back from the hospital and tells that he has a little bit of a neck sprain. Ronnie comes up and asks if he is alright and apologizes. Mike tells him that it is alright, but it is clear that there is still bad blood. Ronnie decides that it is best if he go out and go to the gym by himself to get some alone time. Jenni brings in the flowers that she got from Roger and the flowers that Jionni got Nicole. Vinny tells Jenni that Mike is fine and that they can get back to a little normal.

Jenni, Deena, Nicole, Vinny and Pauley go out to eat and Jenni asks if Ronnie and Sammi are back together or not. They meet up with Ronnie and he apologizes to Pauley. They talk about his and Sammi’s relationship and they ask why he is with Sammi and he needs to walk away from the relationship, but it is clear that Ronnie is not done with the relationship. Later, Nicole calls Jionni and tries to dirty talk to him, but he is too shy. Sammi decides that it is a good idea to give Ronnie back the things that he gave to her and she puts them on his bed. She goes up to Mike and gives an apology that Mike ignores. Mike gets up and is sad that no one is caring about him. He says that he would be by their side the entire time if any of the roommates got hurt. He feels alienated from everyone. The roommates get back and Jenni sees that Mike is milking the neck brace a little. Ronnie gets back in his room and finds that Sammi returned the things he gave her and he in turn, throws them in the trash. Sammi sees it and doesn’t understand why he would do that and takes them back.

The girls get ready to go out and Mike and Ronnie talk about what happen. They laugh about it and Mike says that he hit his head on purpose to get the pain out of the way early. But, he didn’t count on the wall being made out of concrete. They laugh about it and settle the animosity. Ronnie sees that the stuff is gone from the trash. The girls go out and get drinking at a bar. The girls talk to Sammi and they tell that she needs to take it easy and not use things against Ronnie later. The guys get ready to go to the club and Mike stays home because of his neck injury. At the club, Ronnie gets to flirting with a girl and Pauley gets dancing when a guy says “Che Cosa?” The girl that he is dancing with tells Pauley that it is nothing, but he gets in the guys face and tells that they should fight. However, the guys calm him down and he keeps it cool.

The girls get to the apartment and Nicole talks to Mike. She tells that she is still mad at the stuff that he said, but says that she loves him as a friend. Mike says that Jionni is not good enough for Nicole at all. Nicole jokes that Mike should go to the club with the neck brace. Back at the club, Ronnie tells a girl that he is not interested in her and it is clear that it is because he doesn’t want to get Sammi mad. He decides to bring home roses. They get back to the place and Sammi runs off to another room and Ronnie gives Sammi the flowers and she asks if they are for someone else. She asks if he brought home a girl. Ronnie flips out and says that she is being stupid. Sammi asks why he is ignoring her. Ronnie tells that it is not worth it and second guesses himself for giving her the flowers. He takes them back and throws them away. Sammi takes them out of the trash and puts them back in the pot. The episode ends with Sammi telling that she is messed up in the head right now and the roommates get to bed after all the drama.