Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick - Recap

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The scene opens with the roommates waking up. Mike “The Situation” is complaining about his neck. Ronnie goes up to Sammi “Sweetheart” and says that he loves her no matter what and says that he wants to talk if she wants to. Pauley D. comes out and asks how Mike is doing and he says that he is not good. However, Pauley tells Vinny that Mike needs to stop milking the injury. They have fun by putting Pauley in the neck brace and they joke about it. Mike calls his sister, Melissa, and says that he wants to go home, but she tells him that he needs to stick by it and things will be better. The girls go to a café and Sammi says that the fight was scary and they all agree that Mike is milking the injury and Jenni “Jwoww” tells that she can’t trust him and they laugh it off.

Ronnie goes up to Mike and tells him to talk with him. Mike and Ronnie talk about his want to go home and it comes down to people in the house aren’t taking care of him when he would be there all the time if another person was hurt. Ronnie invites him to go the gym and tells that he needs to get out. Mike decides that Ronnie helped him and he says that he is going to man up. Mike goes in and takes off the neck brace. Nicole “Snooki” walks by a church and the priest asks her to cover her body when she walks by the church. She tells that God made her breasts and Jenni laughs and says that God didn’t make hers. Nicole gets home and calls Jionni. She tells that he makes her happy and she wants to suck his butt. She laughs, but Jionni says that she is stupid and asks why she has to say stupid things. She tries to talk to him about it and she is unhappy with him.

Ronnie goes up to Nicole and tells that she doesn’t need to change herself for anyone. He says that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship like that. Deena washes Pauley’s hair and allows her to style it. She makes it with a Foe-hawk. He and Vinny laugh and dress up and be ultimate “Guidos”. Pauley tells that it is Fist-Pump, Pushups and Chapstick. They have fun putting on a show in front of the girls. Later that night, Sammi and Ronnie talk about their relationship status and Sammi tells that Ronnie did her dirty by calling another girl when they were still having feelings for one another. They start to argue a little and Vinny goes in and tells them that they don’t want to have this in Italy and they all want to have a good time. Ronnie and Sammi agree to give it one last chance to be together. Ronnie says that he messed up by making a phone call and says that he won’t do that anymore. Sammi says that she can do this, but she is going to need some help.

The next day, Ronnie and Jenni talk about Jionni and how he has been trying to tell Nicole that she is stupid and that he is holding her back. Jenni says that Nicole needs to break it off with Jionni. Nicole goes up to Mike and he asks if she is still mad at him. She tells that she wants him to admit that he was wrong and that they can go back to being friends. He avoids the apology and doesn’t admit that he is not going deny that anything and says that he should have said something to Pauley. Nicole tells that he is retarded and walks away. Later that night, the roommates get ready to go out to the club. They start to party and have a good time until Nicole starts a fight with a girl in the club. They get separated and the girl dumps her drink in Deena’s face and the fight is on. Somehow, the fight gets mixed up and Nicole grabs Deena’s hair instead. They laugh it off and Vinny tells that he can’t believe that they were fighting each other and not the girl.

They get back to the place and Ronnie makes some pasta. Nicole calls Jionni and he asks what she is doing. He asks if she hooked up with someone and Ronnie doesn’t like that Nicole is sad. He goes to Nicole and tells Jionni that she loves him, but Jionni doesn’t want anything to do with him and tells Nicole that she is being bad. Nicole tries to explain herself, but he says that he has to go. Ronnie goes up to her and says that she better not change because of him. She goes to bed sad. Jenni says that she is disgusted with Jionni now and says that he is ruining her vacation. Deena calls Elis, the waiter at the café. She asks him to come over and he says that he will. Elis comes up and Denna takes forever to answer the door. She kisses him and a vase falls and shatters. She has a little cut on her leg. She take him to the courtyard and she sees a hickey on Elis’s neck. Elis tells that the bite is from a friend who is a girl. He says that she is like his sister and Deena tells that she is not into it.

The next day, Jenni calls Roger and she tells that Jionni is being stupid and tells that he is ignores everything that Nicole wants to say. Jionni is supposed to go to Italy in less then a week. The roommates talk about Jionni and tell that they have to do a sort of intervention. They go back to the apartment and try to talk to Nicole. They tell that she and Jionni got into a fight and that Nicole was upset. Nicole doesn’t remember it and Jenni says that Jionni is burning bridges with the roommates. Nicole tells that they are rude because she is not addicted to drugs. Ronnie comes in and says that Jionni and her should not be together. Nicole tells that she is fine and doesn’t need to have that. The episode ends with Ronnie, Nicole and Jenni going to work.