Meatball Mashup - Recap

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The scene opens with Jenni “Jwoww” telling Nicole “Snooki” that she was arguing with Jionni and Nicole doesn’t want to hear about it. They get to the Pizzeria and Marco tells them what they have to do. However, Nicole and Jenni are not in the mood to work because this weekend, they are going to Riccione, an Italian beach. They do half-hearted work and decide to go shopping on their break. In the store, they are not that attentive to the time and Marco wonders where they are. He finds them in the store and tells them that they have to get back to work. After a day of work, Nicole, Jenni and Ronnie go back to the apartment and Nicole calls Jionni. She tells that he was being a jerk to her last night and Jionni denies that he was. When Nicole tells that everyone told her that Jionni was being the rude one, he says that he isn’t coming to Italy. She gets off the phone and Jenni tells her to give him the weekend to cool off.

The weekend arrives and the roommates pack up their luggage. For the weekend, the girls pack 4 bags each and Vinny tells them that they have a FIAT. Ronnie can’t believe why everyone has so much luggage going to the beach. The roommates drive down the road and they come to a tool booth. Nicole is too short, but Sammi “Sweetheart” manages to get it for her. The roommates arrive in Riccione and find their motel that they’re going to be staying at. The compliment it and says that it looks like Hawaii. The guys decide to get something to eat and Mike “The Situation” sees his doppelganger, a guy who looks identical to him, at a restaurant. Meanwhile the girls decide to drink and sit by the water. They go to a bar and get wasted. Back with the guys, they get their food and see a woman sunbathing naked. The girls teach the bartender their word for a woman’s private parts. They ask what it is in Italian and a customer tells them that it is not a proper thing for women to say. They get tired of his prudeness and they leave off to go shopping.

They get to the store and Deena and Nicole are plastered and “Drunk Shop”. Sammi and Jenni get fed up with it and ditch Nicole and Deena. Sammi and Jenni go back to the hotel and Nicole and Deena hear House music. They get to an outdoor café and start dancing. The guys arrive there and run into Nicole and Deena. Ronnie tells them that they are going to have to get ready for dinner tonight. They tell that they have time. They start dancing again and Nicole runs into a bush head first. Back at the hotel, Jenni and Sammi talk about how stupid Deena and Nicole are acting and don’t like it. Back at the café, the guys realize that Nicole and Deena are not going to make it to dinner. They watch as Deena dances her underwear off. The guys go off to get ready. Later that night, the guys meet up with Jenni and Sammi and tell them that Nicole and Deena are not going to make it. However, Nicole remembers that they have to get to dinner. The roommates eat without the Meatballs, Deena and Nicole. However, when they have finished, Nicole and Deena arrive and the roommates wait for them to eat as well.

The roommates go to the club together and in the car, Deena and Nicole are plastered and making a fool out of themselves. They get in the club and Jenni keeps looking out for Deena and Nicole and Nicole tells her that she doesn’t have to be like that. Deena dances and Jenni realizes that she doesn’t have any underwear on and is showing her private parts to everyone. When Jenni confronts her about it, she doesn’t care. Nicole and Deena continue to dance and they get “physical” and start making out. They decide to go and Nicole and Deena are tripping over themselves. In the cab ride back, Deena and Nicole continue to make out. They get back to the apartment and go to bed together. The next morning, Ronnie “swaked” Pauley’s wake-up call and Pauley says that Ronnie is trying to steal is Swag. Ronnie says that he isn’t, but it is clear he is. At the hotel, Nicole and Deena are passed out and Jenni and Sammi go out. The roommates talk about how Deena and Nicole were doing more then just making out with each other. They think that Jionni is going to break up with Nicole over this.

The roommates go shopping and go to the beach and Nicole and Deena are still sleeping. When they get back, the two girls are still sleeping. Deena wakes up and says that she needs food. Vinny asks if she “ate” a lot last night. Nicole and Deena try to remember what they did to each other. However, they know that they didn’t have sex. Jenni and Sammi tell what they did and they can’t believe that they did all of that. The roommates end their time in Riccione and get back to the apartment. Nicole calls Jionni and tells him that she and Deena made out and that was it. There is a long pause and he says that it is alright and that he loves her. She is happy that Jionni isn’t upset with her. The roommates continue to give them a little hard time but nothing serious.

The next day, Mike tells Nicole and Deena that they have to get to work and they are still a little hungover from the nights before. They arrive and Nicole tells that she is not a morning person. Marco tells Mike to restock and he does it without griping about it. Nicole is surprised and says that she is proud of him to see him work. Deena and Nicole hide under recycling cans and a waitress finds them and tells them that they need help downstairs. After work, they decide that they need to get back into the grove of things. Nicole and Deena go in the FIAT and try to maneuver and after having a lot of chaos, Nicole doesn’t stop in time and hits a police car. The officer asks for the Driver’s License and she tells that she doesn’t have it on her. Deena calls Vinny and tells that they were in an accident and Nicole needs her License. The guys get in their car and drive. However, they get stuck in traffic. Deena and Nicole watch as the ambulance gets there and brings out the stretchers. They test the level of alcohol and arrest Nicole and Deena. The guys try to catch up and Vinny tells that if Nicole gets locked up, they might kick them out of Italy. The episode ends.