Where Is My Boyfriend? - Recap

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The scene opens the police telling Deena and Nicole “Snookie” that they have to take them away because Nicole doesn’t have a driver’s license. The guys get to the station. After 2 hours and a lot of paperwork, they free Deena and Nicole. They get back to the apartment and Nicole tells Sammi “Sweetheart” that she got in a car accident. Nicole calls Jionni and tells him the news. He asks if she was drunk and she says that she wasn’t. They tell each other that they are excited that they are going to be able to have each other. Jionni tells Nicole that Roger isn’t going to be able to come because they won’t let him get off work. Nicole gets off the phone and tells Jenni “Jwwow” that she needs to call Roger now. She does and confirms that Roger isn’t going to be allowed to get off work. She is depressed and says that she needs a drink. Deena and Sammi say that they want to take Jenni to the club and Nicole decides to relax at the apartment. The guys decide to go out too and get ready.

The roommates each get to their clubs that they want to hang out at and they have a fun time. Mike “The Situation” picks up a girl from Australia. Back at the apartment, Britney comes over and Nicole lets her in. She tells her to wait there and when Jenni, Deena and Sammi get back, Nicole shows them her prank that she is going to pull on Mike for talking bad about Jionni and Nicole. They put her in Mike’s bed and when the guys get back, Mike sees that Britney is in his bed. Knowing that Britney is DTF and not knowing if the Australian girl is or not, he decides to send the Australian girl home and climbs in bed with Britney. Nicole feels sad that her prank backfired on her. The next day, Mike says goodbye to Britney and Nicole is freaking out because Jionni is supposed to be showing up today. She changes outfits five times to see what she is going to wear to impress. Vinny and Pauley tease her and when Jionni shows up, Nicole runs into his arms. He gets upstairs and says hello to everyone and tells Nicole that he needs to shower before they go into the “smush room”. Jionni showers and they go into the room to “get busy”.

Mike is on edge because he thinks that he and Jionni have beef and he says that he is going to kick him if he gets too close to him or wants to fight. The roommates tell him to relax and that nothing is going to happen. The roommates get ready to go out to the club and Nicole chooses a skimpy dress to impress her boyfriend. In the cab, Mike tells that if Jionni asks him what happened, he is going to tell him. At the club, Mike is constantly showing the guys that he is ready to fight and Vinny and Pauley laugh at him. Mike is constantly telling that he is not going to put his guard down and Jenni and Denna tell him to forget it and let it go. Jionni tells Nicole that he loves her and they kiss. Nicole picks up on Mike’s aggression toward Jionni and says that she doesn’t like it. Mike thinks that Jionni is giving him dirty looks and keeps stalking them giving looks back. They decide to go to a different club and in the cab, Mike says that Ronnie told him to do what he has to do.

They arrive at the new club and Mike asks if Jionni is giving him dirty looks. Nicole tells him that he isn’t and that he needs to relax. Nicole goes on stage and shows off her private parts. Jionni gets embarrassed and walks out. Nicole chases after him and so do the other roommates. Nicole is distraught and doesn’t know that she flashed everyone in the club. Jenni tries to talk to Nicole and she yells at her and tells her to leave her alone and that she doesn’t like her. Jenni knows that Nicole is drunk and that she doesn’t mean it. Ronnie chases Jionni down and tries to talk to him. He says that he and Sammi went through the same stuff and says that he needs to talk to Nicole. He walks off and Ronnie says that he understands what he is feeling. Deena goes up to Nicole and cuddles her. Jenni continues to try to find Jionni and is hurting her feet in the process.

The roommates manage to get Nicole home and she goes upstairs and cries. Vinny tells her to calm down and she goes inside the apartment and goes to her bedroom to cry and try to calm down. Jionni takes a moment to relax outside and Jenni gives up her search. Sammi realizes that she and Ronnie were like that and says that she is sorry about her behavior. They tell that it is no big deal now and they leave Nicole alone. The roommates cook up hamburgers for everyone and Jionni gets back to the apartment. Nicole runs down for him, but he passes her and goes to the bathroom. He says that he is going back home. He gets in the cab and the cab drives off. The roommates can’t believe that he gave up after flying all that way after one fight. The episode ends.