Three Men and a Snooki - Recap

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The scene opens Pauley, Ronnie and Deena getting up for work. Nicole “Snooki” calls Jionni and she can’t get a hold of him. She is upset with him. Ronnie is hungover and Pauley messes with them. Nicole gets up and says that she wants to go out and Jenni “Jwoww” is still upset with her from the outburst. Nicole doesn’t remember what she said to Jenni to make her upset, but she doesn’t care and wants to go out. She goes to the bar and tells everyone there that she is heartbroken because her boyfriend left her. Back at the pizzeria, Deena gets the duty of cleaning the toilets. She refuses to do it, but Marco tells that she has to. Deena is not happy and does a poor job. Pauley comes in and says that is messed up.

The roommates get done with work and Nicole goes back to the apartment. Nicole calls her dad and wants to know why Jionni left her and the girls come over and hug her. Jenni realizes that she can’t be mad at her anymore. Nicole is in a pity fest and Jenni comes in and says that she is sorry that she yelled at her and Nicole tells that she was drunk and that it is crazy when she is drunk. Jenni says that she shouldn’t have held a grudge over that. Jenni calls Jionni and says that Nicole is distraught over this and that he needs to talk to her. He agrees to talk to her and Nicole gets on the phone and asks him why he left. He says that she hurt him and that he can’t come back. He says that he took a train to Rome and that he is not going to be there. Nicole tries to throw her hands up, but Jenni says that she is not going to do what Sammi “Sweetheart” does and tells Jionni that he needs to talk to her. He agrees to.

Jenni and Nicole go toward the train station and see Jionni waiting outside. He was lying about being in Rome. However, it is not a happy reunion because Jionni says that his family changed his ticket and that he is going home anyway. He escorts Nicole home and says that he is going to go home, but for her to be good. She goes on the stairwell and cries. Later, Jenni hugs Nicole and tells her that it is alright. Vinny and Pauley decide to prank Deena by stacking her things on her bed and build a pyramid. She sees it and laughs. She goes into the shower and finds Vinny there. He runs out and hugs Deena. She is grossed out that Vinny is naked and hugging her. She starts to take down her things and makes the mini-couch fall on top of her. She asks for help, but Vinny and Pauley are laughing too hard. She laughs it off too.

The roommates get ready to go out and Nicole is still upset. Jenni tells her to get up and go out. Nicole says that she is going to enjoy it. They get to the cab and Deena says that she is hot. She says that she missed her period. Nicole dances on the floor with a guy and has a good time. Deena confides in Jenni and tells her that she might be pregnant. Jenni and her go out into the streets and find a Pharmacy to get a pregnancy test. Deena is freaking out and doesn’t want to be. They get back to the apartment and she takes the test. Deena checks the test and it is negative. She is happy that she isn’t pregnant. The next day, the roommates get up and Nicole calls Jionni. They have an argument and Nicole says that she doesn’t deserve this and says that she doesn’t want to talk to him and says that she is depressed and says that she is needs a break from him and hangs up. Jionni tries to call back, but she ignores the phone.

Nicole goes up to the roommates and asks if she was wrong and they tell that he is wrong and that she should have someone who is going to love her only for her. Nicole says that she needs to go to Karma in Jersey and have fun. She gets the idea to turn their apartment into Karma. Pauley gets his DJ equipment and the roommates have fun dancing. Mike “The Situation” thinks that Nicole is flirting with him and tries to get on her. She pushes him back and he asks her to be herself and rock her body. Mike says that he can take care of Nicole better and Jenni sees that he is not in love with Nicole and Mike says that he loves her and Nicole tells that they love with one another as friends. Jenni and Deena leave and Nicole talks to Mike alone and Mike says that Ronnie told him to kick Jionni.

Nicole calls Ronnie over and asks what went down and he says that he told him to do what he had to do. He says that he doesn’t want to fight with her and that he is sorry if it causes her any more heartache. He hugs her and she goes off to bed. Mike talks to the other roommates and starts telling them what happened between him and Nicole. Jenni tells that he makes her sick and that she doesn’t want to talk to him about it. Pauley says that he accepts Mike for him and knows that he is going to stir up drama. Mike realizes that no one is on his side and decides to go to bed too. Nicole gets up and wants some food. She and Deena go into Deena’s room and Deena tells Pauley to snuggle her. Nicole gets in the bed and then plays wingwoman for Deena. She gets in the bed with Vinny and Denna gets kicked out of the bed of Pauley’s. Nicole asks Vinny to have sex with her and he agrees. The episode ends.