Damage is Done - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicole “Snooki” waking up in Vinny’s bed. She is upset that she slept in Vinny’s bed. She tells Jenni “Jwoww” that she slept in Vinny’s bed. Jenni tells that Mike was going on about how him and Nicole had oral with one another. Nicole is upset and calls him in. Mike “The Situation” comes in and tells that she needs to come to him first with information because listening to other people. She tells Jenni that she wants to go out and they go to a café. Mike calls up his friend “The Unit” and asks him to tell him what happened that night. Meanwhile, Nicole and Jenni get to the café and Nicole says that Jionni sucks and Jenni tells that she was good to Jionni. She tells that she didn’t mean to sleep with Vinni and that she doesn’t remember having sex with him.

Mike tells Ronnie that he called his friend to call Jionni to tell him what happened. Ronnie says that he doesn’t care, but Sammi “Sweetheart” hears it and tells Deena. Mike knows that the lie is going to be spread around. Sammi says that was mean to do what Mike did and Mike says that he is not going to be made out to be a liar. They go out and Ronnie tells Sammi and Deena that he is staying out of the drama. Nicole and Jenni walk through the streets and Nicole is acting like herself and Nicole buys a 20 gallon of old wine and smashes the wine. She is very upset about it. Vinny calls his mom and tells that they are going to Sicily. Nicole and Jenni get back and they don’t feel good. Mike tells Pauley that he told a joke to Ronnie and says that he never told Jionni about it. Ronnie, Sammi and Deena get back and Sammi tells Nicole about it. She goes out and starts to fight Mike. She throws wine bottles at him and the roommates get scared. Mike says that it was a joke so that Nicole needs to go to him first and Mike realizes that Sammi is the rat.

Mike goes in and Vinny tells that he should have never did that and says that she sure didn’t care about Jionni last night. Nicole cries for Jenni and she hugs her. Sammi tells that Mike is a sick person. The next day, the guys are getting ready to go to Sicily and the girls are going to Tuscany for a wine tour. Nicole is having a hard time getting up and telling the girls that she doesn’t want to go. However, the girls get out the door. Vinny is excited that he is going to visit his family and they get on a plane. They arrive there and Pauley jokes with Vinny and says that he hopes that his family likes him. Mike says that it is Mafia-type stuff. They arrive at the house and are kissed by everyone. Meanwhile, the girls arrive in Tuscany at the first part. Nicole doesn’t like the fact that it is scary and Nicole says that it is haunted. Back in Sicily, they have fun playing games and Vinny shows them a picture of him when he was 13-years-old and they have a laugh. Back in Tuscany, the girls get to learn about the history of the place, but Nicole doesn’t care to listen to that. The girls start to talk to Nicole about Jionni and that it is over. Jenni says that Nicole needs to move on. It is clear that the tour guide is getting uncomfortable.

In Tuscany, the girls are still having dinner and Nicole says that she wants to be with Jionni and Nicole denies having sex with Vinny, but Deena knows the truth. Jenni says that she needs to move on and Nicole says that Jenni isn’t there for here. Back in Sicily, the guys have a true Italian meal and they tell that it just started. Vinny makes a toast on how special it is to be in Sicily. Back in Tuscany, the girls are drunk and move onto the next wine tasting place. Nicole sleeps on the barrels and Nicole and Jenni argue about how Nicole says that Jenni is airing her out. They argue and Jenni says that Nicole doesn’t want to hear the truth. Nicole runs off. Jenni tells Sammi and Deena that she was only telling Nicole the truth. Nicole says that Jenni is not being a good friend. At the end of their time, they are not talking. Vinny and the other guys get to see that there are four generations and the guys end their trip on a nice note.

The girls get back to the apartment and Deena tells if Nicole wants to stay friends, she better talk to Jenni. She and Jenni hug and apologize. Later, Nicole calls up her father and says that she misses Jionni and doesn’t know what to do. He says that Jionni changed his Facebook status to “single”. She calls Jionni up and yells at him for changing his status, but tells him about Vinny and her. He says that she needs to tell Vinny that he is dead. She cries. The guys head back to Florence. Nicole tries to call Jionni again and he asks what she and Vinny did. She tells that they only made out. He says that he is going to give her a second chance.

The guys get back and Nicole asks Vinny what they did with one another. Vinny doesn’t believe that she doesn’t remember and Vinny says that he will tell her every detail. She tells that she can’t believe it and says that she is going to have to call Jionni. She calls him up and says that when she told him that something happened with Vinny, but says that there was something more. There is silence on the phone and the episode ends.