Situation Problems - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicole “Snooki” telling Jionni about her and Vinny. She says that she doesn’t want to be broken up with him, but he doesn’t know about it. He says that he doesn’t know how they are going to get through this. Vinny jokes around and asks Nicole if she wants to cuddle after she gets off the phone. She laughs and walks away. That night the roommates go out and Nicole and Jenni “Jwoww” stay home. Deena says that she wants to “smoosh” Pauley and they joke around with her and tell her that it might happen. They get to the club and start having a good time. Pauley is on a mission to find a girl to go home with so that he doesn’t have to “smoosh” Deena. He isn’t able to find one and has to go home empty handed too.

They get back to the apartment and Pauley is not looking forward to telling Deena no. He tells the other roommates that he doesn’t want to “smoosh” Deena and that if he refuses, she is going to hate him. Deena tells him that she is good at “smooshing” and Vinny says that Pauley has been messing around and Pauley says that he feels bad, but he really doesn’t. The girls talk in the bedroom and Sammi “Sweetheart” and Deena says that she misses being with a guy. The next day, Deena and Nicole go to Astor and say that they need music. They dance around and Deena teaches the Jersey Turnpike to an Italian girl. Later, Vinny gives Pauley a haircut and Pauley uses a roommate’s toothbrush to clean the clippers. Mike “The Situation” comes in and uses the toothbrush. Vinny and Pauley laugh to themselves and Mike doesn’t even notice it.

Deena and Nicole are drunk and get back to the apartment. They continue their own party into the night and the roommates get ready to go out to the club. It is their last Saturday in Italy and they want to hit it hard. Deena stands on the table and hits her head and Pauley says that it is a Quiddo Problem. They get to the club and Jenni doesn’t want to play the “mom” tonight and Sammi is with her. They go away from Nicole and Deena and have a drink. The roommates get the word “Shame” shouted at them and Mike acts like a tough guy and the others tell that they got his back. The security is there and they escort them all to the cabs. Pauley says that he is ready to go home. On their way there, Nicole and Deena don’t want to stop the partying and go out of the cab to Central. They get out of the cab and start dancing. The men in the club are making fun of them and the bartender throws ice on Deena. Nicole knocks over the alcohol on the bar and gets escorted. Deena is ready to kick butt, but they go home.

They arrive at the apartment and tell the other roommates what happened to them and they are shocked that a bartender did this. Sammi and Jenni tell them to cool off for a bit. The two girls get into a hot tub and then afterward realize that the sun is out. They don’t care and get dressed in mini skirt tight dresses. They go to a café and tell that they are not hookers, they are from Jersey. They fall asleep at the café and the manager tells them to go home and get some sleep. They get back and pass out on the floor. Meanwhile, Ronnie tries to barbecue and sets it on fire. They get the extinguisher on it. Ronnie and Sammi have to go shopping for supplies and have fun together.

They get back to the apartment and Deena is just waking up. They ask her to do the dishes and she refuses. Mike tells her that she is worthless and that she needs to be a woman and clean up. She throws a spatula at him. Vinny says that Mike hasn’t learned his lesson yet. Sammi and Jenni cook dinner and they are getting along. They realize this and says that it is really nice. The roommates get together for their last Sunday dinner in Italy and Pauley says that he has had a great time in Italy. Vinny says that he has too, but is glad to be going back to Jersey rather then staying in Italy longer. Vinny starts up a conversation about their living conditions when they get to Jersey. He says that he wants the upstairs bedroom with Pauley because he doesn’t want to be with Mike because of the drama he brings. Mike gets up and walks out of the room. Sammi says that the room is hers and Ronnie’s and that she doesn’t want to separate from that.

In the living room, Nicole and Deena talk about how Mike brings the drama and says that Mike has changed a little, but it is not good enough. Mike tells Pauley that he doesn’t know how he takes the high road all the time. Mike tries to join Sammi and Ronnie on the taras, but they get up and leave. Mike feels alone. Sammi talks to Vinny about the compromise and tells him that she feels that Mike is the reason why she and Ronnie had problems. Vinny says that Mike is going to have to change or he is out of there. Mike tells that he is not going to be in Jersey next year. Later that night, Vinny climbs in Pauley’s bed and they joke with Deena and Pauley pulls out a condom. Nicole comes in and they say that they “smooshed” as a joke, but Nicole thinks that it is real.

The next day, Deena is getting ready and Mike asks to use the bathroom. He comes in and then realizes that he can’t get out when he finishes with what he has to do. Deena laughs to herself and tells Ronnie about it. They debate whether or not to let him out. Ronnie goes up to the door and they have to break it to open it. Mike finally figures out the lock and gets out. The roommates go out to the club and they have a fun time. However, Mike starts arguing with a guy and the roommates don’t want anything to do with it and walk away. Mike looks behind him and sees that they don’t have his back. He goes home and realizes that no one cares about him and says that he doesn’t know who is going to be the bad guy now. The roommates, meanwhile, party throughout the night. The episode ends.