Reunion Special - Recap

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The Reunion Special is under way and Amy Paffrath is the host of this season’s show. The Mike, Jenni, Sammi, Ronnie, Nicole, Deena, Pauley and Vinnie are there to talk to them. She asks how Italy compares to Seaside and they compliment the Italian sightseeing. Nicole says that she liked the “geography” of it all. Vinnie laughs and says that is not the right word she wants. They watch footage of the season with the craziness of what Nicole did and what Mike did too and the fact that Vinnie couldn’t get women to go home with him.

Amy asks Vinnie why he couldn’t get women and he says that they are women there in Italy that has morals. They talk about how the women cooked a lot. The topic of Mike and Ronnie’s fight and Nicole buts into it and says that Mike is a bad friend and that he is not strong. Mike brings up the fact that he and her were together and says that it is not a lie. The roommates all talk about their time with that drama.

Mike and Nicole sit on the couch and Nicole is not nice to him and they bring up the fact that Nicole and Mike had sex with one another and Nicole is still denying it. Nicole tells Mike to get over it. Amy shows clips of Mike being mean to Nicole. Afterward, Nicole says that she knows that Jenni is not a best friend and she yells at her. Nicole starts attacking everyone and tells them that they are fake. Vinny says that she wouldn’t be angry if it wasn’t true. She says that she doesn’t care. They tell Nicole that she is denying it too much.

Amy talks to Deena and she says that she thought that it was going to be easy to hook up with a guy and they show a clip of her sex-apades and the fact that she hooked up with a girl. Deena says that she thought she was pregnant and after she found it was not, she was happy. Deena says that she didn’t fail in love in Italy and says that she is weird and says that it was weird for her. She says that she finds girls attractive and Mike says that he wanted a threesome and Deena stole the girl from him. Deena says that she is not lesbian, but likes to have the attention.

Nicole and Deena sit on the couch and they watch their time together. They talk about how Jenni and Sammi were talking crap and Nicole calls Jenni a name and Amy says that they need to move on from that. They ask why the two “meatballs” made out with one another and she says that they can do that because they are close friends.

Vinnie and Pauley sit on the couch and Vinnie jokes that Pauley and him are together and says that they are a perfect match. They watch Vinnie and Pauley’s time together. Pauley and Vinnie joke about when they were in bed together and Deena says that she was ready for the popcorn. They talk about their alter-egos Tony and Louie.

Mike and Sammi join Ronnie on the couch and they watch the clip about Mike bashing his head and the drama that happened after it. Amy asks if Mike was milking the injury a bit and he admits to milking it a little bit. They look at their time in Italy and agree that it was fun, but say that they missed Gym, Tan and Laundry that they could do in Seaside. Amy asks if they are set for more and they say that they are.