Ciao Italia - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike getting in and finds Nicole at home. He tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Mike mopes that no one wants to be near him. The rest of the roommates get in and Ronnie tells Sammi “Sweatheart” that he is done. Ronnie gets Mike “The Situation” out of bed and says that he causes a lot of crap that goes on. Mike says that he feels like the bad guy. Ronnie tells him strait that he needs to repair the bridges that he burned or he needs to get out of there. Mike admits that he would rather get out of there if no one likes him. Ronnie says that is his choice. Ronnie gets into the room and Sammi tells Ronnie that he did a good job talking to Mike and says that if Mike is going to be in Jersey, she is going to kill him.

The next day, Sammi, Vinnie and Pauley go to their last day at the Pizzeria. They mess around and Pauley says that he’s on break. Vinnie says that they kind of formed a family with Marco and the others at the Pizzeria. Later at the house, Sammi says that they could “smush” if he wants and 5 minutes later, they come back out. They joke that is the reason why Sammi never smiles. Mike calls his sister Melissa and says that he is ready to come home. He says that he is not going back to Jersey and Melissa says that he has to weigh the pros and cons and says that he has to make the right choice. Nicole “Snooki” goes up to Deena and she says that Mike is starting the drama to get the attention and that is it. Jenni “Jwoww” calls Roger and says that she is sick and she is going to stay in.

The roommates go to the club and Mike has a fun time doing his “thing”. Deena and Nicole get out of the club and move on to another club. Vinnie and Pauley leave too. Mike and Ronnie and Sammi stay at the club. Deena and Nicole go to “Twice” and have fun getting drunk. They see a girl who is really drunk and Vinnie and Pauley join them at the club. They point the girl out to them and says that she is “DTF”. Mike goes home while Pauley and Vinnie take girls home. However, he gives the girl a taxi ride home because she is too drunk. Nicole and Deena are drunk and they finally find their way home and Deena’s feet are black from walking the streets of Florence without shoes.

The next day, the roommates get a piece of clothing for Marco and the Pizzeria. They go in and say goodbye to Marco and hang up their clothing on the line. The other employees laugh and have a fun time. They hug Marco and tell him to take care. They do that with the others and Vinnie says that they want to leave, but not leave their friends that they have made. They get back to the place and make dinner on the grill. Ronnie pigs out and Mike says that this is their last meal in Italy and Pauley says that they all want to go and Vinnie says that they got to go sight seeing. Nicole and Deena get to cleaning up and Deena slips on her face. Vinnie calls up a tour and the roommates get ready to go. Mike talks to Nicole and says that he isn’t going to Jersey and she says that it wouldn’t break her heart that he isn’t going to go, but she doesn’t believe that he is not going to go.

The roommates make their way to the tour and Nicole is not excited about it. They find the tour guide and his name is Bernardo. He says that they are going to walk for a couple of hours. Mike is not too happy about it either. Nicole complains about it and Bernardo shows the place where Leonardo De Vinci painted Mona Lisa. They get done with their tour and Vinnie says that he feels inspired and they go to a café that overlooks Florence. They have someone take their picture and Vinnie and Pauley are being funny as always. Mike tells the roommates that he is sorry for his drama and that he didn’t mean any of it and they are shocked that it happened. Jenni says that Mike’s apologies are nothing.

They get home and get ready to go out. They go hit “Twenty-One” and there is no one there. The people in the club start getting on Mike’s nerves and he starts some drama. They go back to the place and Pauley messes with Deena by putting the mattress out of her room. Later, Nicole and Deena mess with the roommates and decorate the table with all the plants. The next morning, Nicole wakes up the roommates and they see what Nicole and Deena did. They eat their last breakfast and Mike offers to make breakfast. They wake up Ronnie and the roommates are glad that they are all still friends and Mike tells them that he is going to go to Jersey despite what he said. The roommates pack up their things and Mike says that every group needs a villain and says that he will be that “bad guy”. The episode ends.