Hurricane Situation - Recap

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The scene opens with the Jersey Shore roommates leaving Italy. All of them are happy to go home especially Pauley D. They all arrive in America and Mike “The Situation” starts off right away by saying that he doesn’t care what room he is going to be. It is clear that no one wants to be around Mike. They get in the house together and really get excited to be back in their old rooms. Vinny and Pauley go to the room and celebrate by jumping on the beds. Mike goes upstairs with Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart”. Sammie says that she doesn’t want any drama this summer. Mike agrees. The roommates get their luggage out of the cars and realize that they have a lot of it. They get down to business and Nicole “Snooki” gets going on the pickle juice. Ronnie makes up some of “Ron-Ron Juice” and they decide to go down to the Boardwalk and familiarize themselves once again. They get ready and put their own flare to everything.

The roommates go to the Boardwalk and meet Danny at the Shore Store. He welcomes them back to Seaside Heights and says that they should be pros now. They go and play around the Boardwalk. The next day, Pauley says that he needs to get tanned and all the guys go out to the tanning bed. Pauley runs up and tells the staff that he wants to go through twice. After tanning, they go to the Gym and they are happy to be able to work out. They finish up GTL with Laundry. They are happy to GTL again. Meanwhile, Nicole is trying to get a hold of Jionni and fails to connect. Nicole says that she misses him and doesn’t know if she and him are still together. Jenni “Jwoww” says that she knows how she feels because she hasn’t seen Roger for a while. Pauley and the rest of the guys go get haircuts. They mix it up and change their style a little bit. Mike shows off his own style and the other guys and the barber staff all gives each other funny looks. They get home and Vinny has a bizarre haircut that everyone loves. It is a cross between a Foe-Hawk and a Mullet, but it is something to bring out an entirely different Vinny.

They go to “Captain Hooks” for drinks and it is deserted. However, they are surprised by tons of people there to welcome them back to Seaside. Friends and Family of everyone are there including Jionni. Nicole is happy. Vinny is in shock to see his family and starts crying. Uncle Nino goes around hitting on every girl there. Everyone is tense because of the drama that was going in Italy and with Jionni and the two witnesses of it “Unit” and Ryder, it is sure to blow up. Jionni goes to the bathroom and Mike, Ryder and “Unit” go over and talk to Nicole. She says that she doesn’t like “Unit” and that he has stupid hair. He says that he’s got her and Mike tells them to stop, but doesn’t really try to stop it all. The argument continues until Ryder pulls “Unit” away. The other roommates are interested and ask what is going on. Nicole is clearly upset and she goes to the bathroom with Ryder and Jenni to “freshen up”. Jionni is confused as to why she is so upset. Mike tells Ronnie that something is going to happen tonight because the two witnesses to what Mike and Nicole did are there with Jionni. They say goodbye to their friends and Family and go back to the house.

The roommates, Roger, Unit, and Ryder get back to the house and Mike and “Unit” are ready to spill the beans of what really happened with Mike and Nicole. However, Nicole doesn’t want any drama and goes into her room with Jionni and closes the door. Upstairs, Mike and “Unit” get undressed together and Sammi is in the room too. She says that Mike must have some homosexual tendencies to be able to do that. She leaves as “Unit” and Mike spray on deodorant and walk downstairs with an agenda. However, they realize that it is for nothing because Nicole is locked away with Jionni. Outside, Pauley and Ryder start to flirt and kiss each other and it is clear that Deena is not happy at all with it. They take it to the bedroom and Deena comes in and sits at the edge of the bed and looks at them. She acts likes she isn’t bothered by it and they feel awkward for a moment. Vinny comes in and says that he is going to bed and Pauley and Ryder get “busy”.

The next day, Vinny comes out and says that Ryder has been around the roommates and they joke about her “openness” Nicole and Jionni come out and Mike and “Unit” are getting ready to go. However, Mike is the first one to go out on the terrace with Nicole and Jionni. He says that Nicole said some bad things to “Unit” and that she needs to apologize for them. She agrees and does so when “Unit” comes out. He accepts her apology and they realize that they can’t say anything now because they will look like the bad guys if they do.

Vinny feels homesick and Ronnie asks him what is going on. He says that he needs an escape. Vinny says that he misses his family. Ronnie doesn’t like the mood that Vinny is in because of the fact that Vinny’s family spoils him too much to make him want to leave Jersey Shore. He asks what he can do. Deena comes over and asks what is wrong and asks if he wants to have sex and he declines. She retracts and says that she meant with a hooker. He says no to that as well. The roommates get ready to go to Aztec and Vinny says that he needs to get out and try to shake the feeling that he has right now. They all get to Aztec and Vinny is feeling less homesick. They all get to the club and Pauley says that he wants to get Vinny a girl, but there are a lot of Grenades. Vinny gets annoyed and says that he needs some sleep. They get back to the house and Vinny gets into bed.

However, back at the bar, Jionni offers to buy Mike a drink. He keeps buying him drinks and says that he likes Mike. Nicole says that Jionni needs to watch out because Mike is shady. Later, Vinny is upset and Ronnie and Pauley go to the terrace with him. Vinny says that he can’t function in this environment and they tell him that he is freaking out for nothing. The episode ends with Vinny saying that he wants to go home. Neither Ronnie nor Pauley know what to do with Vinny’s new-found attitude against the Jersey Shore.