One Man Down - Recap

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The scene opens with Vinny telling Pauley D. and Ronnie about his anxiety. He says that he can’t function. Ronnie tries to tell him that he needs to sleep on this. Vinny decides to go to sleep and try to shake this. Back at the club, Mike sees Paula, his friend “with benefits”. He tells her to come back to the house because he knows that she is going to get with him. They go outside and it starts to pour down rain. The roommates run back to the house and get changed into new clothes. Jionni didn’t bring a change of clothes and Mike “The Situation” offers to give him a shirt. Nicole “Snooki” comes in and asks Mike if Jionni can borrow a shirt. Mike asks him if he needs underwear too and gives him a fresh pair. Afterward, Jionni comes downstairs and offers to make Mike something to eat. It is clear that Nicole is not happy with how friendly they are being with one another and she throws a fit and runs upstairs. Mike wants to continue this and takes up Jionni’s food to him. He comes downstairs and says that he is such a nice person. Upstairs, Jionni tells Nicole that it is a good sandwich that Mike made for him.

The next day, Ronnie gets into Pauley’s bed and messes with him. Pauley says that Ronnie can’t just do that to him. Jenni “Jwoww” and Sammi “Sweetheart” get to the Shore Store and tell Danny asks where Vinny is. They tell him that Vinny is going through a lot right now. Danny says that they are going to have to raise the gate though. Back at the house, Nicole tells Jionni that she and the roommates are going to go out and Jionni tells her not to drink and get drunk. She tells him that he has to allow her to be who she is. He says goodbye and that he will talk to her later. A little later, Vinny goes into the Shore Store. He is in a happier mood and jokes with Danny. He feels that work will help him get over his issues. Danny takes Vinny out to lunch to talk about what has been bothering with Vinny. He says that he has anxiety and that he has had them before, but when he is in a stressful situation, he has been going through that ever leaving Italy. Danny accepts it and says that he is there and that Vinny feels a lot better.

After work, Jenni, Sammi and Vinny get back to the house and Vinny takes a nap. Pauley goes into the room and gives Vinny some things. The guys go out to get Mani/Pedi’s. Mike says that it feels weird. Afterward, Pauley is feeling the aftermath of tanning too much and has burned his face. They tell him that he is going to have to stop tanning. Later, Ronnie makes his famous Ron-Ron Juice and the roommates get ready to go out to Karma. This is the first night at Karma and they are determined to have a great time there. Deena tells Nicole that she was thinking of not drinking. She laughs and says that isn’t going to happen. They get ready and Nicole shows Jenni her Jionnis underwear. Jenni warns her and says that is the reason why Jionni left her before. It was because she was showing off her butt. Nicole agrees with Jenni and tells her that she is going to take them off. Despite everything that has gone on, the roommates go out to Karma. Once there, they get into the grove of things. Deena’s friend Damian is there and they start kissing. She says that he might get the “golden ticket”. Nicole is being herself and is drunk. She starts dancing on tables and Jionni doesn’t like it. Jenni tells him that Nicole is his girlfriend. The roommates all decide to go home and Pauley gets a girl. Mike is sad that he hasn’t got one, but Paula is there to “help him out”.

They get back to the house and Jionni and Nicole go on the terrace and everyone takes their perspective girls to their rooms. Pauley and his girl go to the “smoosh” room. The next morning, Pauley calls a cab for the girl he brought home and he says that he will be there in an hour. Meanwhile, in the room, the girl takes Pauley’s chain. She comes back downstairs and she he quickly gets her out of there. The others get up and say goodbye to everyone. Pauley is looking around for his diamond chain. Nicole says that the girl stole it and stuffed it into her pants. He can’t find it and still looks for it. Later, the same girl comes in and has the chain wrapped around her neck. She says that she woke up with it and wondered why she had it. Pauley can’t believe it and the girl asks for her shoes. However, they can’t find them. Nicole feels that the girl just came back to have an excuse to smash again.

Pauley says goodbye to her and says that he will look for her shoes. Pauley says that he is not going to drink until tonight. Deena and Pauley get to work and Vinny is at home alone. The anxiety has gotten him. Ronnie and Sammi are there and Ronnie goes out with him. He asks if he wants to go to the Ferris wheel and make-out. They laugh and play the games. Vinny appreciates the attempt to cheer him up, but tells Ronnie that he needs some rest from everything. Ronnie can tell that Vinny is having a hard time. Vinny says that he is going to have to do something before it gets him. Nicole goes out to Vinny when Ronnie and Vinny get back. She asks him if he is going to stay. Nicole asks how he feels and he says that he feels anxious. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t want him to leave and Vinny says that he has to make the decision and take care of himself. Ronnie tells him that he is going to regret the choice, but he has to be happy.

Later, the roommates decide that they are going to go to Karma again. Nicole says that she isn’t going to drink at the club and Deena and her laugh at it. The roommates get ready to go to the club and Deena puts entirely too much perfume on. They talk with one another and ask what they need to do about Vinny and his attitude right now. They agree that Pauley should stay and talk with Vinny. They go to the club and Pauley stays back. Vinny comes downstairs and calls his sister. He tells her that he wants to come home and that he will call a cab to take him back home. Pauley asks if there is anything that he can do to make him stay. He says that he has to fix this away from the Shore and that he needs to fix the way he has been feeling. It is clear that Pauley is not happy with what he is doing, but understands that he has to do what he has to do. Back at the club, the roommates try to have a fun time without Vinny and stick together. Back at the house, Pauley helps Vinny pack despite what he is feeling. He watches as Vinny gets in the cab and leaves the Jersey Shore. The episode ends.