Dropping Like Flies - Recap

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The scene opens with Vinnie leaving the house and going in the cab. Pauley D. is upset about it and goes to the club to tell the other roommates. He gets to the club and finds Sammi “Sweetheart”. He tells Jenni “Jwoww” that Vinny took all his things. She tells Nicole “Snooki” and she is upset. Jionni asks if she loves him and she says that she loves him as a roommate. However, when Jenni tells Deena, she overreacts and bawls like a baby. Jenni plays Drunk Deena’s mom and fixes her dress that is hiked up past her but. The roommates party at the club and Mike “The Situation” sees a girl and tells her that he wants to have breakfast with her. They go home to the house with the girls. Mike and Pauley both have girls to take back to the place.

They get back to the house and Deena sees that Vinny’s things are gone and she goes with Jenni to the terrace and cries. Mike talks to Pauley’s girl and asks if she speaks Italian and translates what Mike says and even the bad words. Mike and Pauley go to their bedrooms and get “busy”. Meanwhile, the cab arrives at Vinny’s and he tells his mom and sister that he needed to come home because he had a lot of anxiety over at the Shore and says that it was too much. His mother understands. Jenni talks to Deena and wonders why now he would go and Deena says that she never thought that he would leave. The next day, Mike calls his girl a taxi and Pauley says goodbye to his girl. Mike tells Pauley that their birthdays are coming up and Pauley says that they should have a birthday party. Nicole kisses Jionni and tells her that she promises that she won’t cheat on him.

Nicole and Deena go to the bar together and have a “Meatball Day” and want to get wasted. They get to the bar and Joanie, Deena’s sister is there. A gay man comes over and hangs out with Deena and Nicole. They get drunk even more and show off their “stuff” accidentally. Nicole is wasted and the two gay guys help her to a cab and they go off to another place and dance. They see a bunch of guys dancing and the Meatballs show them what it means to fist pump and frolic and dance on the floor. Once they fall, they realize that it is enough and go home. When they get home, the guys tease them and ask them what corner they were working at. Deena’s extensions are tangled in and Pauley rips them out. Jenni looks at it and tells her that she is going to have to Deep Condition. A little later, her hair is back to normal. The roommates get ready to go out to the club.

They arrive and go to Karma. John “The Unit” is there and he says that they need to get some girls. Nicole is on high alert and tries to distance themselves. The roommates dance and Pauley sees a tattooed girl and says that he is going to take her home and sleep with her in Vinnie’s bed in honor of Vinnie. Mike tries to hunt down Nicole and wants to start some stuff. A fight breaks out in the club. Security comes in and tries to break it up. “The Unit” gets kicked out of the club. Mike is determined to get Nicole to tell the truth. Back at the house, Pauley gets “busy” with his girl and calls her a cab afterward. The next day, Mike and Jenni and Ronnie get to work and Ronnie is upset that he has to work with the two that don’t work. However, Mike gets “inspiration” when he sees a cute girl trying on short shorts. She gives him her number.

The roommates call over to Vinny and tell him that they miss him. He tells them that he isn’t going to go back anytime soon. Later at the night, the roommates go out and the Bosnian girl is there at the club. However, Paula is there at the club too and Mike decides to introduce the Bosnian girl to Pauley. She hints that she wants to get “busy” with Pauley and he takes her back to the house. However, when they get there, she doesn’t want to and just want to talk. The other roommates laugh and Pauley calls her a cab. Sammi says that she like Paula and thinks that Mike really likes her. The Bosnian girl comes back and says that she doesn’t want to go home and asks what Mike is doing. She goes out on the terrace and talks to Mike. He says that he has Paula there and she finally leaves again. Mike says that he and Paula are getting serious and it could be a possible chance that they will get serious.

The next morning, the roommates wake up and Pauley’s friends and family are there at the house. His mother brought his barber to cut his hair. He says that they are going to dinner. Meanwhile at the Shore Store, Sammi, Nicole and Deena talk and say that they need to get strippers for Pauley and Mike’s. Pauley and his family and friends go to dinner and Mike is in the corner agitated. He goes out away from the family and friends and they cut the cake. Mike falls asleep and snores. They hear him and go and squeeze some frosting on him. They all laugh at him. Afterward, Mike is upset. Meanwhile, Sammi makes a cake for Pauley and Mike sees that his name is not on it. Mike is upset and doesn’t like that his name is not on it.

The next day, Mike gets up and is not in a good mood. Pauley talks to him and Mike is clearly jealous of him. Jenni asks where the keys are and Mike says that they are leaving. Mike decides to give the keys to him and Mike is really upset now and he slams the door. Pauley doesn’t understand what is wrong with him. He says that it hurts him to know that people don’t care about him. He says that he is starting to see that he is going to be a bad guy. He says that he is tired of it and leaves the house. They tell Jenni that Mike is gone and did the dip and then they are down to six and they don’t even care. The episode ends.