Free Vinny - Recap

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The scene opens with Danny coming into the Shore house. He tells them that he is looking for new people to come in and live with them. They are not happy about that and tell them that they are going to work harder. Mike “The Situation” comes back after his little temper tantrum. Jenni “Jwoww” tells him that Danny came by and that he told them that they are going to get new roommates. Mike goes out on the patio and tells Nicole “Snooki” and Deena that he was upset that they forgot his birthday. However, what Mike doesn’t know is that they are organizing a surprise party for him later. They leave him be and they all go to bed for the night. The next day, Pauley D. wakes up the two Meatballs and gets them off to work. Pauley says that Danny was really upset and that they need to prove him proud of them.

They get to the Shore Store and they are ready to get sales because they don’t want new roommates. Everyone works hard and impresses Danny. After work, Nicole and Deena get spray on tattoos and go back to the house. Deena calls Vinnie and asks him if he is going to make it to the surprise birthday party. He says that he doesn’t think so and that he misses them though. The roommates realize that Vinny might not be coming back. Later, Nicole and Deena attempt to “walk hard” and gangster like. Pauley laughs at them and tells them that Swagger is something you are born with. This doesn’t stop them from having fun. They say that they are going out dress shopping and Pauley decides to stay home. However, they are really meeting up with Sammi “Sweetheart” and Jenni to plan and set up for Pauley and Mike’s surprise birthday party.

They arrive at Karma and meet with the “Wizard of Ass”, the owner of the strippers. They tell him that they want the guys handcuffed to wheelchairs and that they want to have fun. Meanwhile, Mike and Ronnie get ready for work and Ronnie says that they are going to be late. At the Shore Store, Jenni arrives at work and Danny asks where Mike and Ronnie are. She tells him that she doesn’t know and Danny gets upset. He posts a sign that says “Help Wanted See Manager!!!” Ronnie shows up in uniform and Mike show up afterward, not in uniform as always. A girl comes up and asks for the job. Danny tells Mike to talk to the girl, who is clearly ugly, and he jokes and says that they will get coffee together. Another girl comes up and Ronnie says that she is kind of cute, but doesn’t like the idea that Danny is trying to replace Vinny. Jenni goes up to the sign that is in front of the store and rips it off. Danny tells her to make a new one. She does and he is happy with it. Deena and Nicole go to Party Lane and get balloons for the party. The girls see a bunny costume and Nicole decides to get it.

The roommates get ready for the surprise party for Mike and Pauley. They get them to Karma and everyone is there to celebrate with them. Pauley and Mike get a boob and butt cake and they drink to the night. Afterward, Nicole and Deena handcuff Mike and Pauley and two strippers come out of cakes. Mike takes the stripper home with him and Pauley meets a girl at the club and takes her home for some “Birthday Smooshing”. Mike gives the stripper some socks and Deena and Ronnie try to call Vinnie. However, he isn’t picking up. They go out on the terrace and Ronnie gets emotional from not having Vinnie there. He says that she doesn’t want a new roommate. Pauley calls his girl a cab and kisses her goodnight. The next morning, Mike is sleepy and calls the stripper a cab. Deena calls Ronnie’s friend, Joey, on a date for “Couples Night” at the club. He says that he will be there. Nicole dresses up in the rabbit costume and they scare Jenni with it. Nicole tells her not to tell anyone else because she wants to scare them later. Jionni comes over later that night and they immediately go to the “Smoosh Room” and call it a night. The couples arrive and go out to the club.

They get to the club and start to celebrate their relationships and dates that they have and drink to Vinny as well. However, they see a girl fight and realize that it is Sammi who is in the fight with another girl. Outside the club, Sammi says that a girl grabbed her hair and that she had to react to the attack. The roommates understand that she had to stand up for herself. They get back to the house and Mike “prepares” his room and himself for Paula. Deena gets “busy” with Joey, but she keeps getting interrupted by an alarm clock. She gets up and turns it off, but it keeps going off. They ignore it and continue to “smoosh”.

The next day, Nicole complains of stomach pains and freaks herself out. She says that she is having a heart attack, but all the roommates know that she is not really having one. Mike calls Paula a cab and Nicole asks Mike if Paula is “the one”. He says that she doesn’t know. The roommates get antsy and Pauley says that he is getting tired of sitting around and doing nothing while Danny is thinking of replacing Vinny. He decides to get the roommates together and they are going to get Vinny back. They pack in the cars and go to Stanton Island and get Vinny back to the Jersey Shore. They get to the house and wake up Vinny’s sister. They go upstairs and eventually convince Vinny to come back to the Shore. They show Vinny their t-shirts that they made for him and Vinny says that he is not over this, but says that he is ready to go back to the Shore. On the ride back, Vinny says that he needs to get laid. The roommates laugh and the episode ends.