Nothing But Nice - Recap

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The scene opens with the roommates getting home from Stanton Island and they get ready to go out to the club to celebrate. Mike “The Situation” calls up the cabs and they tell him that it is going to be 45 minutes. Jenni “Jwoww” calls Roger and gets voicemail. She says that she hasn’t seen Roger for a while and wonders if something is going on with them at all. Mike comes downstairs and says that he wants to get two tattoos on his forearms saying “Loyalty” and “Betrayal” on each. Nicole asks him why he would do that and he says that so he knows who has his back or not. The roommates go to Karma and Pauley D. is happy to have Vinny back in the house and that he is his wingman again. Nicole “Snooki” gets too excited and pees herself. She goes into the bathroom and sprays perfume all over her body and says that she is fine now. The roommates get done with Karma and head home. They get home and Nicole is drunk and doesn’t want anything to do with anyone. Deena comes in and says that she loves Pauley and Vinny, but she doesn’t get Vinny to say it back to her. She ignores his quietness and goes to bed.

The next day, Nicole gets up to throw away her soiled underwear and tries to do it discretely. In another room, Deena is straitening out her extensions and says that she partied too hard last night. She tries to plug in a blow dryer with wet hands and gets electrocuted. She asks Sammi “Sweetheart” what does that mean. Sammi says that it is nothing and Denna is worried about her brain. Nicole suggests that the roommates all go to Jenks and party. Nicole goes outside to find Mike there. She asks if he is doing alright and he says that he is. The roommates get ready to go and Jenni calls up Roger again and gets voicemail. Nicole wears an extra pair of underwear for the “just in case”. Mike is still being nice and Ronnie wonders what he is really up to. He doesn’t believe that Mike could change just like that and asks him when he is going to blow up the house.

The roommates get to Jenk’s and immediately, Mike goes off and talks to his “friends” and starts to hang out with them as well rather then hang out with his roommates. Nicole has to go to the bathroom again, but this time in the stalls. Denna wonders what Mike is doing by ignoring them. Nicole says that she thinks that she has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) to which she says that it doesn’t stand for Ultimate Tanning Institute. She says that she is a vet tech and knows that she needs a pain reliever. That means that she needs to drink some Tequila. The roommates want to go to the batting cages, but Mike has his “friends” there and says that he is going to stay. The rest of the roommates go to the batting cages and have fun hitting balls around. Vinny goes back to Jenk’s and tells Mike that they are going home.

They get into the cabs and Nicole and Deena share a cab with Mike. He tells them that he feels that the guys are talking bad about him behind his back. They tell him that he needs to take care of that and make sure that it is going to be alright. He tells them that he is tired of trying to be nice and have everyone think that he has a hidden agenda. The roommates get home and Nicole has to pee again. Since the bathrooms are taken, Nicole decides to go be out on the terrace. Mike comes downstairs and tells the roommates that tanning is not helping his acne. He goes up on the balcony and Nicole follows him. Mike says that he doesn’t like that people are talking behind his back. He draws the attention of all the roommates, but Mike’s pants keep slipping and they can see his “stuff”. Mike vents out his frustration on everyone and says that he doesn’t have a hidden agenda on his mind and that he is trying to be nice for the sake of being nice.

Mike talks to Nicole alone and tells her that he is either nice or he is mean. He says that he is going to have to start being mean again since that is what everyone likes. However, Nicole tells him that he needs to be upfront with the guys and tell the truth of what he feels. They tell him that they have no issues with Mike and that they are glad that he has been nice this entire time. Nicole doesn’t like that the guys are not being honest with Mike. The guy hang out up on the balcony and Nicole and Deena plot to scare them with the Bunny suit. Denna calls Vinny in first and tells him that she needs to talk to him. Nicole jumps out and dances in front of him. They get Pauley and Nicole grinds on him as they laugh it up. Nicole walks around with the Bunny head on for a while a teases everyone.

Afterward, they decide to play “Warm Beer” and put the soot on the bottom of Ronnie’s can. They play the memory games and Ronnie puts it on Nicole’s face. She doesn’t realize a thing and gets soot all over her face. The roommates laugh at her and she realizes finally what they are laughing about. She says that she will get them back one day for that. They tell each other that they had fun tonight and Nicole says that it is because they have Vinny back. The roommates get ready for bed and Nicole puts on the Bunny head and puts her finger in Mike’s nose and then in his mouth. She wakes him up and he is surprised to see her there. She laughs and walks away. The next morning, Jenni calls up her friend, Dina, to do her hair. Meanwhile, Mike, Sammi and Deena go to the Shore Store to work for Danny. Deena wants to make underwear that says “I Jersey Turnpike All Night”

Dina and her assistant, Michelle, come over and show Nicole and Jenni what they are going to do to their hair. Vinny comes in and jokes that he needs extensions as well. Andy, Nicole’s dad, comes over and Nicole forgot that he was coming today. Nicole sends her dad on a shopping trip when she tells him that she has a UTI. He agrees reluctantly. While on break, Mike sees Roger on the boardwalk heading to the beach. Mike goes up to Deena and brings up the fact that the guys didn’t tell him anything about what they were feeling and says that he doesn’t know about what to think about that. Deena tells him not to worry about it and that it is only going to create issues. After work, Mike goes out on the terrace to find Jenni talking about how Roger hasn’t called her and Mike says that he saw Roger today going to the beach. Jenni is upset that he would go to the beach and not return her calls. Nicole and her dad go out around the Boardwalk and the guys are in the car talking about Mike and his “apology”. They laugh about it.

They get back into the house and Mike apologizes to them again about the way he was thinking earlier. He blames the alcohol and says that he thinks that he knows the real culprit as to who the real trouble maker is and that it is Nicole. He plans that he is going to set his original plans into motion and Vinny says that it is good that they finally see the true motive with Mike being nice. He wanted an excuse to set things off and Pauley says that he likes to see the problems blow up. Mike calls up “Unit” and tells him that the thing that they were talking about is about to be released. The episode ends.