The Follow Game - Recap

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The scene opens with Jenni “Jwoww” saying goodbye to her hair stylist and Mike “The Situation” calling “Unit” about coming down and telling Jionni about Mike and Nicole. However, “Unit” is in Miami and can’t make it out. Defeated, Mike lies and says that it is alright. He says that they can hold it off for now. However, Mike finds out that his older brother, Frank, and Deena’s older sister, Joanie, hooked up. He hears from “Unit” that Joanie likes to do nasty things in bed. Mike says that now he has backup to use. Nicole “Snooki” gets back from hanging out with her father and says goodbye to him.

She gets inside and the roommates want to do something fun tonight. Jenni is not in a good mood because she hasn’t spoken to Roger in a while and she is wondering if they are still a couple. Nicole asks Mike if he wants to go out with them tonight and he says that he doesn’t want to. Mike feels that Nicole is playing him and that he needs to keep his guard up. However, it is clear that Nicole is trying to be nice for the sake of keeping the peace between them. They get to Aztec and start dancing. Vinny isn’t too happy to be there because of the fact that it is crowded. Nicole sees that Jenni is in a funk and doesn’t know what is wrong with her. Jenni tells Nicole that she is tired and that she is going to go back to the house. It is because of her not seeing Roger that she is in a mood. Vinny meets a girl, but she is only a 6 on the hotness scale. He hunts around more and finds another girl that is a 10. He starts talking to her and Deena helps him out and keeps the 6 girl on the backburner for Vinny. Nicole is drunk and decides to go back to the house alone. She climbs into bed and doesn’t like the way she feels.

Back at the club, Vinny finds out that the girl that he is with is a lesbian and makes it his quest to “turn” her. However, as they get back to the house, the lesbian hugs him goodnight and tells him to go without her. This leaves the 6 girl with Vinny and he is alright with that. They get to their rooms and get “busy”. Jenni calls up Roger and asks him what is going on. He says that he forgot his phone and had to call into work. That is why he was on the Boardwalk with his friend. Jenni gets upset that he didn’t take that time to hang out with her. She tells him that she has got to go. She goes up to Nicole, who is passed out, and vents. Nicole wakes up and goes to the balcony. She gets into the hammock and complains about the sun being too bright. She tries to get off and falls off instead. Nicole really doesn’t feel good and goes to the “smoosh” room and sleeps with a broom. Jenni is ready to hang out with Roger, but he calls and says that he is stuck at work. Jenni gets upset with him and he tells her that it is always drama with her and asks if they are done. She hangs up on him. Jenni doesn’t like the feeling of not being first.

Pauley D., Nicole and Deena get into work and right away, Deena and Nicole decide to play the Follow Game and run around the store. Danny wonders what they are doing and Deena and Nicole leave and go to a bar. Danny gets upset that they are gone and go to the bar and find them. He gets them back to work and tells them to make sales. A girl comes up to Nicole and asks where a good place is to drink. They do the dip again and Danny hates them. Pauley finishes up work and gets home. He tells the other roommates about the Stalker that he keeps seeing. Jenni says that it is going to be like “Misery”. Jenni says that they need to find Deena and Nicole. They get to the Boardwalk and they find Deena and Nicole. Jenni goes up to them and Nicole loves that she is out with them. Meanwhile, Pauley and Vinny are getting followed by the Stalker and Vinny laughs about it. They go to a bar to try to ditch the girl. Back at the house, Mike realizes that he is all alone and he doesn’t like it. Deena, Nicole and Jenni get home to get Mike. He is confused that Nicole is being friendly. He says that he will go even though he has other motives. Jenni is upset and stays back.

Deena, Nicole and Mike go out to the club ready to have a good time. At the bar, Vinny and Pauley have fun and Pauley has fun throwing the “Grenades” at Vinny. However, Vinny gets him back when he sees the Stalker and gets her to come over to talk to him. Pauley does the dip on her and they leave the bar. Pauley says that wasn’t cool what he did and they laugh about it. At the club, Deena and Nicole are dancing on the bar and Mike tells them that they better get back to the house. They load up in their cab and Nicole and Deena loved hanging out with Mike tonight. He tells them that if they are nice to him, he is going to be nice to them. The next day, Nicole wakes up and talks to her Bunny head from her costume and says that they had fun, but it is getting to be too much. Deena tells Pauley that they didn’t really work yesterday and he tells her that Danny is very upset. Deena calls up Danny and he tells her that they are going to have to prove that they want to stay.

Later, Ronnie sets up a Bean Bag Toss game and Nicole decides to climb into the box that it came in. Vinny thinks it is funny to push over Nicole in the box. Dinner time and it is Chinese Food. They all gather around the table for dinner and Mike asks how Joanie’s second date went with his brother. Mike jokes and says that Deena could be his sister-in-law if they are not careful. The roommates tease Deena about her sister being trashy and she gets offended. They apologize and laugh about it. Mike decides to call “Unit” and asks about the details of Frank and Jonie’s relationship. “Unit” says that Frank is thinking that it is a “Smoosh-and-Dash” and Mike thinks that is more than he had thought that his brother would have done. Deena hears Mike talking and Mike says that Frank had a good time with Joanie. As the roommates play up on the balcony, Joanie calls and Mike lies to her and says that Frank had a great time with her.

Mike goes upstairs and tells Deena that he talked to her sister. He says that he knows that she thinks that he is the Devil. Deena says that she feels that Mike could be “devilish”, but that is it. The next day, Vinny and Pauley go to the gym and see Roger there. He says that he is not a child and that he isn’t going to kiss up to Jenni over this little fight that they are having. The guys agree with Roger that Jenni is being a little too childish with this. He says goodbye to them. They get back to the house and Vinny tells Jenni what Roger said. Jenni swallows up her pride and admits that she was wrong to think that Roger doesn’t want to see her and calls him on the phone. He speaks his peace about the situation and says that it isn’t right that she doesn’t trust him. He asks if she trusts him and that they could be a couple still, but Jenni isn’t sure if she is ready to swallow her pride yet. The episode ends.