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Love at the Jersey Shore - Recap

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The scene opens with Jenni “Jwoww” on the phone with Roger and he asks her what it is going to be. She says that she doesn’t know what to say. He says that he needs to know where to go from there. Jenni realizes that she is in the wrong and they put the argument behind them. They make up and say “I Love You”. She goes up to the girls and tells them that Roger yelled at her, but they made up. Later, Vinny tells Deena and Nicole “Snooki” that he can’t believe that they left in their shift and upset Danny. They need to do something so they make a cake for Danny. They start cooking the cake and ask how long they have to put it in for. They take it out after the time and they decorate the cake nice. They wrap it up and Nicole shows Mike “The Situation” the cake. The roommates all go sleep. The next day, Ronnie sees that there is a corner piece missing from the cake.

Immediately, Deena says that Mike did it and that he was the last one awake. Ronnie goes up to Pauley D. thinking that he took the piece and he says that he didn’t. They get to work and
Nicole calls up the Medical Center and tells them that she has a UTI. Jenni takes her to the doctor’s. At the Shore Store, Deena goes up and gets an airbrush tattoo on their break. They get back to work and Danny gets Deena in the face with a piece of cake. He says that now they are even. Nicole gets to the doctors and fills out the forms. Later, Mike gets ready to get to work and Jenni and Nicole are still not back from the doctor’s. Danny is upset because after the apology, Nicole doesn’t show up. He calls over to the house and Vinny says that they are at the doctor’s because of Nicole’s UTI. He says that he doesn’t like that he didn’t get a phone call. They get into work with doctor notes. Danny makes the girls work hard for their tardiness.

Later, Mike says that he didn’t have any cake and laughs that he is automatically the suspect. Danny asks him and he says that he is on a diet. At the house, Pauley tells Deena that it was him who ate the cake and Deena can’t believe it. Mike gets home and compliments Deena’s airbrush tattoo. Deena tells Mike that they had thought that he took a piece of the cake, but it turned out to be Pauley who took a spoonful of cake. Mike says that they are going to see “Mean Mike” from now on. He calls his friend Bobby and “Unit” is still in Florida. He says that he will be out in Jersey though. The roommates are going to go to Karma and Pauley and Vinny say that they are trying to get laid tonight.

They get to the club and Bobby is there. Paula is there and she says that it is her Birthday. Nicole, despite the advice of the doctor, drinks. They get home and Mike tells Paula that she is going to be getting birthday sex. They go up to the balcony and Mike tells her that they are good together. They get back to bed and get “busy”. The next day, Nicole, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Mike have to get to work while Vinny and Pauley go get some “GTL” done and they joke that they are in a committed relationship and they are like the “meatballs”. Vinny pays for lunch and then loses the keys. They find them in the restaurant though. Back at the house, Deena calls up Joey and asks if he is going to Jank’s. He says that he is going to go. Nicole says that she is not going to go out. Ronnie, Sammi, Pauley, Vinny and Deena go to Jenk’s and they have a fun time. Ronnie starts to dance and he falls over. Sammi loves drunk Ronnie.

Back at the house, Nicole asks Mike to come to Jimbo’s. Mike starts to flirt with Nicole and says that they should put whip crème on each other. Nicole doesn’t like that Mike is talking about sex and goes up to Jenni and tells her that they should go out. Back at the club, Denna is having fun and Joey says that he likes her. The roommates head home and once they get inside, Ronnie gets to bed. Pauley leaves Deena a nice spread of all the stuff in the kitchen. She realizes what is on her bed and goes up to Pauley and tells him that she knows that it was him. However, Pauley says that it wasn’t him and that he is innocent. Deena apologizes to him and asks if he is mad at her. Pauley laughs about it with Vinny and says that he can’t believe that she bought that.

Nicole and Jenni are still awake and Joey waits on the coach as Deena gets her bed ready. Jenni and Nicole mess with Joey and tell him that if he breaks Deena’s heart then they are going to go after him. When asked about a condom, he says that he doesn’t have one. Nicole gets one from one of the guys. They tell him not to tell that she gave it to him. Joey and Deena get to “smooshing” and Nicole walks in on them and watches. She says that she is not going to watch them and then goes to bed. The next day, Deena is happy. She calls Joey a taxi and is sad that he has to leave. Deena says that she thinks that she hurt her back. Pauley and Vinny go out and Mike calls up his friend “Unit”. He asks if he is going down tonight. Mike says that he feels bad for Jionni and says that he has to tell him.

Jenni gets ready for Roger to come over to hang out at the club and she is in a two piece that shows off her “assets”. Roger comes and says that he like the outfit or lack thereof. They joke with one another and Roger keeps compliment her outfit. The cabs get there and the roommates all go out. They arrive at Karma and right away there is a fight that breaks out between people. The roommates get nervous from all the tension is in the club. Jenni tells Roger that she needs a shirt just in case someone swings at them. Roger tells her that he will take care of things if that happens. Suddenly a guy comes up to Jenni and starts yanking at her outfit. Roger pushes the guy away and then the guy swings. The episode ends.